char broil gas bbq Upgraded Kettle Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-02
char broil gas bbq Upgraded Kettle Grill
A neighbor has a rusty burnt one.The grill he threw away.I asked if I could upgrade my grill/smoker...Silver kettle grill Weber One Touch...More like Webber's performer.Provide your original grill and donated grill.(I don't have a picture of the original donor grill...But this is a very close model I use) some aluminum tubes and flat strips (size depends on the type of frame you end up using...I used 1/2 tubing and 2 inch flat bars.Threads of the appropriate length (also depending on your donor frame...I used the 3/8 diameter 8 feet part and cut it to length) for all-Steel wire basket for rack connection to ketlesandpaper plastic painthweigh temp grill painthweigh temp RTV washer manufacturer (optional) rack (best handle) zip of thread nut and bolt suitable longitudinal small chain and hook (if you are doing silver) blue painter suede tool cutting tool (or angle grinder, Hacksaw) the drill bit, sleeve screw drive (when removed) half-circle filevries or a pair of pairs of gloves remove the legs from the kettle grill.Take out the donation Grill and discard it.Remove the donor grill as needed to make room for your kettle.My donation grill is attached to the holder in the frame with a pin...So I used that system as a model to install the kettle.Measure the internal distance of the bracket.Use aluminum flat material, use the auxiliary fixture, and even bend the bracket with a pair of auxiliary fixtures.Find the best place for the kettle to intersect with the frame bracket...Make sure the kettle is at the level and then mark the position with blue painter tape (another set of hands and eyes may be required to hold and make sure everything is arranged correctly.Drill holes in the bracket and then use it as a template to drill holes in the kettle.Attach the bracket to the kettle.If you choose, add the manufacturer of the dab RTV high temperature silicone gasket to the bolt to seal the hole.With some help...Align the kettle with a bracket and mark the position of the pin hole.Drill pin holes on new brackets.Attach the kettle to the frame.Install if your kettle does not need to adjust the width of the frame...Skip this step, but you may need a wider frame.All the holes for youthread.Put a nut and washer on all your ends-thread.Find out how far the legs need to be and measure your aluminum tube.If your legs are round...Add enough extra to your measurements to be able to profile the pipe using a semi-circular file to work closely with the legs...3/8 to 1/2 per inch should be enough, but with your best judgment.Cutting tubing (cutting-Close tools, Angle Mills, etc.) and archive the profile.Place the tubing between the holes you drill and slide allCross the hole in one leg...Through the tubing, through the hole of the other leg.Don't put the nuts and washers on the other end of allThread until both sides are finished, then open the nuts and washers, tighten them and cut off any extra-thread.Cut the wood into a bottom shelf...Leave enough suspension for the basket.Draw everything out.Tie the basket with a zipper.I'm lucky which part of the front panel of the old grill still fits...I drilled some holes and connected them with old bolts.If you are not that lucky, the grill you upgraded is not strong either...Cut a piece of sheet metal, remove any sharp edges and attach it to the legs in the same configuration...Or add another tube/all-Threaded cross support...Ensure good stability.I connected the ash catcher with small chain buckles and hooks.I drilled small holes on the edge of the catcher to correspond to the holes in the leg attached to the kettle.I ran the leg holes up with chains and hooked them with small hooks....Then hook the bottom of the chain through the holes drilled on the ash catcher.At the end of the day, I will design a golden ash catcher with a touch.Suggestions are welcome.After the paint is dry, you can cook!!!I built this four years ago and it's been strong.I forgot all the cigarettes we smoked together.The holes drilled from the kettle today look the same as they were four years ago.There was no rust around them.Hope you like this instutable.Questions, comments and criticisms are welcome.Happy Q-ing.
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