charcoal bbq grill australia The Dangers of a Grill on the Deck

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-12
charcoal bbq grill australia The Dangers of a Grill on the Deck
For many family and neighborhood parties, having an outdoor barbecue on the deck is one of the most popular pastimes, but it can pose potential dangers.The deck is not always perfect for the grill, and does not provide protection and security like the rest of the yard.Storing the grill on your deck can be an acceptable option, but lighting the grill and using it on the deck can put you and others at risk.Using a grill on a wooden deck can cause unwanted fires.Sparks can ignite boards or railings.The windy weather will increase the danger of sparks.If you grill on a wooden deck, there is a fire extinguisher on hand and keep an eye on the grill and the surrounding deck area.Some backyard decks are close to trees, vines, branches and leaves, and they can easily catch fire if they are brushed on a grill, flame, or hot surface.Even if you tidy up the yard well, you can't control it when a piece of fallen leaves or sticking dry branches fall on or near the grill.If the deck grill is placed too close, the eaves on the House and siding can also pose a potential fire hazard.A concrete terrace away from trees and bushes is perfect for barbecues.Propane-When the line is not threaded properly, the fuel grill can be dangerous on the deck.The leaking propane is very flammable and can cause fire and explosion, usually lighting the wooden deck floor and railings.Residents must be careful when using propaneThere is a fuel grill on any surface, but the concrete surface away from the structure and trees is safer than the wooden deck surface.Charcoal grills and smokers pose an additional risk on the deck, as the afterfire tends to fall off the ash pan and fall on the wooden deck below, often not noticed.The hot chimney starter can be left absently on the surface of the wood, or a wrong hot coal may pop up when the starter is put away.An easy way to solve these potential dangers is to ignite the GrillGrill mat resistant.They are available in various sizes;The bigger the mat, the more protection you get.Of course, ember can always roll or blow off the mat, the mat material is usually not completely fire-proof, but the mat placed on the mat adds an effective protective line where you need it most, they protect the deck from grease and food stains.
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