Cardel’s great use of space showcased in Blackstone phase 2 models - built in gas bbq

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-27
Cardel’s great use of space showcased in Blackstone phase 2 models  -  built in gas bbq
For Sameer and Usha Huria it immediately feels good to enter their new North Hampton mode this spring at the second stage of BlackRock in Cardel.
This is because the couple used to live across the road from Trailwest and their old house was sold in a week.
The new residents of Blackstone can load the car and drop something in three minutes.
"We actually scaled down, but there is more room available for the house," said Sameer . ".
They eagerly watched the new home they were building and often received photos and updates.
"We are very happy with Cadel," Samir said . ".
"This is our fourth builder in Ottawa with the best quality and service.
Because he was a chef, Sameer designed a chef's kitchen for his new home.
"I need gas for sure, and then pull-
Not a cabinet, but a drawer.
"Hurias also wants the third restroom on the second floor, a full restroom on the main floor.
They love the big windows, the "great community" and the pond behind them, not the neighbors.
"It's very quiet.
"They plan to hold a party to celebrate as soon as they clear the mobile box.
Recently, despite the pouring rain, many couples came to the Blackstone sales center and watched the new models, montage and Devon 2 excitedly.
Even on a dark, gloomy day, the oversized windows in these models make all the windows look bright and bright.
"People like to look at models," said Dale Laurie, a sales consultant who took tourists to visit.
"Men like these two people --
Car garage, decorated to show what you can do.
There are tool cabinets, work tables, gardening and sports equipment shelves on the wall, as well as signs from large car manufacturers such as Alpha Romeo and Bugatti.
The montage model is 2,174 square feet. ft. ;
With three bedrooms and extra rooms, Devon 2 is four bedrooms, 2,382 square feet. ft.
"People are sitting in our house and can really imagine living there," Laurie said . ".
"Cadel has been in Blackstone since 2012," said vice president Tanya Barkley.
President, Sales and Marketing, Cardel Homes.
"We are entering a new phase and we want to show that.
This is the first time we show our Showhouse by standard . . . . . . You will get this when you look at the elevation and price list.
"The price of a single-family home in the 38 'lot ranges from $454,000 to $545,000.
There is also a $5,000 Design Center bonus plus granite with base sink.
Montage has a huge standard walk-
In the closet and wide entrance foyer.
There is a nice fireplace in the living room, standard, upper laundry room, and a separate bathroom with separate toilet and shower from the vanity.
In the large master bedroom, there is no wasted space, leaving enough space for a lot of closet space and laundry room.
"Our architects are good at using space," Barkley said . ".
The wall of the front bedroom was covered with huge windows.
The unique features of a single house include 10 mil glass shower doors;
9' main floor ceiling; gas fireplace;
Solid sawn timber of 3 1/4 "retro North according to the plan;
Tile floors in the foyer, dressing room, all bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen;
Light switch;
Large windows with plenty of natural light;
The choice of a unique exterior facade;
External holiday light soffit plug with internal switch;
LED lights in the kitchen;
The Seasonal Energy Efficiency ratio to be adopted is air conditioning;
Solid Oak armrests; walk-
In the food room (most models );
Gas BBQ line, open concept floor plan design.
Very open like a montage, but larger, the Devon model also has a large foyer, as well as a flex space for the front Study Office, which is also used as a playroom or restaurant.
The Devon model also has many special places, such as the mud room outside the garage, there is a lot of storage room, there is a huge storage room in the kitchen, there is
Elevator door.
Parents love the master bedroom separate from the children's room, huge linen closet and even walk-
In the closet of the second bedroom decorated as a baby room.
"I think Devon will be a very popular model," Buckley said . ".
For a new community, Blackstone is quite mature and "built", she said ".
There are walking paths, lots of trees, and conveniences like Walmart and other retailers walking distance.
The community will have three large ponds with stunning peaceful views from huge windows.
Blackstone sales center is located at 6 Westphalia Avenue. Time: Monday 1-
Seven o'clock P. M. Tuesday to Thursday
Seven o'clock P. M. Friday to Sunday
Please check for more information.
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