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New York: Gerry BettyThe first batch of fruit-Steak and sausage-fromChar-Broil's cooperation with thermal engineeringOn display here this month.TEC is the leader in infrared cooking, Char-Broil received a technical license in July.It is planned to send infrared outdoor grills to mass merchants by the end of next year or early 2007.Initial pricing puts these eco-seekers at a relative mainstream price of $800 or $900;Still important for CharGrill, but not the cost of thousands of TEC units.As we all know, this cooking method can keep the moisture of food under almost perfect heat distribution."We invented the infrared barbecue in 1980s," David O'Kelly, president of the technology consumer and commercial products division, at Char-Annual media lunch.This is the next generation." Char-"Management sees TEC technology as the next big thing," said Linda Myers, marketing manager at Broil ."."This is a big deal.I think we are in the long run.O'Kelly explained that TEC was licensed for this technology because of its limited marketing, with Char-Broil is more capable.The production line, he said, will include "a unique burner that consists of 100% steel plates in the first place.He said: "It survived 14 consecutive months of testing, and at this point the screen will become brittle and easily fail.This design has a grid at the top of the table and can also prevent the torch-ups.Char-Broil also shows several other grills and accessories that have just been shipped or are about to be shipped.Some people have proved that stainless steel is as popular as before, but the edges and corners are more rounded."You see that without a consultant, men don't buy [grill]," Myers said of the softer outline .".Lao's exclusive commercial range is known as the first grill where consumers can convert from natural gas to propane.It eliminates the need for plumbers and reduces the number of SKUs for retailers by half.The connected side burner accommodates a baking tray and is recessed to accommodate a pot.An available superior series unit, also at Lowe's, consists of three grates, which can be placed above the elements of quick cooking, or about 3 inch high in front and back.The commercial side burner, which covers an area of over 1 feet square feet, has additional cooking power and flexibility and can be used for boiling alobster.Fire Bowl, round with elevator-Dome outside the screen with small holes on the floor to drain water.The Sears model has a tan aluminum ring as a coffee table.Spring comes a rolling smoker who has double doors that can be moved to the avegetable racks and water pans on both sides.A vertical chimney is said to have caused the smoke inside to roll.You can eat Pecan fries in a cigarette box or in a grill.Accessories include four spice jars of clear plastic that are screwed together and hung on the hook.They will be sold at Sears department store and other stores for $9 in the spring.99 to $12.99.In the next month, Lao will offer a tank holder for welding, folding and clips for $2 to securely secure the tank and prevent splashes.99.Title: a doubleDoor smokers provide 738 square inches of cooking surface.
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