charcoal grill Smoking Salmon on a Charcoal Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-19
charcoal grill Smoking Salmon on a Charcoal Grill
On a sunny afternoon, pumping salmon in the yard is a way to relax.There are thousands of recipes on the Internet, which is a simple combination of the most effective recipes I have found.It takes a few hours of short attention, but the result is well worth the effort.Salmon -For a standard 22 "Weber greira clean, food-grade bathtub, 4 pounds or less, salmon can be soaked.3/4 cup salt (Jewish or pickled salt) 3/4 cup sugar 1/3 cup brown sugar 6 cup water food grade needle clamp (not from your workbench) 3 cups of pecan fries and a container in full.Charcoal coal balls, lighters or charcoal grills, coal tongs, spatula towels, trays (for handling fish), oil (for grill) and old, clean cans (tuna works fine) mix salt water with Baste (optional.Bring your tub (I thoroughly cleaned with the removable tray in the fridge.It's big and often cleaned like this), add clean cold water, salt and sugar.Stir until dissolved.Marinate the salmon.If you are using salmon slices, you may have bones that need to be removed.Lean your (clean) fingertips against the fish grain and feel them if there is one.They are spaced evenly along the bottom of the fillet about every inch.Pull them out with clean, food-grade needle-nose pliers.(Come on, please buy a new needle and nose clamp for this job. Don't be distracted-knows-What's on your food?Wash the pliers thoroughly and apply cooking oil to prevent rust ).If you are using the tail piece, you can skip the bone removal work above.Rinse the fish under cold tap water, then slide into your salt water tub with the meat side down.Cover the tub with plastic wrap and let it sit for 2 hours at room temperature or 6 hours in the fridge.I left it in the fridge for the night and there was no problem, but it was claimed to make the fish more salty.Dry the salmon.After soaking the salt water, wash the fillets under cold tap water and rub the pulp to wash off all the salt water.Put the meat side on the tray covered with paper towels and suck it dry with more paper towels.Let the air dry for 30 minutes until the skin feels tacky.Soak the chips, light the charcoal and set the grill when the salmon is dry.Soak the chips.Put 4 cups of pecans fries into the container, cover with water and place for at least 20 minutes.Pecans are the traditional flavor of smoked salmon.You can try to get different scents with other hard wood.Load about 15 pieces of charcoal coal balls on your grill and light them up.If you use a charcoal chimney, you will help reduce air pollution caused by the use of lighter liquids.(I made one with some leftover skinny legs) you can smoke once the coal is covered with white ash.Set up the grill.Clean with a paper towel stained with edible oil and lightly oil the grill.As close to the edge as possible, make 2 sets of 4 pieces (5 if you are in a hurry) of charcoal coal balls.Put the remaining coal balls in a safe place and they will still burn.Don't leave them in the chimney, they will burn too fast.I use a teracotta pot) to put some water into a clean can of tuna and in the middle of the grill bowl.Take a small pecan fries and shake off the water.Put some damp fries on each set of coal.Place the grill in the highest place to maximize the distance between coal and fish.Take that fish.Kindly place the dry salmon slices on the grill (dirty the side of the meat again with a tissue if needed), be careful not to put anything on the coal.What we want is indirect, low heat.If you choose to use the basting solution, now is the time to apply it (non-Basted smoked salmon is great) cover and place the vents on the fish.This will cause smoke to spin on the fish to escape.Set the air inlet (bottom) and air outlet (inside the lid) in the case of semi-closing, we want a long, slow low temperature (about 180 degrees) to burn.Rework your coal and chips.After about 30 minutes, you will notice that the aroma on the grill has stopped.Open the grill and dry the salmon with a paper towel.Remove your grill to touch the coal (unless you buy yourself a hinge grill) and push the coal together (if the coal burns back, you might want to add an extra try to keep the same original quality of burning charcoal) and add another pecan fries.Replace the grill and close it.Now is a good time to add some fresh coal balls to your fieldThe stock of the grill burning, they will come in handy later.Repeat if necessary.Every 30-About 50 minutes or so, check your grill, suck the salmon dry and add some pecans fries and coal blocks from time to time.When the thickest part of filet's steak is cut into slices with a fork, your salmon is ready (but it's too tender for you to eat with a spoon ).I like to smoke for 3 to 4 hours and I will stay on the longer side when the fish is particularly humid, but you can eat fish or lessEat in 2 hours.The weather is warm but colder.Transfer the finished fillet onto the tray, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.I can't say how long it will last because no matter how much money I make, I 've never eaten smoked salmon for more than a few days.
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