charcoal barbecue korean restaurant In Queens, Kimchi Is Just the Start

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charcoal barbecue korean restaurant In Queens, Kimchi Is Just the Start
We can blame IRT.The No.On the streets of Flushing, the train is never going to end.If Interborough Rapid Transit has followed up on plans to expand it, then all the notable Korean food in Queens might be as famous as the Jackson Heights archives, tamales, Corona, somum of Elmhurst.But the last stop of the local railway in Flushing is just the beginning of the South Korean railway.It stretches about five miles east, along the Long Island Railroad and North Avenue to Nassau County.There are hundreds of restaurants in Murray Hill, obendale, Bay and other regions that serve famous Korean dishes and unremarkable dishes: beef barbecue and blood sausage;The wheat noodles in the deep steaming bowl and the roots in the ice broth;Tofu Casserole and live octopus;Korean-Chinese and Korean restaurantsFrench bakery;Friendly bars and cafes;Chicken cooked with rice noodles and ginseng is fried in a crushed shell.The Queens kimchi belt must be the least explored, discussed and celebrated place for the great nation of the city --food districts.For a wide variety of dishes and excellent cooking, the only area of competition is the three Chinatown of the East Village and the East 40-year-old Japanese cluster or city.The once powerful 30-year-old South Korean city did not even board the scoreboard."I believe that Queens is the closest place to authentic Korean food right now," said Hooni Kim, a chef at Danji and Hanyang in Manhattan and a frequent Walker at North Avenue.Unlike the restaurant on 32 Street in Manhattan, Mr.Kim said, "The kitchen is actually made for Koreans."Although there are good Korean places in Fort Lee and nearbyJ.Some of them have brother branches in Queens.Kim says the taste of the North Boulevard is closer to what he did when he traveled to South Korea."Many restaurants in Queens are by first-"This generation knows what services South Korea is providing now," he said .".For people who can't speak Korean, language is not the main barrier to eating in this part of the city.The bigger challenge is to find out where to eat.When Koreans go out to eat, they tend to decide what to eat first, and then choose a restaurant that does a particularly good job.If you don't know what the house features when you arrive, the menu may not help.Sitting in the restaurant center around Murray Hill station on Long Island Railway Road, this is a good starting point.If people familiar with the matter are in the mood to marinate for a short time, they will go to Mapo Korean barbecueribs, or kalbi."Unfortunately, there are 80 things on the menu that can distract people who don't know ,"Kim said.Signs may also be misleading.Next door to Mapo is Han zhuchi naeng Myun & BBQ.From the name outside, you might think it's made specifically for the cold noodles of nameen.But no, everyone is here for a roast pork belly.For naeng myun, look across the street for Keum Food.There is a green duck on the canopy;ignore it.If you are looking for a duck, then your destination should be the Sura clock around the corner.I followed in the footsteps of the locals.As a restaurant critic, instead of fully considering the menu, I focused on one or two specials.I compared them to other competing versions nearby.I will taste all the claimants on the same day when I can, even though I have to break the fried foodThe chicken tour is divided into two.The short list below gives some of my favorite places in the area, sorted by profession.(Most of them are located in the Flushing community of Murray Hill and Auburn Dale.I still have a lot of work to do.I will never be excited about any version of China jajangmyon I foundNoodles derived from black bean sauce.I'm still looking for arguments-Mando and Kim are also over.Considering that this is both a beginner's guide and the first shot of the straphanger event: When the Second Avenue metro is complete, let's go back and work on Route 7.1.Debasaki33-67 Farrington Street (35 Avenue), 718-886-6878 chicken dumplings (plush wings) this cave Tavern is not for you when you are like a rocket girl with a longing chicken leg row.An expert in a Korean chicken shop, only chicken wings are French fries.Most of them are fine, but plush wings earn Debasaki pins on the map.It is called chicken dumplings, which contains kimchi, chopped shrimp or other dumplings.You hold them until they are cool enough to eat.This decoration successfully combines the birch trunk with the Korean pop video.2.Mapo Korean barbecue 149-No. 24, No. 41 Road (No. 149), 718-886-8292 Kalbi (pickled shortRib) luminous charcoal treated by pliers deposited in a grill carved into a cherry tableRed synthetic stoneThen, cut the slate deep with black angus short rib marinated into obvious tenderness, stretching over the coal for a long time.A waiter took the scissors and cut the meat into a rough square to curl them in a heat wave until the edges turned black.This is the way Mapo BBQ makes kalbi and I don't know there's another charcoal --Grilled steak in New York can be matched.Don't be too involved in short selling-Forgot the ribs and lettuce rolls of the roast ribs;Good meat on the bones.3.Han Zhu Chik Naeng Myun & BBQ, 41149 (street 41) 718-359-6888 Samgyupsal (BBQ pork belly) queen crown best BBQ pork belly called samgyupsal, almost went to Tong Sam Gyup Gui, a small place a few miles east, the meat is cooked on a traditional ridge-like metal dome, so that the fat flows into hissing kimchi and bean sprouts, here, you slide the belly with a fantastic tonkatsu sauce that adds mysterious ingredients.The heat source of Han Zhu is a flat crystal, and the sauce is a standard spicy bean sauce.However, almost everything else, from banchan to the belly itself, is superior, in four forms: unseasoned thin slices, crispy, fatter slices, keep the meat in green tea and other strips marinated with soy sauce.There is a difference between meat.Among the hundreds of Korean restaurants in farasheng, Queens, and nearby, Pete Wells has chosen a dozen to do particularly well.4.Air Junsheng food 40-149-718 (Roosevelt Avenue)539-4596 Naeng myun (cold noodles) "My stomach feels cold, my teeth feel cold," a popular Korean song started, compared to eating ice noodle soup,Naeng myun, the dish named for the tune, was so cold that the ice fragments on the surface of the broth sparkled.Several decisions must be made.First of all, would you like noodles made with buckwheat (momil) or Logan (chik?Choosing arrowroot as a texture different from anything else is very elastic but not rubber.These noodles won't let you eat right away.Second, cut or not?Traditionally, a few cuts can make these very long, thin noodles easier to eat, but can shorten your life.Arrowroot noodles are of good texture;The taste came from very clean-The beef soup is delicious and balanced. you can adjust it with mustard and vinegar.Asian pears with cucumbers and slices provide crunchy sound and additional cooling power.The version of Keum mall can make summer in New York unbearable, but it is worth noting that in South Korea, naeng myun has never really passed the season.5.Mat Baram 150-40 North Avenue (Street 150), 718-460-2535 Kalguksu and sujebi (fresh noodles) have Korean dishes that challenge you to fight, as well as Korean dishes that weave care sleeves.At Mat Baram, an impressive and hearty bowl of steaming noodle soup is knitted.The menu of this simple restaurant, decorated with black horse hair hat and bamboo tube, is simple and complicated only with the choice of noodles.The thin one, kalguksu, is eating.The faint square sujebi comes from the dough pulled by hand and then cut into pieces with a knife;They are used for chewing.The chicken-The most solemn is ginseng soup;Its carrot cube is almost accessible through the American version, although the broth is cooked in milk WhiteNot a familiar translucent gold.However, the most unique thing is the handTorn noodles made of green tea, made with creamy, spotted purple seed sauce, anchovies, radishes and seaweed.The mild, nutty taste responds well with a few scoops of delicious chili sauce, which is made in the kitchen with Thai peppers made of tomatoes and pineapples.6.Kanghe 152-12 Boulevard north (Murray Street), 718-886-The person at the door of the 8645 barbecue pickled collarIn cartoon mural dressed as the Statue of Liberty, with raw steak, not a tablet, is Kang Haodong himself.He is the champion of Korean wrestling.Kang retired from the ring and remade himself as a comedian.The global barbecue giant and host.(This month, his latest best club opened in Manhattan.) Banchan is a little small, but as compensation, there are beaten eggs and corn mixed with ground cheese, cooked in the long canal, broken by fat on the grill.The meat is a gorgeous marble pattern, but the most prominent is the pork circle in the sweet soy sauce, just like kalbi made of pigs.Condiments are provided, including an interesting proprietary sauce, but this sauce is not required.7.Bonjuk 152-26 Boulevard north (street 718 ),-939-5868Juk (delicious rice porridge) meets every night at many Korean restaurants in Queens and few eat alone.You do, though, in Bonjuk.When you spend too much time at the party, this is where you are going.The restaurant is spacious and quiet, just like the teahouse in the spa.One recent evening, a sonata for violin and piano played softly.A sign on the wall says "slow food ".The slow food in question is juk, which is often described as rice porridge, although the porridge sounds like a punishment, and juk should taste like a reward, or at least a consolation.The taste of mushrooms and oysters is a bit fresh, but ginseng-The taste of the chicken variety is like a worried grandmother making a fuss about it all day.Very good octopusKimchi juk is for those days when nothing but spicy will resume you.8.Geo Si Gi 152-28 Boulevard north (street 718 ),-888-0001 Kamja tang (spicy pork stew) a South Korean logo tells the story of almost everyone's dish at Geo Si Gi, half a piece of braised pork tenderloin --Flooded like an icebergRed broth bubbling on the gas stove.It is known as kamja tang and is sometimes called a stewed potato, although a waiter insists that a more accurate translation is "very tender stew "."It's very, very soft and barely hung on the backbone.There are six kamja tangs with different spice content and additional features on the menu (one go-for-The Broke version includes raw octopus, shrimp and green --Light dishes cooked in a stew ).The broth has round sweetness and many-Layered depth soaked in fat noodles at the bottom of the pot.9.Crazy Chicken 157-18 North Boulevard (158 Street), 718-321-Half a 3818 chicken.Along the dozen fried chicken pharmacies in North Street and North Street, crazy chicken is the most active, a selfDescribe "Korean bar" with hockey and football on TV, American rock and pop on speakers, macro beer on tap and a menu if it is 25-year-Korean hipsters(If you are struck by the idea of a midnight craving for a corn puff, crazy chicken awaits you.And my favorite chicken.a puffed-The gold crust hovers above the meat, along with a spicy garlic sauce that is more delicious and has less sugar than its competitors.10.Bada Story 161-23 crochellan Avenue (16 th Street), 718-321-9555Hwe (raw seafood) dry-In the Bada story, the ice fog splashes from every plate of sashimi, which may herald a fog of confusion that will surround any close to the restaurant's specialty product hweWhen the Japanese appeared, they had a very different view of the seafood, and South Korea had a fixed idea of the problem.Crunching, chewing, and snapping are precious due to melted tenderness.Related marine life can be attacked by a series of fermented bean paste, salty sesame oil, vinegar chile sauce, chopped jalapeno and garlic instead of lightly dipping in soy sauce.The Bada story feast (bringing a group of people) may start with some delicious fried fish and the first oneRate the seafood pancakes, then enter the table of marine life that you don't see on your corner sushi bar sashimi special: chewy seafood, wrinkled orange skin;Sea cucumber strips spread like ribbons on chopsticks, but when you bite down, you get nervous again;Sea worms that look like veins, taste less, but have the ability to chew.Then, in the fog of swirl, came to an imported Korean fluke lying at the bottom of the pool by the kitchen a few minutes ago.These slices are covered on cold ceramic cups to keep them firm, arranged on bones with a slightly crispy hardWorking muscles around the fins displayed on the edge of the platter.11.Bangane 165-19 North Boulevard (165 Street), 718-762-2799 Korean black goat posters are hung on the wall of Bangan, with black goat hair curled and blurred light flashing in his eyes.Flashing may mean "follow me and learn the secret of my energy" or "I want to eat your belt "."It's hard to say goats.However, the customers of bangen are full of vitality in their minds.A waiter said: "Koreans eat it when they want to have children ." He took out a steamer full of garlic leeks, with enough boiled goats to fill the maternity ward.The meat is black and tender, light and thin, and may not immediately create creative emotions.But, the more you soak in chile sauce mixed with crispy basil seeds, the more you eat, the more germination and energy you have to eat.It's lucky, because once you say you 've eaten enough goats, the rest, along with leeks and Chilean sauce, is thrown into a pot on the gas stove next to the table.The broth in the kitchen is poured and the second dish is ready soon: Black-goat soup.There is also energy in it, combined with the mind --Focus ability of hot pepper and green basil leaves.There is also a third dish, when the soup is boiled, the goat fried rice is stirred together.But, it's the first two plates, flashing a blurry glow in your eyes, sending you to the night.12.To Soc Chon 45-30 Bell Avenue (45 Rd), Bayside, 347-408-4584 Soondae (blood sausage) one winter night early, bright, bright, 24-The hour restaurant brought their children ready to sleep in cashmere pajamas.In another community in another city, they will be in the Waffle House.But no waffle shop yet offers soondae, an elastic blood sausage that attracts people to Soc Chon.Its sausage is lighter than dense, more bloodProposed in Byeoncheon, another soondae destination a few miles west.At Soc Chon, most of the pig casing is a fan, adding a thoughtful and rich seasoning to the blood.You can have a snack on your plate, dip it with Chilean salt, and still have an interest in the main course-the visceral soup.It looks white and mysterious, with some pig ears and tongue swinging towards the surface with the purple length of soondae.Then you add garlic Scallions, Red Chilean sauce, and Mexican paste, and add Chilean salt to season, the taste of this bowl of boiled bones, blood and internal organs of the cloudy bowl is enough to resist any disease including anemia
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