carbon monoxide poisoning while glamping: hours after taking a happy photo, jane and chris fell victim to a horror that will alarm everyone who loves a barbecue while camping - charcoal barbecue korean restaurant cavite

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carbon monoxide poisoning while glamping: hours after taking a happy photo, jane and chris fell victim to a horror that will alarm everyone who loves a barbecue while camping  -  charcoal barbecue korean restaurant cavite
Jane Banbridge's memory of her major camping trip slowly recovered over the years, as she described it as a "kaleidoscope" of terrible memories ".
48-said: "Small things like the siren or the smell of fresh wood bring it all backyear-
Old man suffering from post-traumatic mental traumapost-
Trauma Stress Disorderand trauma-
Induced amnesia since then
"Once I remember enough, I wrote everything on paper because I thought I was going crazy," she said . ".
"It shouldn't happen.
Six years later today, Jane, a government official from Darlington, Durham County, feels like she has enough courage to talk openly about exactly what happened to her and her husband, Chris, A council management information officer is a picturesque area of the Lake District when he travels to watermill rock, Cambria County.
There, they plan to spend an idyllic weekend, strolling and walking in a beautiful setting.
The couple lives in a luxurious room.
In camp near Ullswater Lake has feel happy Friday March 9 2012 in.
That afternoon, they lit a portable charcoal barbecue outside their cottage.
Within hours, both were poisoned by carbon monoxide emissions.
It was not until the next Monday after 72 hours that the site manager and owner discovered them because neither colleagues nor relatives had an alarm when they went to work.
Chris, 45, died.
Jane, then 42, was barely conscious, warm, and barelyparalysed.
Every time I hear the word "72 Hours", I get sick, she says.
"We were lying there all the time and no one wanted us.
"It sounds a bit old-fashioned, but I 've lost my best friend," Jane added at the Darlington couple's home, saying she would never leave.
It's like losing a limb.
I'm not who I was.
But I never thought I was a victim.
The victim is Chris. I'm still here.
She retold their story today, a grim warning of the influx of tourists this summer who will come to charm and camping sites in the coming weeks. About 1.
2 million of us often camp.
However, despite the fire and carbon monoxide alarms installed in many cabins and caravans, accidents still occur.
On last September, a 20-year-old couple swept through their luxury cottage in a fire at a site in forrosham, Cheshire, and was seriously injured.
Both were promptly removed by neighbors and taken to hospital for severe burns and respiratory injuries.
At that time, the fire captain accused the clothes of being too close to the log burner;
The family's controversial statement.
But if the danger and signs of the fire are obvious, then the danger and signs of carbon monoxide are almost invisible.
A colorless, tasteless gas emitted by fuel such as burning gas, wood, propane or charcoal, which causes irreversible brain damage and death before the victim realizes what is wrong.
The symptoms of poisoning in May 1 seem to be flu.
Like, dizziness, confusion, nausea, blurred vision, weakness-
Then the loss of consciousness.
Carbon monoxide poisoning, which causes 50 deaths and 200 hospital stays each year, is called a "silent killer ".
But the Banbridge family knew about carbon monoxide.
Part of Jane's job is to warn customers about gas leaks from home boilers.
They took precautions, but tragedy still occurred, and Jane was determined to learn from her experience and warn others of potential dangers.
It was a beautiful spring morning when Banbridge was away from home ready to charge their batteries after a while.
They have lived in this charming place many times before and are familiar with the area. they have been frequent visitors to the Lake District for more than 20 years.
They took apart the steak and corn. on-the-
Before venturing into the nearby village to escape the slow drizzle that has already begun, wait for a moment first.
There, they visited two bars where Chris had two tits and Jane had two beers and they returned to the camp at four o'clock P. M. to play the pool before cooking during the day.
"We are very healthy --and-
Be safe, she said.
We were not drunk, we were not exposed to drugs.
Due to the influence of the gas, Jane's memories of the rest of the evening are blurred.
After Chris's death, the police took the couple's cell phone as evidence, and a few weeks later, when they were returned, she found pictures of the two of them together, the picture was at the barbecue though she had no memory of what was taken
The couple toast with a smile.
"However, if you zoom in on our eyes, you will find that we are no longer there, and we don't look at ourselves at all," Jane said . ".
The strange photo recalled the memories of that afternoon.
She remembers strengthening the wind and moving the barbecue, the barbecue they lit is further away from the pods, so the flame of the barbecue does not blow too close when they dodge the rain on the deck.
Soon after, she visited the toilet at the scene.
"I jumped off the wall.
I think it's totally broken.
After coming out, I lost my foothold, staggered a few meters towards a caravan and had to grab it with both hands to stop myself from falling.
At that time, I realized that some things were very bad and began to panic.
"Somehow she came back to Chris, but there was so much exposure already.
Her last memory was a collapse in the pods, and as Chris sat in the corner she looked back at him.
She found it hard to forget the image.
"I thought he was taking a nap, but apparently he was unconscious.
He was still sitting there and looking at me when they found us.
We can't help anything.
It's too late.
Three days later, when people tried to enter their pods, Jane regained consciousness of the sound of the beating.
"I can hear them, but my lashes can't move.
I managed to make a groan sound, but my brain crashed completely.
The pain in my feet and shoulders is unimaginable.
"The barrel barbecue was found in their pods.
Although Jane does not remember bringing it in, she believes they will do so once they think it has gone out.
She spent the next ten days in the hospital.
Most of her muscles collapsed and suffered from peripheral neuropathy (
Severe nerve damage
As she lay in the same position for a long time, her hair fell off due to shock.
When Jane and Chris's family begged her to continue the fight, she had to re-learn how to walk and talk.
"I just kept saying I'm sorry for him, not me.
Three weeks later, at his funeral, I made up my mind to walk behind his coffin, and I made up my mind.
"Counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy helped her overcome extreme grief, loss and despair, but she suffered from anxiety and post-traumatic mental illness and worked hard to leave the house, especially in the winter of darkness and claustrophobia.
She took an anti-depression drug, amitriptyline, to appease her nerves, but was unable to return to work afterwards, currently living on a widow's pension.
Physically, the scars are deep.
Jane has little control over her left foot and she can't stand or sit for a long time due to weakness on the left.
"In the cold weather, the pain intensified and the toes blacked out.
Like trench feet.
"I used to be the life and soul of the party, but now I spend every day as much as I can.
Jane and Chris met in their early 20 s at a bar near Darlington's house.
As soon as she saw Chris, Jane knew they were meant to be together.
She is a bar waitress who will squeeze through the door with his friends after work.
The sights are right in front of you.
She said with a smile, I told the other people working there: "He's mine ". ‘We chatted.
I think I scared him at first.
Romance is coming soon, and they got married in 1996.
My husband is my best friend and he loves me unconditional.
One of his friends is a friend for a lifetime.
In the 15 years we got married, I never heard him say a bad word.
He is the most peaceful and lovely person you have ever seen.
We tried to make a test tube baby for our children, but it never happened.
Maybe it's a blessing.
Or, if we had children, maybe we would never have traveled.
I try not to struggle. ’She pauses.
If someone had a barbecue, he would have done it.
He's the king of barbecue.
Today she blamed the change in direction and position.
On the deck, hiding in the rain, the pod door behind them was closed --
What happened?
The smoke was nowhere to escape, and we sat right in the middle of the smoke.
We are very careful.
This is a monster of nature.
I don't blame anyone anyway.
It was a tragic accident.
"It took me most of four years to remember as much as I did, but there are still some puzzles that are missing and I may never find so many answers.
The investigation five months after the tragedy came to the same conclusion.
A pathologist found that Mr. Banbridge died of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Ncumbria coroner Ian Smith, who recorded the verdict of an accidental death, said it was clear that death was a terrible, tragic and terrible accident.
He added: "Anyone who hears this investigation should leave with such information, such as a barbecue in a closed area --
This also applies to tents and sturdy structures.
Not only is it dangerous, but it can be fatal.
"Jane thought that even if they were discovered earlier, it might have been too late for Chris --
But the injury she was still fighting today could have been relieved.
Roland Weslin, a university lecturer and scientific adviser to Baroness Finley's parliamentary report on carbon monoxide, lost his partner in a similar carbon monoxide poisoning incident in 2011,
Five hours after the tent was lit, they brought a small charcoal barbecue in the tent, thinking it was out.
Now, he is launching a campaign for the SHOUT project, a group that emphasizes the danger of harmful gases, encouraging people to install carbon monoxide alarms at home or take them to camp.
Like Jane, his advice to those who cook outdoors is unwavering, especially in the summer when high spirits distract people from safe behavior.
"Even if it rains, don't cook in a tent, in a cabin or on a terrace," says Wesley . ".
"A few meters away from the tent, or where people are, think about the wind direction.
Even five to ten hours after the barbecue, when there is almost no waste heat, the gas will be generated.
Never bring it in.
Wesley described his trouble in persuading people to change their attitude towards carbon monoxide as "ostrich syndrome ".
In behavioral science, this is an attitude that "will never happen to me.
When you are in holiday mode, you think nothing will happen to you.
It is almost impossible to persuade vacationers and campers to be careful.
His wife, while painfully aware of nothing to bring Chris back, was determined that the death of her beloved would not be in vain and hoped that their story would stop others to think.
"It's important for me to do something," Jane said . "
"Not because it happened to me, but because it happened all the time, not because of stupidity.
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