charcoal grill Turn Gas Grill Into Charcoal Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-20
charcoal grill Turn Gas Grill Into Charcoal Grill
This is my first note, so please be patient.Oh, please vote for me if you like!This instruction will explain how to turn a broken gas grill into a charcoal or wood sheet grill.You need: an old gas grill charcoalpliers pliers drill for making vents. At this step, you need to remove all the gas components from the old grill.You don't want anything that could cause an explosion.(This means removing propane cylinders!) You need to hit two vents on the lid.It's about the size of a quarter.We put one on each side of the lid.If you want to pump up the meat, you need to cover the hole.(Stick the aluminum foil and material in the hole, or find a bolt of the same size as the hole to block the hole.) Now that you have removed all the gas components, you can lift the grill and put it in charcoal or wood chips.Ignite charcoal and replace the grill.Add your meat and start cooking just like you usually use any charcoal grill.After the food was ready,eat and enjoy!
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