cast iron gas grill How to Clean a Cast Iron Grill Pan

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-10
cast iron gas grill How to Clean a Cast Iron Grill Pan
Cast iron cookware is popular because of the durability of the pan bowl pans Basin and the versatility of the cooking surface.The care and cleaning of cast iron is different from most people's habits, but it is easy to manage during the learning process.The cast iron baking tray is harder to clean than the regular baking tray because of the ridges at the bottom, but it must be easy to clean once the baking tray is properly seasoned and regularly cared.
Rinse the dry pan under hot water and scrub as much food as possible with a hard nylon brush.Resist the temptation to use soap, no soap is recommended for any cast iron cookware.Cook a shallow layer of hot water at the bottom of the baking pan for a few minutes to remove the residual food residue.
Make paste with vegetable oil and Jewish salt: 1 tablespoon of oil and 1 tablespoon of salt.Place the sticker on the baking tray and make sure you get the sticker in all the ridges.Use a paste and scrub the baking pan with a nylon brush to remove any remaining food residue.
Dry thoroughly with absorbent cotton or linen.When the pan is kept warm from hot water, cover the baking pan with a thin layer of vegetable oil.Paper towels or soft cotton cloth are very effective in this regard.
Place a layer of aluminum foil or cookie slices on the bottom shelf of the oven to capture any drops of water.Preheat the oven to 350 to 400 degrees.Scrub the baking tray with hot water and soap;not detergent.Use a hard nylon brush.Rinse clean with hot water.Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.Apply a layer of vegetable oil inside and outside the entire baking pan.
Put the grill upside down on the top shelf of the oven.Bake for an hour.Turn off the oven and let the baking tray cool in the oven.Cast iron cookware need seasoning to work properly and keep non-stick surface.
A well seasoned baking tray lightly oiled after each use does not need to be scrubbed frequently and is easier to clean after each use
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