celebrate korean day with good food - best charcoal grills

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celebrate korean day with good food  -  best charcoal grills
When Arum Jung moved to Auckland in 1996, there were only two Korean restaurants in Auckland's central business district.
Her favorite spicy food was not sold either, such as agujjim, bibim naeng-
Jim and I.
"At the time, when we were craving something like this, Mom had to cook at home with spices and ingredients from Korea," said executive officer Ms Zheng.
However, when the population of New Zealanders in South Korea surged from 930 in their early 90 s to nearly 30,200 in 2013, things changed.
According to the Korean restaurant guide, there are now 35 Korean restaurants in the CBD.
However, if the stalls of cafes, sweet outlets, pancakes, desserts and food streets in Korea are included, the number will exceed 40.
Once, the Korean restaurant served mainly barbecue, but now, from traditional soups and stews, hodgepodge pancakes, rice dressing rolls to the latest craze, patbingsu, a shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings.
In order for customers to grill in the right way, the Faro Restaurant in Lorne St explains in English on the menu how to grill, eat and use the correct dipping sauce.
"Eating Korean is not like your typical Kiwi BBQ, so the right approach is important for getting the best food from the food," said manager Joe Kwon . ".
Song Chang zoo, a South Korean research expert at the University of Auckland, conducted a study of the Korean restaurants here. He said that tourists and international students in central Auckland also contributed to the increase in Korean food demand.
"Their tastes tend to be more global," he said . ".
"So in the CBD, Korean restaurants will do better than anywhere else.
Especially many of their clients are young Chinese.
In addition to South Korean immigrants, Dr. Song said, there are several factors, including South Korea's economic growth, the popularity of Korean drama and pop culture, and the increasing globalization of food culture, this has contributed to the popularity and surge of Korean restaurants.
"I am not sure if the popularity of Korean food will reach the level of Japan, Thailand or India, but it has been growing rapidly," he said . ".
Jennifer May, a 34-year-old beautician, said she first walked into a Korean restaurant about six years ago when she was watching the Korean drama "gems in the Palace" aired in New Zealand.
"At first it was purely out of curiosity, but now I can say clearly that I was hooked on it," said Miss May . ".
"A variety of flavors, including kimchi, grow on you.
Korean Consul-
The regular tea general in Auckland says many locals also recognize the health benefits of eating Koreans.
Koreans usually use less oil when cooking, but often use a lot of chili and garlic.
"The popularity of Korean foods such as Bulgaria, bibimbap and kimchi is rising, not only because they taste good," said Mrs Cha . ".
"Most are low-calorie foods made of healthy ingredients.
"The Oakland Korea Association celebrates North Korea day today at the North Shore event center, which runs from ten o'clock A. M. to five o'clock P. M.
In addition to the festival market and cultural performances, including performances by Busan Metropolitan Dance, South Korea, New Zealanders can also taste Korean cuisine here.
Ms. Cha added: "The food is like art or music.
It is part of our culture and a powerful tool for communicating with people. " Teen Korean-
Boxian Park, a New Zealand golfer, said it could be difficult to be the youngest player in a family dinner.
Respect for elders is considered very important in Korean culture. year-old says.
"Even if you're hungry, as a sign of respect, I have to have my dad eat first with someone older than me," she said . ".
"The most important thing is that as the youngest child, I have to serve them as well.
"Other rules she has to follow include not talking with her mouth full and not using chopsticks and spoons at the same time.
Leaving traces of any food on the spoon is also not possible, chopsticks and spoons must return to their original position at the end of the meal.
After dinner, Boxian must wait until the elderly leave before taking action.
"There are a lot of rules, but I'm used to it," she said . ".
Bohyun's favorite Korean dishes include kimchi, a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables and a variety of seasonings, and marinated meat bulgogi cooked with traditional barbecue techniques.
• Faro, 5 Lorne St: supply gogigui (barbecued meat)
Use the Korean method of cooking beef, pork and chicken to prepare on the charcoal grill in the restaurant.
Teolbo, 4/18 Beach Road: specializes in sundaeguk, a blood sausage stewed with cattle or pig intestines and other organs.
• Snowman cafe, Chancery Square, a103/18: serving patbingsu, a shaved ice dessert with sweet ingredients such as chopped mangoes, biscuits, and clay. • No.
1 pancake, Cnr Lorne and Kitchener Sts: Dade, Korea-
Pancakes with beef, chicken, ham, or vegetables, and sweet pancakes with cheese, chocolate or cinnamon.
Madis Kimbap, wake field St 9: Make your own kimbap, or Korean sushi, a popular light meal with Danish or kimchi.
Use chopsticks or spoons each time instead of using them at the same time.
Don't be full.
Hold your glass with both hands.
Elders eat before the younger generation, and the younger generation should serve the elders with two hands.
First taste soup and stew, then rice and side dishes.
Never renew your cup, renew it for others, and let others renew it for your cup.
Go to the Netherlands, or share the bill, not Korean-style. (
Source: Korean tourism, Consulate General of Korea in Auckland)
Time: Saturday, April 2, from ten o'clock A. M. to five o'clock P. M. , Venue: What is the North Shore event center: celebrate Korean culture and cuisine with shows, market stalls and demonstrations.
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