cast iron gas grill How to Cook Skirt Steak in a Cast Iron Pan

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-11
cast iron gas grill How to Cook Skirt Steak in a Cast Iron Pan
If you like to cook steak on the stove, try cooking it in a cast iron frying pan and give them a beautiful golden shell.When you cook a variety of red meat, you will benefit from using a cast iron frying pan.The Frying Pan keeps the heat, which makes the heat distribution even when the meat is cooked.
The frying pan can also add iron to your food, which is an important mineral in a healthy diet.Cooking skirt steaks in a cast iron frying pan takes a minimum of preparation time and cooking in less than 15 minutes.Keep the skirt steak warm at room temperature.
Place the steak outside for 30 minutes but not more than 2 hours to prevent food poisoning.Trim the excess fat from the skirt steak.Remove any silver skin still attached to the steak left by the butcher.Season the steak on both sides of the skirt with dry seasoning.
Rub the steak with black pepper, salt or garlic powder to increase the taste of the steak.Add only one portion of each dry seasoning to avoid excessive seasoning of the steak.Add 1 tsp.Oil on a cast iron frying pan.Let the oil hiss at high temperatures.Put the skirt steak in a frying pan.The skirt steak is about to start cooking.
Do not touch the steak or move the steak when cooking on the first side.The first roast steak is 5 to 6 minutes.Turn the steak over and carefully place it in a frying pan far from your face.Cook the steak to the taste you want.Rare steak takes 5 minutes in total at high temperaturesIt takes 12 minutes to cook the skirt steak in a cast iron frying pan.
After the steak is cooked, remove them.
Let the steak cool for 15 minutes.
As soon as you are ready to serve the steak, cut them together with the grain
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