charcoal pit 9 unique restaurants in Dubai

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-16
charcoal pit 9 unique restaurants in Dubai
(CNN) —Dubai is famous for actingStop style--The scene of the restaurant is also very diverse.Dining out in the emirate, you will have almost all the food in the sun, not to mention some fancy surroundings.Each of the nine restaurants offers a unique dining location and cuisine: 1.At.mosphereAt.Mosphere: high standards...just high.courtesy at.What's the point of having the tallest building in the world?-Burj Khalifa--If you can't put the highest restaurant in the world?Welcome to At.mosphere.The period in the name seems to have something to do with "at", although the concept seems to have lost its meaning after that.Sitting on the 122 floor, this funky restaurant has a view of what you want to call a bird's eye view, except that not many birds seem to fly so high.To reach At.Mosphere, you fly up in an incredibly smooth "fast elevator" (ears pop up) and walk to a two-Atrium of horizontal glass.Does the food not match the altitude?Actually, yes --Modern European cuisine is exquisite. michelin-if your itinerary is arranged properly-Occasionally guest chefs appear in the kitchen.This seems to be counter-intuitive when the view is part of the package, but it is recommended that you access the.Mosphere at night-It looks best when Dubai flashes.At.Mosphere, 12 th Floor, Burj Khalifa, Dubai center;971 888 38282.Can you eat when their relatives swim?The seafood restaurant at OssianoThe Palm Island Hotel, in short, is dramatic.However, despite the golden color scheme and the huge aquarium, not the walls, Ossiano's cuisine goes beyond cheese.Lobster cold soup, premium Sturia caviar and crispy anaconfish are state-of-the-art seafood products.Passers-by with finsThere is no doubt that this is a spectacular-Finally quite calm-Once you have overcome the initial discomfort and are surrounded by their relative Atlanta on the Palm Jumeirah palms, you can enjoy the food;971 426 26263.Dubai tribe is not the first place you want to see African tribal dancers when you eat, but Dubai is not the majority.At African-The meat in the theme steak house, tribe, open kitchen hissed, while the staff (mainly Kenyans) hurried past with bright tribal patterns.Men should make sure not to sit back at the gate ---In order to protect their date from the lion's invasion, the waiter will tell them to switch soon.Best Brunch in Dubai: good, very good and "drunk" in addition to the complete meat menu"-the multi-Tribal sausage platter may be more delicious than you think.-The meal included staff performing African songs and dances in the frenzy of drums.Yes, it's all a bit old-fashioned, and yes, it does distract people from the meal.Yes, it's interesting.When it comes to "African" meat, don't be disappointed to find that most of it is imported from Sharjah.In 2016, the tribe launched its second branch at the Dubai Mall, the tribal carnivore.Tribe of Sheikh Zayed road chiefs shopping center;971 04 395 06604.Looking out to the sea from the Alcazar Hotel or Jumeirah Beach, you will see the black warehouse of Pierce-The style facade hung on wooden stilts.It looks more like a mysterious Arab beach house.Fish restaurant.Take a stroll along the long private pier--sail-On one side of the luxury yacht hotel, the huge hotel of Atlantis is located.Or you can save your legs and jump on a golf cart.Yellow oystersThe tuna, sea shellfish and all kinds of fish-tailed fish are fresh and the service is elegant.Table on the oceanFacing the terrace is to fight.Madinat Hotel Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim 3;971 432 32325.Royal Express has waiters in Porter uniforms and fixed platform announcements using Hindi.The Royal Express was designed to evoke the glory of the colonial Indian railway trip, but it was permanently stationed in a hotel in Dubai.Porter's waiterLike uniforms, Hindi, tinny train track sound effects and regular platform announcements for plush scarlet red and gold furniture, the traditional rail theme is very convincing.The quality of the dishes is not very good--You spend more on the London Metro than you would expect to be fed to rajahs.Nevertheless, members of Dubai's train community must be here in paradise ---There is no real long-distance train in the UAE.Royal Express hotel, Admiral Plaza, Ben Waleed road, bur Khalid, Dubai;971 04 393 92476.Despite the variety of dining scenes in Al Hadheerah, one of the hardest to find in Dubai is Emirates cuisine.Like compensation, Al Hadheerah packed many clichés of the Arabian desert like vacationers.First of all, you are inside the wall of a traditional fortress.The main activities are entertainment: The Falcon roosts on the pistol, and the Arabian horses parade with their coats --The local singers let rip and Sophie dancers spin.It's all a bit like Disney, but the area is cooked through--The highlight is the whole lamb, put in the Charcoal Pit, slow speedCooked for six hours.Hadhella, Desert Spa Resort & Spa Dubai-babshams;971 04 809 61947.The revival of the traditional sailing boat is served with crabs and lobsters by Buket.Dubai used to make a living fishing and diving pearls long ago ---Today, you can relive that era by dining on dhow, aprons and hammers.Moored a stone from a foreigner.This revival of traditional sailing boat is a favorite in Barasti Beach bar with crab and lobsterload.Literally --There are shellfish in the small iron barrels.Once on board, there is nothing wrong with the theme ---The table covers the sun with nets of plastic crabs, starfish and lobster baskets.The simple fun adults get from Hammers, pliers and aprons should not be underestimated.Aprons and hammers at Dubai International Ocean Club, Mina Seyahi Beach resort;971 454 70978.BBQ outfits for six people can float down with a box of cool ready-made stuffto-Barbecue donuts.When you have nearly 365 sunny days a year, the barbecue on the balcony will lose its luster.However, you are not able to light the Barbie doll sitting on a boat in the Arabian sea every day.Donuts in Dubai are not accidental.waiting-to-They might sound like donuts.The shape of the boat is fixed with a central BBQ station and up to six of you can float down with a box of cool ready-made stuffto-grill meats.If you don't want to deal with (less demanding) navigation, you can pay for the captain for the day.Dubai river golf and yacht club, Deira, barbecue donuts, Boardwalk;971 295 60009.There is a pleasant irony in this portacabin on Jumeirah beach, eating plastic pews and more.Courtesy Bu Qtair "low profile" is not often heard praise in Dubai-That's why Bu Qtair stands out.There is a pleasant irony to eat in this porta-Cottage on Jumeirah Beach, plastic pews etc, luxury sailBurj Al Arab hotel within sight.Why is it that a humble fish shed attracts Dubai's high-row wheels, a simple desire for so many Dubai foreigners to look for this basic fish shed at least once.There is no menu (depending on the catch of the day) and you have to squeeze in and order food that may include shari (spotted emperor), pom fish, apper fish or shrimp.The latter is usually marinated with salt, ginger powder and added ingredients, and the owner Moosa will not give up if you fry him.4 D road Bu Qtair near Burj Al Arab;971 055 705 2130 Laura adhesive is a freelance writer.Editor's note: This article was published in 2013.It was reformatted, updated, and rereleased on 2017.
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