char broil 2 burner infrared grill How to Assemble Char-Broil Gas Grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-08

The grill is a cooking tool for barbecues and vegetables on fire.There are several different grills, some of which include a charcoal grill, a fire pit grill, a smoker grill, an electric grill and a gas grill.One of these gas grills is Char-Broil grill.This grill is popular as it is able to heat in minutes without having to wait for the flame or charcoal to heat.One drawback of the grill, however, is that it must be assembled.Lay the Char-The roast gas grill fell over and gently pulled the legs out to the side of the grill to spread the legs.Turn the side of the grill and the front of the grill is facing you.Slide the top of the "front panel" under the front control panel of the grill and set the lower part of the front panel on the grill leg.Match the holes on the front panel with the holes on the leg of the grill and fix the panel in place using four nuts and bolts.By reversing the grill and placing the panel on the hind legs of the grill, attach the "back panel" to the grill.Secure the back plate in place using four other nuts and bolts.Align the label on the wheel with the gap in the leg of the grill, attach the wheel to the grill.Make sure that the text on the wheel assembly is inside-facing, snap them in place.Turn over the grill right.Place the coal ball on the formed fuel furnace drain and place the dropper rod along the center of the formed fuel grate so that the point of the rod will go up.Set the molded fuel grate assembly at the bottom of the grill.By aligning the two hinges and inserting the hinge pin in each hole, attach the lid of the grill to the back of the grill.By inserting the handle into the front of the grill cover, attach the handle to the front of the grill coverHoles are made with two wing nuts and connected.Insert the "swing" pivot line into the grill cover and the flexible leg line into the bottom of the grill.Place the cooking grate into the bottom of the grill and connect the side rack by inserting the rack tube into the leg tube of the grill.Press them firmly in place and protect them by pushingfastener.Hang the grease clip in the center of the bottom of the grill and attach an empty soup can to the grease clip.Attach a 12-Connect the inch natural gas hose to the valve below the control panel and tighten it in place using an adjustable wrench.Connect the grill to the natural gas source by screwing the hose onto the gas flow pipe.Push the sleeve of the hose back to the gas flow pipe to fully connect the hose.Leak test grill by "turning off" all grill control knobs and applying a solution of soap and water to all gas connections using an old toothbrush.Open the gas source to see if there are any "growing" bubbles and if so there will be leaks and you need to re-Tighten all connections.
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