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Return to the Transcripts principal pageCNN newsroom to remember Bo Biden;Several boats trying to rescue Libyan migrants;Three people accused Harst of sexual assault.Third terrorist attack in BostonAired 1-Month p ETAired June 6, 2015-ETTHIS is a rush transcript at 13.This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.[13:00:03] Bo Biden's younger brother, Hunter Biden: He learned that public life is not for itself, but for the privilege of serving those who cannot always serve themselves.Someone once said, don't wait to make your son a great man.Make him a great boy.Since we left the hospital 42 years ago, my dad spent every moment with us that he might have spent.None of the activities are too small.No activity is great.We traveled with him all over the state and around the world.We attended thousands of speeches, chicken dinners, debates.We took the train thousands of miles with him.We went everywhere with him.We just think it's more normal to be with your dad than anyone else in the world.We have learned from his example that even the smallest gestures have the greatest significance.We're going to go to the Senate with him, and I think that's more than any senator's child.We will take the subway. the conductor will say, you know, your father is our favorite.There will be other senators on the train, so he will whisper.We will enter the elevator and the elevator operator will say, we love your dad.This is the place we are most proud.We think he's a senator and he knows some very important people, which is neat and tidy, but we think it's cleaner for him and the mouse to be friends.We think it's cooler for him to know every employee of the charcoal pit.So the North of Bozhen, his integrity, his character, his honor, all come from the love of our father.But I believe that love has weight and is a balance that determines how much a person can pay and how much he can get.But there seems to be no such limit for Bo.The beauty of Bo is not how much he is loved, but how much love he can give.He gave that love so freely, he gave that love in laughter, touch, words, but most importantly, he gave that love in the middle of the line.This is why his love is so special.It was never a burden to him.It is always a pleasure.We all have this love.Sometimes it is a love, and its light illuminates our darkest moments, but for many it is a quiet and subtle love.A pure love.This is only expressed in the way he feels when he is around us.All he has to do is hold your hand.He shook many hands.The abused survivor, the parents of his uniformed Fallon brothers and sisters, the victims of his beloved violent crime in Wilmington city.This is my brother's story.Thousands of people are telling these stories now.Tell the same storyBo Biden held their hands.My only requirement for my brother is that he hold my hand first.Forty-I believe God gave us a gift two years ago.The gift he gave us was to spare my brother, to spare him long enough, to give us love for thousands of lives.[13:05:06] God gave us a boy.-There is no limit to the weight of the love he can bear.When it started, it ended.His family is surrounded by him, and everyone is holding him tight, and each of us is holding him in despair and despair.Each of us is whispering, I love you.I held his hand and he took his last breath and I knew I was loved and I knew his hand would never leave my hand.(Chris Martin's music) [13:13:01] Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, honorary archbishop of Washington: Dear brothers and sisters, let us leave our brother, Bo, before we go all the way.May our farewell express our love for him.May it ease our grief and strengthen our hope.One day, when the love of Christ conquers everything, and even destroys the death itself, we will greet him happily again.(Music) McCarrick: in your hands, the Merciful Father, we commend our brother Bo, and the firm and affirmative hope with all those who have died in Christ, he will stand up with him again on the third day.We thank you for your blessing in this life.For us, it is your kindness and the sign of our fellowship with the Saints in Christ.[13:15:12] The Lord of mercy, turn to us, listen to our prayers, open the door to heaven to your servant, Bo, and help us continue to comfort each other with the assurance of faith, until we all meet in Christ, always with you and our brothers.We ask this question through our Lord Christ.Man: guys.All of Bo Biden's friends were invited to a party at Archmere College at the end of today's mass.It will be an opportunity to celebrate Bo's life and the inspiration he has left us, which will always live in our hearts.Let's take our brother to the place where he is resting.CNN anchor Martin Savage: you're watching the funeral of Vice President Joe Biden's son, Bo Biden.As we watched and waited for the March to begin, it was both profound and profound in the eulogy of the president of the United States and Bo's younger brother one day a year.It should be noted that this is the first time-Well, since John F.The vice president or president buried a child during his tenure.Bo Biden, 46He passed away on May 30.Serving in the United States.S.An army serving as attorney general in Delaware.(The bell rang) Savage: You watched the vice president stand in St. with his wife.Anthony of the Roman Catholic Church in Padua, where the funeral was held.The capacity of that church is said to be 1,000.They reached this capacity two hours before the service actually started and started to guide those who still want to get into the overflow area.You heard the eulogy delivered by General Odierno as a member of the Delaware National Guard while serving in Iraq.It was in 2008.You hear the president of the United States, and then you hear Bo's sister and his brother both deliver their own personal eulogy.CNN national correspondent Sunlen Serfaty is on the scene and she is now live with us.Of course, we 've been watching all this, Sunlen.It's very touching, but I think it's even more profound from your point of view.What did you see, what did you hear?CNN national correspondent sunlen serfaty: That's right, Martin.I was right outside the church, where we are now seeing photos of the coffin slowly moving out into the hearse.All you can't see right now is the queues and queues outside the barricades who have been standing here for the last three hours waiting for this funeral to end.There are 1,000 people in the church, but on the streets of Wilmington, there are many others who wish to see the vice president and his family while they mourn.Many of the supporters here couldn't hear their comments during the funeral, but I noticed a woman was just crying and tears flowed down her eyes, know what the vice president and his family have been through in this church.As you said, the eulogy is very personal in nature.Hunter Biden describes the last moments they spent with Bo Biden in the hospital room, whispering to each other, hugging each other, whispering, I love you, I love you, then describe Bo Biden's last breath.This is one of the most exciting moments of the ceremony.[13:25:10] in addition to hearing from Ashley Biden in the eulogy, she also called it a tragic privilege to go to chemotherapy with him.Ashley Biden says she talks about how he will play his favorite music and his favorite songs over and over again during chemo, and now she believes, in some way she thinks this is the message her brother is trying to pass on to her family now because she knows that he may pass on and stay strong at this difficult timeWe looked at the pictures outside the church.On the streets of Wilmington, this is a very solemn moment.You can hear a pin drop.You hear the bells of the church ringing, nothing else, because the people here are lined up in the street to watch ---Martin.Thank you very much, Sunlen.I also have presidential historians and distinguished professor Alan lichteman at the University of America and Larry Sabato, director of the political center at the University of Virginia.I want two pictures of you.Larry, let me start with you.In the aisle of the party, the Biden family is very popular, I want to know, what is this, what is that ---What is the magic?What is their ability to give them the ability to engage in political contact between the two sides?Larry Sabato, director of the political center at the University of Virginia: Well, politics is personal first.It's not just a party fight.This is very private.I think it's like you heard Hunter Biden explain that people who occupy various positions in the Senate staff position like Joe Biden's time in the Senate.He joined the Senate at the age of 30 and was there until he was elected vice president.So it's very personal.I think that's why.-All the funerals are painful.This time it's very painful because I think it's hard for everyone to stay neutral regardless of their party or ideology.Look at President Obama, who is called Obama without drama.He rarely shows public emotions and it is difficult for him to keep calm.Savage: It has been pointed out that yes, you can tell us that the president apparently himself seems to have been suffocated when he delivered the eulogy he was delivering.Talk to his friend, vice president, and not just walk there.Larry, I 've been there a minute ago, but it's important to note that, as Joe Biden did, a child was buried in political office, it suddenly gave us a window of commonality.I mean, there can be a lot of things in politics that divide us, but the tragedy of a family is known to almost every family member, so we have a lot of feelings about it.Sabato: of course.I think most people remember that when they looked at this, they got their loved ones so badly.Although all funerals do not have such pomp and circumstances, they have pain, lasting pain, and all of us feel that we really agree with the political figures here, and they become human beings again.One of the biggest problems we face is-We dehumanize our highest elected officials, and we treat them as if they were not human beings.So at such a time, if we choose to do so, I think we have the opportunity to change.Savage: Alan, what do you think the history book will say about Bo Biden and the Vice President Biden family?This is an extraordinary family.President historian Alan lichmann: Yes, I think the Biden family will go down in history as one of the most important, influential and inspiring families.I think there's something special about this funeral.Think about it.You know, Bo Biden is not John F.Kennedy.He is not a great leader in change.He was never taller than the attorney general of Delaware.However, there is some transcendence at this moment.Bo Biden is everyone. he is every father. he is every husband. he is every brother. he is the one we can recognize, A man who can dance in shorts and wide hats to entertain his family, but he is more than that.In the real sense, he is a civil servant.You know, Bo Biden is not seeking office for personal development.He really understands the meaning of serving the public.[13:30:00] Savage: this is, I think, what you have learned about a person who serves the public wholeheartedly, as you have just pointed out, the surviving brothers and daughters who also serve his family have learned the lesson from Vice President Joe Biden himself.In many ways, this is a tribute to Bo and his father.We now watched the team and the hearse team leave the church and really ended the funeral.Sunlen, I want to bring you back again because you are there and you can really tell us how it feels outside of this extraordinary service.SERFATY: Well, this is definitely an unusual scene outside the church, and people's lines and lines have been lined up all day.Many people take pains to tell us about their personal relationship with the Biden family.It seems that everyone in this community has been touched in some way by themselves.People stood here in the hot sun for three hours, just to catch a glimpse of them while they were out of the church.But there are really a lot of people who tell us that they just feel the need to be here and don't know if they can get into the church, which is only 1,000 people and is filling up very quickly.This follows the pattern we have seen in the ceremonies of the last three days.Yesterday was the spiritual ceremony of the church, which was also open to the public.They had two waves and the line walked a few blocks along the street.We know that the vice president stood in front of the church yesterday, and when everyone walked into the church, he greeted them one by one.Thank you for coming.He even apologized for how long people had to wait.But it's obviously emotional praise.What did President Biden really impress me?-Sorry, President Obama's eulogy is a message directly to the vice president, who he calls his brother.It seems to me that the message is that the job is doing well and you have a good child.In President Obama's eulogy, he has repeatedly referred directly to Joe Biden, saying that the world has noticed, which means that the world has noticed what kind of person you have cultivated, calling him Joe 2.0.It's a bit understatement to say he's a better version, someone who doesn't rely on privileges, refuses privileges, does anything ---He did it himself and earned it himself.President Obama says this is the legacy of Bo Biden.Savage: Yes, the president told Bo that he didn't leave anything in the tank.In other words, he gave all he had.The eulogy is very notable in many ways, but you can see that it is also the president's personal reverence for the Biden family.Alan, I 've heard the eulogy before. some of them were delivered as speeches, some from the heart.This is certainly from the heart of the president.This is from the heart.This is the best form of Barack Obama.You know, I think during his presidency, he often loses the magic of the 2008 campaign.I think he's surrounded too much by consultants, advertisers and vendors he's not his own.This is Obama himself.-Eloquent, compassionate, speaking directly to the Biden family, but to the people of the country.You know, it's the Dalai Lama who said, you know, we may get frustrated after the tragedy, or we can find the power within us.I think President Obama is telling the Biden family and all of us that we can find our inner strength through this.This is personal.But it is also extraordinary.Savage: Larry, of course, we're going to be moving into another presidential cycle soon now, and that's going to be accompanied by all the good and the bad things that happen in the political tradition.Is Monday morning as political as usual?Sabato: Martin, I want to be a little more optimistic, but I can't, because the world, especially the political world, runs at a very fast speed.Unfortunately, this will soon be forgotten.This should not be, we should apply to the living candidate for the course here.The president and the vice president and the rest of the people alive.But unfortunately, we won't.But some people may remember.SAVIDGE:Let's --excuse me.Let's hope so.Larry Sabato, Allan Lichtman and Sunlen Serfaty, thank you for joining me.We'll be back soon after that.13:30:00 (AD) ANNOUNCER: CNN broadcast the news for you.We are concerned about breaking news.British, German, Irish and Italian ships are currently working on rescue operations near the Libyan coast.A spokesman said seven ships carrying more than 2,000 migrants were being rescued.More ships join the rescue operation.Now Lauren Jors has joined me by phone, who is a member of UNHCR.Lauren, do we know where these immigrants might have gone at the time?I'm sorry, but I can't quite hear what you said.Savage: do we know where these immigrants went when this happened?Yes, they are going to Italy. it is very clear.Most people who come through Libya, most refugees who come through Libya, travel to Italy to try to reach the coast of Sicily.Now, in this particular case, a distress signal has been heard this morning and we think there are 10 to 14 ships.We will hear more once they arrive.You said 2,000. I heard there were 3,000 people on board.Many of them are already on board.-Rescue ships in the vicinity, these are German ships, Irish ships, Italian ships.There's a --There is also a British ship on the way, and it may have arrived at them now.They will disembark in Sicily and Sardinia and elsewhere in southern Italy.Since then, you know, they either go into the asylum process, or, you know, try to find their way somewhere else.But this is a very painful situation.3,000 is a huge number.[13:40:04] The sea is very calm at the moment.This may be one of the reasons why the numbers are so high.But on the weekend we had about 5,000 people arriving.The same is true of our statement in Greece.Lauren,--(CROSSTALK) SAVIDGE: If I can step in and ask you quickly.A large number of refugees are coming.Savage: Lauren, if you can, the response of the National ships we just described this time seems to be much faster than the previous tragedy, what's going on?What's changed?JOLLES: Well, let's say that at some point, it's very effective that there is no pure Italian surgery (not heard.This stopped at some point, a time when the rescue operation was indeed rather ineffective.A few months ago, about 850 people died in the Sicilian Strait, and I think it is impossible for the world or Europe to wake up at least and say.In the same way, we experienced the tragedy 1/2 years ago.They did manage to strengthen the rescue operations there, and many other countries, you know, provided naval resources.It's a good thing, it really gets much better.SAVIDGE:It is.JOLLES: that doesn't mean tragedy won't happen because it takes a few minutes for a rickety ship sometimes-You know, to capsize, there are a lot of people on board who can't swim a lot or get stuck in the cabin.But it becomes more effective.Of course, the weather is fine now, which makes things a little easier.SAVIDGE: it is.(CROSSTALK) bumps:--Savage: Okay.Lauren --JOLLES: 3,000 will bring.Of course, crossing the Mediterranean Sea is still very dangerous and very dangerous.SAVIDGE:It is.We 've seen a lot of people die before, and we 've seen a lot of tragedies, but this is--People have to hold their lives in their own hands and make this very dangerous intersection very frustrating just because there doesn't seem to be any other legal option at the moment, any other legal option can come to Europe from the area you know, and for many people in Africa, these people come from places where there is war, where there is a huge--It is a great insecurity or a real persecution.Savage: Okay.Lauren, thank you.Thank you very much.We're following this.We will continue to do so.Thousands of people are currently being rescued in the Mediterranean, which is clearly part of the migration problem from Africa to Europe.Next, the sexual misconduct scandal surrounding former House speaker Dennis hast continues to grow.CNN now understands that three people are now accusing hasst of sexual assault.Hastert will be charged with bank fraud in federal court next week and lie to the FBI about the cover fees he paid to one of the alleged victims.CNN correspondent Polo Sandoval reports in our New York branch.Polo, how much do we know about these latest allegations?What about the person who filed the claim?CNN correspondent polo sandoval: Well, you know, Martin, the story has gone through twists and turns over a week ago.So, let's try to put all the pieces together.At this point, we know that there are at least three victims in Dennis Hast.We know that the first one is A person, and we all read about this issue last weekend when the federal court document was released.There is another person, the second person, who is not yet known to the public.But CNN sources told us that the man had spoken to the FBI and did not accept anything like this.Hey, money.And Steven Reina.Interestingly, he actually died in his 90 s, so his sister had to stand up for him and just made some very serious accusations, accusing someone of ranking second in the United States.S.presidency.SANDOVAL (sound-start video)End): Jolene Burdge told ABC News that her brother Stephen rein shared a dark secret with her 20 years ago before he died.Stephen Reina's sister, Jolin Birch: I asked him, Steve, when was the first time you met?sex experience?I mean, he just looked at me and said, this is Dennis HAST's.SANDOVAL: Burdge said that her brother told her that he endured Dennis Haster's years of sexual abuse in his late 60 s and early 70 s.At that time, the speaker of the house was a teacher and high school wrestling coach in Yorkville, Illinois.Reinboldt is a team of students and equipment management.Burdge said that as early as 1979, when her brother revealed to her that he was gay, he told her about alleged abuse.I said, why don't you tell someone, Stevie?He is your teacher.Why don't you tell people?He just looked at me and said, who will believe me?SANDOVAL: Federal prosecutors say Hastert lied to the FBI about trying to pay $3.5 million in so-The person identified as a person only in court documents is referred to as Hish money[13:45:10] Burdge told ABC News that she was not that kind of person.She said she had clashed with Haster on the day of her brother's funeral.Birch: I want you to know that your secret has not died there with my brother.SANDOVAL: maybe there's a lingering issue, what happened to the allegations in 2005 when she turned to some authorities and media members for help.Well, one of the media, ABC News reports, said they couldn't confirm the allegations of Jolene at the time, and Hastert also continued to deny the allegations, Martin.As for Hastert, we have not heard from him since this new batch of allegations surfaced.However, as he prepares for the first federal court appearance, this could change on Tuesday ---Martin.Yes,--In fact, many people will watch the trial.Polo Sandoval, thank you very much.Still, police are investigating the third person in a terrorist plot in Boston.Let's hear why he caught the police's attention.(Business disruption) SAVIDGE: New details about the terrorist plot in Boston are about to be announced, and the third person who meets a knife --This is Usaamah Rahim.Two days before Rahim was shot dead by police.This third person is called the person who is interested and he is taken to the question-I should say that investigators have searched his home.Pamela Brown studied these latest developments.[13:50:04] CNN Justice reporter Pamela Brown (voice-End): There are indications that Usaamah Rahim has become suspicious, and the FBI found him in 2012 and bugged his phone.On Facebook, alias Abdur-Rahim Al-He wrote: "I heard a few light bombs on my phone.He said a FBI agent called him and told him: "Sir, we have some charges against you.I have been to your house several times but have been thinking of you all the time."Law enforcement officials confirmed that Rahim, who was shot and killed by police in Boston on Tuesday, has been on FBI radar for the past few years.They said he met his nephew David Wright and a 24-year-old unnamed man on Rhode Island beach Sunday.year-old man.The man lives in Rhode Island with his parents.Police searched his home on Wednesday, and a law enforcement official told CNN's agent that he had spoken to him but that he had not been arrested.According to the FBI, the three allegedly planned to behead the activist Pamela Geller in New York before Rahim changed his plan and decided to attack the Massachusetts police on Tuesday.Unidentified men: Frankly, the trick to do this is to get the person close enough so that they take a substantial step forward, their efforts, their actions allBrown: CNN communicated with a third person on Twitter in the third month as part of a report on Americans following the jihadist.He said he was in contact with terrorists, including ISIS, online.He claimed that the so-called ISIS fighters told him to come to Syria to fight terrorist groups.CNN learned that ISIS members from overseas are communicating through peers.to-Communicate with at least one of the three men to encourage terrorist attacks against the United StatesS.Court records show that Rahim bought three military knives on Amazon and delivered them to him last week.Boston police chief William Evans thinks he's going to behead the police.Boston police chief William Evans: what happened across the country and around the world when they were armed with knives, the army and the police were beheaded, and we can suggest, that's why they have knives, according to this comment, that's what we think they're doing.Brown (on camera): We learned that Rahim's family watched the surveillance video showing the shot after approaching him in the parking lot.Through their lawyers, the family is in dispute about any relationship he has with ISIS.Pamela Brown, Boston, CNNSAVIDGE: it's time to bring in CNN legal and law enforcement analysts and former assistant director of the FBI, Tom Fuentes, from New York.And Tom, hello.I think they have been watching Usaamah Rahim for a while.We already know.What about other suspects?Do we think they are also being watched?Tom fuentes, CNN law enforcement analyst: Yes, Martin.They came back for a while.In fact, they visit each other on the beach, probably making their final plan for the attack that Rahim will carry out.So --But the FBI,The court's 24/7 surveillance of Rahim was only in the past week or so.And, you know, but they're usually monitoring his activities, his communications.The actual hacking time on him will be much shorter.It's based on the bugging phone he called David Wright on the day he was killed, telling Wright that yes, we have plans to get out of shape and beheaded someone, but the boys in blue are here now.I can't wait.I have to go out and do it now.Based on that, that's why two hours later, before he gets on the bus and does something terrible, agents and police are confronting him.That's when he pulled out the knife.When he was shot, they had a contradiction.SAVIDGE: The suspect apparently thinks the FBI contacted him on 2012, and I was wondering if this is in line with the type of investigation they 've been conducting?FUENTES: some surveys may contact someone, but not a lot.He claims he heard a click, and I can assure you that after a long hacking career, you won't hear a click if your phone is bugged by the FBI.I won't tell you what to do, but I can tell you that you won't hear a click.But, you know, a few days before his death, they were on his phone and they did intercept the morning phone call where David Wright was shot.In addition, in the charge document, they indicated this in Wright's charge document with him at the time of his arrest.They said according to a conversation recorded by the FBI.They also said that David Wright worked together after gaining Miranda rights and provided a lot of information.So I think that's where they're telling most of the stories about what's going to happen, the things they 've decided to do, and the work they're doing.Savage: one of the other things that the authorities apparently heard or moved in was that he called his dad and said he was good --byes.I wonder what do you think they're waiting for if it's not a red flag and he's about to commit some sort of violence?[13:55:06] Fuentes: Well, I think they're waiting to see if and when he's going to do it.They knew he had ordered it and it also showed me that they installed the bugging device on his phone and his emailBecause when he orders the cutter from Amazon, they get the mail.Com, when they deliver, they x-Ray box, prove that the knife is inside.Now all they are waiting for is an indication of when he will actually do it.Even with all these signs and evidence, you still have brothers out there and say, oh, you know, he's a good man and he's not going to do any harm to anyone, he was shot in the back and he and his dad said on the phone that I couldn't breathe.But you know, a lot of people claim that later he had to take back a few of them, even though, you know, he was still, saying that the FBI and the police were dishonest.By the way, this is an ongoing investigation, and the reason why the Boston Police Department and the FBI want to show the video to the clergy is to avoid community opposition to the police.They need cooperation.Savage: Okay.Got to go.Tom forentes, thank you very much, as always.Thank you for your insights.Several Republican presidential candidates gathered in Iowa.We will tell you how motorcycles and food work in today's event.Today, we also pay tribute to the men who landed in France and the women who supported them.Today is the D-71 anniversary.On the same day, 160,000 soldiers landed in Normandy.More than 9,000 people died.The invasion changed the course of World War II.
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