charcoal grill How to Cook on a Small Charcoal Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-11
charcoal grill How to Cook on a Small Charcoal Grill
Small charcoal grills are usually wise for small families and travel.Cook burgers and steaks by heating them directly, just like on a larger grill.Indirect heating cooking on a small grill is more of a challenge, but a little practice and some tricks will make you grill like a professional.Place the grill outdoors, away from hanging trees, roofs, or other structures.Open the bottom vent.Remove the lid and grill from the grill.Pile charcoal bricks in the pyramid in the center of the grill.About 30 pieces of coal per pound of meat you intend to cook.You need more charcoal on cold, wet or windy days.Sprinkle about 2 ounces of lighter liquid on charcoal to make sure that each coal block is coated.Light charcoal carefully with matches.Keep the lid off until the coal is hot and you are ready to cook.Heat the coal for 20 to 25 minutes.By this time, charcoal should be covered with a layer of white ash.Spread out the charcoal, cover the bottom of the grill, grill directly, or heat the charcoal indirectly on the side.Use the long-Pliers for coal removal.Apply vegetable oil to the grill to prevent sticking to it;Use a saturated paper towel or brush.Put on the gloves and put the barbecue surface back on the grill.Before placing the food on the grill, heat the surface of the grill.Directly heat the grill using the grill vent to control the temperature of the grill.Open the vent all the way for a hot fire, or partially close the vent to reduce heat.Place the food in the center part of the grill for maximum heat, or move the food to the side if the grill is too hot.Let the food turn brown on one side before turning the food.Turning food too often prevents the formation of a beautiful shell and can cause food to break down.Prepare a bottle of water for the torchups.Most flare-The Ups will go out soon and will not need attention, but will spray out any major fire or ongoing fire that starts.Flare-The Ups will soon burn and leave a unwanted flavor.Indirect heating a barbecue using indirect heating a large piece of meat that takes longer to cook, such as the whole chicken, turkey, and roast meat, for fat like a duck, or food that requires a lower calorie like a fish fillet.On the small grill, it is more difficult to heat the grill indirectly because the charcoal is still close to the cooking surface.Move the charcoal to both sides of the grill so that there is no coal in the center of the grill.If needed, place a drip tray between the coal to catch the drop.For food that needs to be cooked for a long time, add a thin layer of water to the drip tray.Put the meat in the middle of the grill.Close the lid and keep it closed, lift the lid only to season the meat and check if there is a donation or add coal.Add extra charcoal when it takes a long time to cook.You need extra charcoal for every additional hour of cooking time.Place 16 to 18 extra coal balls on the outside of the hot charcoal to allow them to heat for 20 minutes before they need.When cooking is complete, clean the grill to close the vent and cover and allow the grill to cool for 48 hours before dumping coal.If you have to deal with hot coal, transfer it separately with long tongs.Bury them in a bucket of sand or water.Clean the surface of the grill with a brush and scrub to remove any burns on the food.Throw away the cold ashes and sweep out the bottom of the grill with a hand broom or a hard brush.
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