char broil infrared grill For The Grilling Expert With Everything: New Char-Broil TEC Series Is This Season's Perfect Gift.

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-16
char broil infrared grill For The Grilling Expert With Everything: New Char-Broil TEC Series Is This Season\'s Perfect Gift.
COLUMBUS, Ga.--This holiday season, even the most experienced barbecue lovers on your shopping list, will be with Char-The Broil TEC series is a brand new grill with the same infrared grill system as the restaurant chef, designed to create delicious rewardswinning meals -The price is absolutely affordable.Just in time for the holiday, the new Char-The next feature is the Broil TEC seriesGlass generationTop infrared burner from thermal engineering company infrared cooking pioneer.As a result, professional performance and durability from two of the most trusted barbecue brands reached unexpected prices.Char-Broil launched the new TEC series this month, the latest innovation in the holiday BBQ.Lowe's has three models, ranging in price from $699 to $999.In addition to rinsing, each grill is equipped with infrared and traditional open fire burners on the same cooking surfaceInstall the infrared grill burner and the super premium side burner.The Char-The Broil TEC series grill is equipped with dual fuel [TM] and is designed for propane and can be converted into natural gas."The TEC series is definitely this year's 'It' gift for food lovers and creative chefs who love the latest and greatest culinary innovations," said Char ."Rob Schwing, vice president of BroilIn the center of CharThe TEC series of Broil is patented glass-The top-of-the-line infrared cooking system is much more advanced than the traditional ceramic infrared burritos, creating the chef's best taste from the grill.In the absence of hot air to dry food, glass-The infrared cooking system at the top produces 100% of natural radiant heat to seal the flavor and moisture.Flame without grease burning directly, torch-Ups is almost eliminated and the food is cooked evenly.The combination of traditional open fire cooking and revolutionary TEC burners brings a variety of flavor options, making cooking on CharBroil TEC offers an interactive creative experience.Infrared cooking closely copies the uniform radiant heat of charcoal to obtain unparalleled flavor results.When the smoker's fries are used directly on the grate, the food is full of smoke and permeates the food in an ancient wayOld-fashioned smokers can't.The marinade and sauce are closely related to the food, not through grates, so the flavor essence is absorbed directly into the food when the liquid evaporates.
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