charcoal grill BBQ Becky: Woman Photoshopped into black history after barbecue complaint

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-07
charcoal grill BBQ Becky: Woman Photoshopped into black history after barbecue complaint
A video of a white woman calling the police about a black family barbecue turned into a meme called "barbecue Becky.The original video posted on YouTube shows a barbecue clash in a California park.The woman was accused of being racist, but she insisted it was illegal to put a charcoal grill in the park, which is why she complained.She has now been filmed at black historical moments including Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech.The Panther even appeared.The original video was shot in Oakland, California, and was released on April 29.The woman who saw and heard the call to the police insisted that it was illegal to have a charcoal grill in that area of the park.[Warning: Link contains a strong language and you may feel offended] but the woman who took the video disagreed: "No, not actually.I just checked the map.This is the designated BBQ area.If the question was about race, she would also question: "Are you sure it's not because you don't want black people here ?"?The woman who called the police still put her cell phone in her ear, saying "it has nothing to do with their race ".She claims: "When children get injured because of improper handling of coal, our city will give them extra money."The video continues, and the situation has become more intense.When the police arrived, the woman who complained to the police was crying.We also heard from BBQ.The boss said: "I am running my own business. I have been here for 42 years .""I know where I can grill and where I can't."You can see the police talking to both sides at the end of the 25 th.minute video.Since landing on the Internet, the video has been replaced by many memes and has sparked conversations about racism on Twitter.Follow news stories on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.Every working day 12: 45 and 17: 45 listen to live news on BBC Radio 1 and 1You can listen here if you want us.
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