Charcoal cooking is hot right now because it's so dang delicious - high quality charcoal bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
Charcoal cooking is hot right now because it\'s so dang delicious  -  high quality charcoal bbq grill
You walk into the door of a restaurant and smell the smell of wood-burning smoke.
This is a good sign.
Charcoal-essentially wood or another natural substance that is heated without oxygen to produce almost pure carbon-the added flavor to the dish is obvious.
Very delicious.
Sydney Efendy and Anason restaurant chef Sommer sifriolu recently returned from the city of Istanbul, where he rediscovered what he called "Charcoal restaurant" to him"
"Eating at our [Australian-style] restaurant in Turkey is only 30 to 40-year-
He told SBS.
"We don't have a restaurant,
We just had the workers men's cafe and they would go for lunch.
On top of that, the only restaurant is the charcoal restaurant just because of the convenience-people can't do it at home.
"Sivrioglu has now ventured to transform Efendy into a charcoal restaurant.
"We always eat some charcoal dishes at Efendy, but now Anason is open, and we think we might go all out," he said . " "So now we have a big charcoal pit and two Turks --
We are cooking all our main courses with charcoal.
Even some desserts are cooked on charcoal, like their knafeh, a syrup --
Covered with cheese pastries, smoke faintly from the grill.
Of course, Sivrioglu is not the only chef in Australia dedicated to firewood.
After six years of cooking on fire at Asador Etxebarri in Basque Country, chef Lennox Hastie decided his own restaurant, Sydney's fire door, each dish on the menu will also be cooked on it.
Purchasing and buying high-quality charcoal is a "minefield", he said, so at the fire door he chose wood and burned it --house himself.
"The Japanese are the owners of most of their skills, but in terms of charcoal production, that's what they 've been doing for thousands of years," Hastie said . " "They basically produce the purest charcoal, namely, binchotan-a particular type of wood that burns in a particular way.
The result was the purest charcoal.
It is very expensive because of this process.
"One day he wanted to make his own version of Australia.
"I am very interested in making charcoal in the future, looking for certain types of trees at certain times of the year to get the wood.
I want to be a binchotan from Australia.
"Australian Aboriginal people have a particularly close and lasting relationship with charcoal.
Bruce Pasco is the author of Dark emus and Aboriginal food historian.
He said: "charcoal is used as body paint and art color and we will inevitably Cook with charcoal because we did it (and still did it) dig out the coal from the wood we burned in the fire because they provide the most thorough cooking medium.
"For at least 80,000 years, indigenous people have been cooking with ground ovens, hollow trees and open flames," he said . ".
Thankfully, charcoal is more than just for restaurants for family chefs.
Use the charcoal chicken and piri sauce of Food Safari, or this simple Chilean pork belly, marinated and cooked into a melted tender slip.
"It just tastes better and it enhances the natural flavor of the ingredients," says Hastie.
Sivrioglu agreed: "charcoal is a seasoning.
"It's a symbol and a taste of recalling our original self, as we have cooked with burnt wood around the world for thousands of years.
Maybe we are a little lost, but now things have developed into a complete cycle.
"Fire is all inclusive, it's not just a special dish, it's all the dishes," says Hastie.
"Have we received your attention and your taste buds are adjusted at six o'clock P. M. every week as this week's chef collection is all about Turkish cuisine.
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