charcoal grill Rim Charcoal Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-19
charcoal grill Rim Charcoal Grill
You'll think, I'm sure, "Why does anyone want to use an old RIM grill?"Good question!!!The website will say that the price of a good grill can range from $150 to $2 k.Although this grill may not be able to compete with the larger grill in terms of versatility, there is indeed competition in terms of cost.For only $20, about 2 hours of garage time, I started this thing.Simple open grill like this is only useful for burgers and steaks.Luckily for me, that's all I do.While the ability to cook the cow bris is appealing, I want something that can be thrown on the road on the truck bed.There's nothing better than offering delicious steaks, fajitas or burgers on something you 've built with your own hands.When people ask, you say, "Yes, that's what I did."Even God himself is proud of his work, so you should be proud of him.It was also a great conversation by the lake.What you need: not including my stuff, it only cost me about $20.00 dollars.I'm using a 16in wheel, so I need at least a 16in grate.I chose the square design for ease of use, but the round grill will make more efficient use of the resources.I also chose rebar because I hope my grill will last for 50 years.For a square grill row, there are 16 bars per bar.You need 5 to make up the frame and then about 13 to make a frame like me or a total of 25 to make a completely refurbished grate.The math...Month x = 18in 450in450/120 = month.75 turn 4 rounds.Too much is good, because you can dispose of the remaining steel bars in the future.(Note: I'm running out of steel bars, but I decided not to add more as the gap keeps the excellent handle/tool holder cool enough to touch while grilling.) The first five layouts, tac weld them.Tac welding allows you to align and adjust the sides.When you are satisfied, throw some heavy welds up for stability.Use measuring tools such as scrap steel bars, wood or small fingers to separate the steel bars.(Note: If you're baking hot dogs, keep in mind that wide grates will drop them off, but more steel bars may be needed for dense grates.) Use any way you want to close the gap.I used a piece of tin paper at first.Later I found an old grate with rust in the middle, so I cut off a corner.As you can see, I used half a section with 5 bars on it and then covered my gap at the edge with other bars.Do some testing to burn off epoxy, grease or any other contaminants you don't want to eat.I did it twice.The test run will also show you any issues that may need to be resolved.The electric brush and a little heat help to clean the grill grate.After the grill is relatively clean, apply a layer of vegetable oil, vegetable oil or olive oil.Like cast iron, this will produce a rust-proof coating that will last.I found that using the basting brush and applying it perpendicular to the grate can get the best results.(Note: The heat from the grill may cause the coating to fall off, so clean the grate and oil it at the end of each barbecue.It will give it a clean look in black.)Enjoy.Additional tip: I also included a dry rubbing recipe on the food.For steak and hamburgers.Just use TBSNs instead of Pound and then put the mixture into the empty spice rocking bed.You won't believe how good it is.A few minutes before the barbecue, sprinkle it on the front and back!!!
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