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  -  charcoal barbecue canada
Daily Mail Tom Utley update: May 27, 2011 04:35, EDT call it a barbecue?
Where is drama, where is the danger of real things?
Where is the struggle to make this damn thing light up and keep it lit?
When the fat on the sausage hits the fire, where is the sudden jump of the flame, or where is the choking smoke when the wind direction changes?
Why does each sausage and burger look uniform, with golden brown everywhere, looking like a photo in a fine cooking book?
Don't world politicians understand that half of each piece of meat should be burned to soot at the right barbecue, while the other half must be cold, raw and carry salmonella
The event held on Wednesday at Garden No 10 also lacked other signs of authentic barbecues.
No oil stains and-ketchup-
The stained paper towel hurried in the breeze and sipped on the rose.
Flying football that has not been played
Excited kids at the critical moment, when the chef took a sip of wine or tried to transfer a stubborn pink chicken from a cold spot on the grill to a hot spot, his face showed an expression of surprise.
David Cameron and Barack Obama didn't even cook with charcoal unless I got it wrong.
Those sparkling steel burners, set on a flawless white tablecloth, seem to me to be driven by gas (
If they are heated).
As for the use of frying pan
Or a seafood pot, as my cooking consultant told me --
I can only say, 'cheat, cheat!
Didn't they realize that the whole purpose of the barbecue was the smell of charcoal?
The trauma of trying to fish from the afterfire, after the afterfire fell from the bar on the grill?
But, of course, this is by no means the kind of regular barbecue that ordinary people are familiar.
This is a symbolic, idealized version of the real thing --
An incident following Ford's wife, every detail was considered in advance for several weeks and tailored to convey the right message to voters in the United States and the United Kingdom through the media.
We really don't believe Samantha or Michelle got up from the early hours of the morning and prepared meat and salad for the guests.
We should also not think that David and Ballack are used to going to the barbecue in crisp white shirts and ties.
Let's face it. we all know.
They know we know.
The two couples have nothing to do with preparing or cooking food.
Of course, a proper charcoal barbecue is completely impossible.
The risk of using grease or soot to apply the best photo of the great man on Sunday, thus destroying the photo of the whole exercise.
No apron.
It seems too dangerous to be stupid.
As for the possibility of food poisoning-
Family and guests of barbecue chefs like me face risks every summer --
It is obvious that it is unthinkable to have the president of the United States, even the most distant opportunity.
After all, there is a man here who is so precious in his health that he travels with his own water, checks for contamination and bottles in the United States.
It's hard to imagine him giving in to the danger of Utley's chicken leg.
Style: burnt to crisp outside, but still bloody in the middle. No.
We all know it's
Believe that the barbecue is artificial, strict stage
Manage like other settings-
A piece-by-piece event on the president's state visit schedule.
The only difference is that while banquets and other formal occasions are meant to emphasize the importance and dignity of the leaders of our two countries, this time it should make us think
Like the rest of us, they are ordinary.
You can imagine Craig Oliver, the new PR giant.
The children of No. 10, racked their brains to come up with an event that most resonates in the middle.
Class Voters on both sides of the Atlantic.
How satisfied he is with himself, when the light comes
A thought flashed through his head: "I know!
What's more typical is the middle.
Than barbecue (
If weather permits. ?
What kind of environment can more effectively signal that David and Barack are not just leaders of two countries in a special relationship, they are also ordinary partners --
As casual as any suburban neighbor?
"From that moment on, Mr Oliver will know the details, both thick and fast.
Why not ask 150
Strange British and American veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq?
Wouldn't they make wonderful props to highlight the military alliance and show that David and Barack really care about the people they sent to fight?
Better yet, why not let the president and prime minister pretend they cooked the meat
Alpha male privilege in every ordinary family, in terms of barbecue?
They can then distribute it to soldiers to show that they are not too sympathetic to waiting for others.
Of course, like the wife of an ordinary person, a small woman can see the salad. . .
To be fair, I must tell Mr Oliver that he has done a very good job on this occasion.
With the help of the weather, he got the picture he wanted and sent out the message that every politician wanted to convey.
In fact, this is as successful as any stunt organized by Vettel Campbell for Tony Blair.
That's what really bothers me, of course.
Oh, why must everything in modern politics be so false?
At least for me, why is the more our leaders try to convince us that they are like the people they represent, the farther they look?
When I saw the pictureso-
Informal barbecues, I can't be the only one who thinks of the cameras in the garden, the snipers on each roof within half a mile, and the man in Mr Obama's ridiculously armored stretch limousine --
Called "Beast"
Waiting nearby, holding the president's water behind, preparing for the great man's next engagement.
But what makes modern leaders different from the rest of us is not just their strange lives, or fake barbecues.
Once they come on stage, something seems to have happened in their heads, isolating them from the daily concerns of the people who voted for them.
They are caught by a disease that you can call a politicianitis.
For example: as far as I know, the only concrete result of the prime minister's talks with Obama this week is an agreement, the group of eight should pay more money to Egypt and other rising Middle Eastern countries to authoritarian regimes. Good grief!
When I voted for the Conservative Party, I naively thought that Cameron might cut the deficit, control the worst excesses of the welfare state, and act on the farce of the Bill of Rights, immigration may even be under control.
I have no intention of letting him spend my money on saving the euro, increasing overseas assistance or depriving me of my salary --
Package to subsidize any serious regime that could emerge in the Middle East to replace the one they are now suffering from.
At least I have imagined that in the first signs of civil unrest in Libya, he would send the Royal Air Force to get us involved in another costly, possibly illegal war.
I know it sounds cruel, but if we don't step in, the battle may be over long ago --
Now, we have broken into and leveled the killing ground between the rebels and Gaddafi, with less bloodshed than it seems.
As for the fact that democracy is always the happiest government system in the world, adding force to the world seems completely naive to me.
The fact is that democracy does not work in an uneducated tribal society.
God knows it doesn't even work in the UK (
Although I quickly added that I don't have any other system here).
So, Mr Cameron, please don't turn into Tony Blair and move forward from a fake photo to the world stage --
The next opportunity.
If you really want us to believe that you are the same as us, how about solving the problems we really care about?
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