charcoal barbecue korean restaurant Insa Brings Korean Cooking to Industrial Brooklyn

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-05
charcoal barbecue korean restaurant Insa Brings Korean Cooking to Industrial Brooklyn
Starting with the first soft blood sausage, I knew I would love Insa.Seeing the word "soondae" on the menu of this new Korean restaurant is enough to give me hope.The blood of the condensed pig is combined with an arterial network of rice and elastic thin cellophane noodles, purple, and soondae is not inclined to stay away from South Korean neighborhoods.Isa sits between a moving company and a mechanic's garage in an industrial zone in Brooklyn, near the gowanas canal.The area is not crowded with Korean restaurants or Koreans.Soondae here?If nothing else, it shows that Insa has enough confidence.I dragged a slice of deep purple over a row of salt with Chilean soil and seeds of Zisu.The charred skin between my teeth cracked: the animal's sign --gut casing.Blood sausage can be dry at times, but the Matsuo of Isa is sprinkled with fresh crumbs, which are almost juicy and moistened with braised pork nose and shredded pork belly.The noodles gave it a slight bounce but did not interfere with the deep electric flavor of the iron.It did a very good job, not like any soondae I 've tasted on 32 th Street or on North Avenue Queens.Jin and her husband, Ben Schneider, opened Insa before Christmas.He is the designer, the decorator for carpentry, the back theme karaoke room, and the head of the retro lounge in David Lynch red.She is a cook.Mr.Schneider grew up in Manhattan.Ms.Kim moved from Seoul to Bronx at the age of 10.The couple also had a "good fork" about two miles from Brooklyn's Red Hook and the menu was all Korean.The one from Insa went straight into it.Chefs who try to make American diners fall in love with cooking in another country usually throw basic flavors out of the window.The food in the restaurant is the road show, but the food in the restaurant is the road show.Insa is a rare crossover that limits most of its adjustment to the outside.For example, traditional Korean recipes may be changed in texture (soondae is usually not genericBut their spirit is basically complete.For those customers who did not grow up with Korean food, Insa had additional clarity on the way the menu was written and explained, most of which were generous tattoos.However, there is hardly anything on it that can be used as fusion.Even seafood dogs have a precedent in Seoul, although Insa has not yet copied the impressive idea of South Korea incorporating chips directly into corn dogs.Insa is a barbecue restaurant.The gas burner was hit into a long, chaotic center.The table in the hall is arranged between smooth wooden benches.The table is as wide as a rowing boat.This makes conversation a challenge.One of my guests later said he wanted to borrow a karaoke microphone for himself to hear --But we need space when the rest of the food comes.When the blue flame jumped, banchan began to turn around the ring.Good banchan says the Korean Kitchen is serious, Insa's kitchen is very delicious and crafted: cabbage and kon, pink, Chilean sauce, fermented on site;Chewy black beans in salty syrup;Dried peanuts with silver anchovies;A chewy squid belt-release flavor.However, there are very few barbecues on the table that I like best.The very fresh-Taste the beautiful squid and octopus baked, but I missed the smell of charcoal, the gas flame in insa seems too low, can't Get Pickled short ribs or thin scraped cow bris to reach the crispy edge I like.The dish I'm looking forward to eating again is the one cooked in the open kitchen.Insa's yuk hwe is one of the most gentle beef tartare offered to me by the Korean restaurant.Round chopped eyes are cold and firm, crispy with Asian pears and fried capers, and brilliantly shiny with sesame oil.I would have licked it up with a spoon, but there is no doubt that it would have been better to roll it up with rough shrimp slices.The tteokbokki of Insa is also great: the chunky little finger rice stick is roasted black at the bottom because of the crunch.Mix it with a tender Oval sausage with Chilean sauce.Not burned, but warm enough.At other times, Insa did not provide the burns I liked in other Korean restaurants.Especially the rice dressing seems afraid of being noticed.However, the spice dose can be recalibrated.What sets Insa apart is the sensitivity of modern chefs to technology and ingredients.(Such delicious squid on the grill is also popular in thick, unusually fluffy seafood pajeon.) Chef Michael Stoke came up with soondae and sous-Chef Yong Shin is responsible for the seafood corn dog, which is a delicious snack at the tiki Bar in Rensa.There, there are no legs on the ceiling, and an animated underwater video screen represents live fish tanks in the torch-lit Palace, just like the Kahiki Dinner Club in Columbus, Ohio.But when the bartender reached out to grab the coconut cup and the fumanzhou Cup for a modern polynisia drink, they were wearing aloha shirts.A tiki bar!Exotic from polynisia, is so vague in the American imagination that it can cover pinia Cola, egg rolls and toasts, apparently in a serious familyHowever, cocktails are more delicious than traditional cuisine.The cocktail menu looks interesting.To tell the truth, I have never passed the wheat station.The first one I tried was "local almond milk syrup" (orgeat was cooked with a red hook from a field nut), but in my second example the lime juice was very prominent, this should be the case.This is not Vic's Mattel, but I decided to trade in my own way when I finished my fourth transaction.At that time, I was in the Jungle Room with a microphone in my hand, just like it was enough to give me the extra octave required for "Blue Bayu.I don't mean to sing.But one of the waiters opened the door to a room wrapped in orchids, tropical leaves and artificial lawns.Then someone entered a Dolly Parton number on the K-song machine."There's a deep one.The waiter carefully closed the door and said, "The sea room, the space room and the psychedelic room .".I'll describe everything else.To be honest, I never went through the jungle.
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