cast iron pan clash: wash with soap or not? - how to clean cast iron

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-21
cast iron pan clash: wash with soap or not?  -  how to clean cast iron
The instructions attached to the cast iron frying pan insist: "Do not use soap.
"The soap will peel off the cooking oil seasoning that protects the frying pan from rust and helps to keep it from Ruststick.
But some cast iron cookware enthusiasts disagree.
They said it would be OK with a little mild soap.
Among the people who receive soap, there is a writer of castiron collector.
Com and seriouse. com.
In the last article.
Com, the truth about the cast iron pot: 7 myths that need to disappear, J. Kenji López-
Alt wrote: "In a cast iron pan that has been properly seasoned, rub it with oil and heat it over and over again, and the oil has been broken down into plastic
Like a substance bonded to the surface of a metal.
This is for us.
Non-seasoned cast iron
Since this material is actually no longer oil, the surface active substance in the soap should not affect it.
Continue to wash it clean with soap.
Rocky Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.
The manufacturer of my cast iron frying pan has relaxedsoap edict.
It has changed the washing instructions to: "If there is no soap too terrible, wash it immediately with mild soapy water and dry oil.
However, considering that the cooker is 400 degrees F in 4 minutes under medium fire and is sterile at 212 degrees F, soap is not always necessary.
Dishwasher, strong detergent, and metal refined pads are not recommended as they remove the seasoning.
"There is an absolute consensus on this: do not soak cast iron cookware in water.
Rust will definitely follow.
As Lodge points out, the high temperature will solve the hygiene problem if you don't use soap.
But I was a little nervous because I didn't put away the leftovers from the previous meal.
I always use a small soap when washing cast iron frying pan, I don't know if it is
Until I bought a new soap rule a few years ago (
A supplement, not an alternative)
And read the instructions.
I ignored these instructions and continued my soap habit.
I dry thoroughly, sometimes heated with a stove and then heated with a little oil.
My cast iron pan is very good.
But it's reassuring to see the cast.
Iron experts say a little soap is fine. ---
Care instructions for Lodge cast iron cookware. Some how-
Video to Rocky: how to clean up cast iron at keeperofthehome how to restore this person's cast iron. org, is anti-soap. “. . .
"If there is no soap wash that will make you uncomfortable, it is OK to use mild suds," says an article from Marthastewart . ".
Henry's cottage from rocky manufacturing
Talk to Martha Stewart about cast iron cookware, including seeing how it was made. Video is here. ---
My previous post is here. ---Most-
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