Char-Broil fires up a new modular outdoor grill kitchen lineup - gas grill with griddle

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-29
Char-Broil fires up a new modular outdoor grill kitchen lineup  -  gas grill with griddle
Is the backyard ready for the BBQ season?Char-Broil announced a new range of appliances for outdoor BBQ space.The modular outdoor kitchen is available only in Lowe's and includes a gas stove, stove top, gas stove, entertainment module, granite bar top, refrigerator and corner module.The goal of this lineup is to make the indoor kitchen function outdoor, and the company wants to do this at an affordable price point, according to agriculture.Product manager Robert Hawkins grill."We are committed to innovation in the field of outdoor cooking, designed to provide luxury, high"High quality products, affordable prices, can enjoy the satisfaction of outdoor entertainment for anyone," Hawkins said ."."Our research shows that some people are interested in the outdoor kitchen, but they are blocked by the price or channel supply.We removed these obstacles and created a highly customizable product that will improve the outdoor cooking experience and take outdoor entertainment to a new level.With this new line, Char-Broil aims to combine BBQ essentials with kitchen amenities to create a range of modules to meet most outdoor cooking needs.These are the products in the modular outdoor kitchen Series: 5-Burner TRU-Infrared Gas Grill ($1,499) thanks to TRU-The infrared cooking technology delivers the heat evenly, and the food ends up being more delicious.The 3-Burner TRU-Infrared Gas Grill ($1,099) it's 5-if you're just cooking for a small party-Burner gas grill that should complete this work.Outdoor kitchen range ($599 ).Want to start eating side dishes while continuing to pay attention to the grill?This top allows you to cook barbecue sauce and roast some vegetables while waiting for meat to cook.Outdoor Gas Grill ($599 ).This baking tray is versatile and can make pancakes at breakfast lunch or toast at dinner.Entertainment module ($1,199 ).When you cut tomatoes and wash lettuce, bring your iPad and catch up with some TV shows.This module has faucets and sinks, trash cans and power outlets.Top of granite bar ($449 ).If you have a large group of people coming over and need more space, additional space can be added to the entertainment module.Fridge ($899 ).2 refrigerators.7 cubic feet of storage and adjustable shelves, so you can keep your beer cold or your tomatoes fresh.Corner module ($449 ).Need more counter space?You can bring up the corner module to expand the size of the barbecue space.
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