charcoal pit Is Hamas winning propaganda war vs. Israel?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-29
charcoal pit Is Hamas winning propaganda war vs. Israel?
This is a hasty record of the "hot media" in July 27, 2014.This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.Host Howard Kurtz: the media became a major battleground this Sunday as the number of casualties in the Middle East increased.Are they accusing Israel of killing civilians, or are they leaning too far towards Israel to fall into the hands of Hamas?Woman: The Palestinians are experts in the public relations struggle.They put children in front of weapons.So when Israel strikes back, they can put these pictures on the cover of the newspaper and say see how bad Israel is.Moderator Chris Hayes: I think the savvy image that most Americans see from this conflict, in general, is the image of the destruction of Gaza.All these people are talking about how the Israelis lost the media war for the first time.Kurtz: Does social media change the situation by spreading images of terrible wars that news organizations won't run?President Obama skipped Jimmy Kimmel while dealing with the Russian crisis and the Malaysian plane crash, but is still accused of funding --Eat out and play golf.Are the experts fair?The Liberal Democrat has been getting better media than Hillary Clinton.What is the media's fascination with Elizabeth Warren?Also, Jon Stewart gave up the challenge when I was interviewed by Jon McCain.(Start video clip) Jon Stewart, The Daily Show Host: my 16 years on this show are compared to the 132 when you worked in the Senate.Stewart: What is that?Oh, really?I'm wrong?OK.Point McCain.What do you say, Senator?Be careful to put your money on your--Strong smile clenched anger through the chin, right?Kurtz: But why did the late night comics evade my question about whether he was fair to the Republicans?What do you say, Jon?This is Howard Kurtz. this is "MediaBuzz "."There is no doubt that Hamas has started the latest round of midterm elections.Violence in the East began with the killing of three Israeli teenagers and then firing rockets at the Jewish state.There is no doubt that Israel's military advantage has caused more deaths in Gaza, with at least 1,000 deaths and 43 deaths in Israel.Despite Israel's efforts to avoid killing civilians.This makes the media's description of the story even more important, as we have seen in the description of the Israeli air strikes.Richard Engel, chief foreign correspondent for NBC News: From where I am in Gaza right now, it doesn't seem to be accurate.Not long ago, for example, a building in Gaza, an apartment building and a large building were attacked by Israel.Several people, including children throwing bodies from windows, were killed.I saw this video.We caught it ourselves.Kurtz: Even Jon Stewart has had to defend himself after expressing concerns about the rising death toll in Gaza.(Start video clip) STEWART: just mentioning Israel or in any way questioning the validity or humanity of the Israeli policy is different from the one that supports IsraelHamas.So you're against the murdered child?Unidentified person: Free Gaza!Free Gaza!(CROSSTALK) STEWART: Bibi Netanyahu, who appeared on four Sunday shows this morning, said Hamas was manipulating the media to hurt civilians, while a Hamas spokesman accused Israelis of genocide.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanya: all civilian casualties are unexpected to us, but Hamas is actually arguing.They want as many civilians as possible to die because some say they use-The terrible thing is that they used long-distance dead Palestinians for their cause.The more they want to die, the better.Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan: they took the same action, killing Palestinians just because of Palestinians, as Hitler did in the last century.(End video footage) Kurtz: Join us now, double-check the story of the war, Lauren Ashburn, a Fox News writer who hosted "social buzz" at Fox website K.T.Fox's national security analyst, Mike Farlane, a former defense official at the Reagan administration, and Fred Francis, a former Pentagon correspondent at NBC, are now working at the company for 15-seconds.com.How much impact does social media have when news agencies are busy reporting this bloody conflict?Lauren Ashburn, a Fox News writer: Social media is a new battleground for the conflict.Unlike in 2008 or 2012, it is now carrying out propaganda for the Palestinians as they display these disturbing and terrible images without filters.The reporter is doing the same, no editor said, that's too much.KURTZ: K.T.In the last 48 hours I have noticed a turning point, in particular, many commentators are now saying that it is easy for Israel to win the conflict on the battlefield but lose the media war.True?K.T.Mike Farlane, national security analyst at Fox News: of course.Hamas understands that it will never defeat Israel militarily.So the only place it can fight and win is in the field of public relations.What are they doing?Look at the split screen you see.You see an Israeli official having to defend the death of a Palestinian child and then you see a Palestinian child.What you can't see is the media saying to a Hamas spokesperson, why are you putting children and women where you know they will be killed?No one will ask this question.Kurtz: Several journalists have asked this question, but there are not many Hamas spokesmen in the air.That's why.They did not give a speech to a Hamas spokesman.They put pictures of children and Israelis who died tragically, sadly and tragically in the air, and they did not put pictures of Israeli casualties in the air.Kurtz: Fred Francis, you have reported from Gaza during your long television career.Do you think it's a propaganda war or a military war?Fred Francis, 15SECONDS.Well, this has always been a propaganda war.When I was thereThe last time in 2006, today is a propaganda war.In fact, this is an asymmetric war.Israelis, Palestinians, urban guerrillas with cutting-edge heavy weapons and asymmetric news reports.I mean, as we said just now, you know, the Palestinians are showing theseThe media showed pictures of the death of Palestinian children, but they could not show pictures of Israel's fear of being hit by 2,000 rockets in the past 20 or 22 days.Kurtz: So is that--Are you accusing the media of asymmetric reporting, or are you saying that the reporter is a bit-There is no choice in the box here?No, they have a choice.I mean, first of all, they need to stop tweeting on the battlefield.OK?I mean, we're talking.Lauren talked about social media.You need to stop this.It is difficult enough to report a war.The fear of fighting is strong enough.But you make mistakes when you are reporting.Sending such live pictures without any filtering is a kind of harm to the news industry and a kind of harm to the audience and the audience.Kurtz: even if the reporter did not make a mistake, this story, this conflict, the hostility between the two peoples, has been going on for thousands of years, no matter what they say or report, they both seem to have been attacked by both sides.Oh, of course.You can make a balanced review.I think this has happened to all of us here, and people have heard what they want to hear.Then they used your comments as a reporter to fight their own propaganda war and said the reporter said the Israelis were terrible.But on the other hand, they will say that it is terrible for Palestinians to participate in this battle.However, you hear what you want to hear.Kurtz: Let's go back to your point of view on Hamas and its strategy.You say it has to have a media strategy that Fred calls asymmetric war and asymmetric News.Do you think that, in addition to where the Hamas people are going in front of the cameras, when it comes to pointing out where the weapons are deployed from civilian areas, the journalists are all down at work, hospitals, schools, mosques?McFarlane: The last time you saw a reporter interviewing Hamas officials, you said why did you put the child in front of the bullet?Why do you want your child to protect your missile?They won't ask this question.As far as Hamas officials are concerned, they have not answered the question.This is an isolated strategy.But you can't show it to me.Frankly when you are in Gaza you drive around and you want to go to a mosque where you know there are weapons in the yard of the mosque and your driver won't take you thereIf you have a wayKurtz: So are you?Francis: It happened to me.I mean the Palestinian gunmen will come out and say, well, it's not safe for you to go there.They don't want you to see the rockets in the yard of the school, in-So it's not just asking questions.The Palestinians won't let you see.Hamas won't let you see.McFarlane: and very smart.Because they realize that if they can isolate Israel, either isolate Israel from the international community and build a ledge between Israel and the United States, because, for example, the Anglican Church of America, you know, consider whether it should spin off Israeli investment.It's all about isolating Israel, so Israel is alone.Kurtz: But you 've been looking at whether we have the ability --We have the capacity to ask questions to the Palestinian people who are suing this war.But there are a lot of countries that we can't-There is no opportunity to contact people who ask questions.In your opinion, in the report, in the newspaper report, in the TV report, is there enough balance, and these reports point out, for example, before Israel, you know, it is clear that Israel has made mistakes that some schools and other places have been attacked, and these children have died and are heartbreaking.However, they noted that in order to minimize civilian casualties, Israel distributed leaflets and called.MCFARLAND: OK.Let me just -I watched a video on YouTube about the destruction of an apartment building in Gaza.The comments show that it is not terrible that Israel has just destroyed an apartment building.The video shows, in-Two minutes before the explosion, there was a flash bomb.In other words, there is a warning to leave the building.What you don't see is Palestinian children running out of the building.But there is no media.Francis: I don't think Israel will lose the PR war.I mean, Benjamin Netanyahu is showing too much on TV and you would think he's an anchor or partnerSome of these show hosts, or of course contributors.But they don't actually choose to do what they're doing.I don't take sides either.When I reported in Israel, I was accused of being a person of Lebanese descent, and I supported the Palestinian side because I would not be on the Palestinian side, so I was accused of standing on the Palestinian side.So I'm not --I'm not saying Israel is right or wrong here.But they certainly won't lose PR.Ashburn: I have to disagree with you completely, Fred.Because I think the pictures you see on social media are the fathers with dead babies and people, just lying there, as you said-it is --They are losing this.They only have Benjamin netner's face.You can't compete with the body.Kurtz: with regard to Fred's view that nettannahu is flying all over the sky, there is a commentator on MSNBC named Rula Jebreal who made this point in one of the shows, then was invited back to talk to Chris Hayes, the MSNBC anchor.Let me play it for you.You're counting on the other side.Reporter ruila jebraer: we are ridiculous.We have a clear bias on this issue.See how much broadcast time Netanyahu and his family have every day.Andrea Mitchell and others, I have never met a Palestinian for an interview on these issues.Hayes: If you show up on the cable news network, you will discard the network and one of its hosts by name on any issue --Gaza, infrastructure spending, sports coverage, or interesting Internet Cat Video, people on the Web will not be friendly to it, nor will they be friendly to some major conspiracy work, which is a fairly predictable cause and effectAshburn: no one likes to be criticized, right?Especially media organizations that do all the criticism.I understand what he's talking about.I also understand what ruila is talking about.Not so much-Her right to criticize is good and there are not so many Palestinians in the air.But Chris knows better.There are a lot of organizations that do try to show and show the conflict to both sides.I think you're generous.I think his comments are outrageous.Chris Hayes is a smart man.But basically he said you want to go to MSNBC and you 'd better not poke us in the eye.You 'd better not challenge our coverage or you might not be invited back, by the way, the network suddenly said, well, you know, she was a contributor until last month.She did not update.But she also said she chose not to renew her contract.So, I mean there's a little bit of difference.You must-Howie, you must agree with me.he's right.People don't want to hear criticism on some networks.Kurtz: he's right, but that's not true.Ashburn: No, it's not right.Kurtz: It really pissed me off because the media like to point to other people.When their own coverage or their own premises are challenged, suddenly, what would you expect?We're not going to use this guy anymore.The rest means what we have, and the Rula's point is that the sound on the airwaves, perhaps with an overwhelming Israeli voice --So she thought it was a Palestinian-American and she thought it was (inaudible )?But what you're doing is comparing-Well, you have a talking leader and an Israeli politician, and an empty chair when he is a talking leader politician in Hamas.You don't see the empty chair.You can see images of civilian destruction and civilian casualties.So, when you see the body and the head of the talk, it's almost an unfair comparison.Francis: My point is that too much has been done by Hamas and the Palestinians, we understand.The American people understand.The people of Europe understand, and of course the people of Israel understand what Hamas is doing, and they are no longer troubled by this situation.You said they were losing the PR war.Let me tell you one thing.The 80% approval rating is the best figure he has ever had.Kurtz: Well, there's some Palestinian voices, people like Hanan ashravi, you know, they're not Hamas from the party, but at least they're fighting this morning.At Howard Kurtz, send me a tweet about our show this hour.We will read some of your information at the end of the show.When we came back, tensions over the shooting down of the plane in Ukraine allowed more experts to target President Obama.Later, how do I provoke a quarrel between Jon Stewart and John McCain.(Business disruption) Kurtz: With the fierce war in the Middle East, the confrontation with Russia intensified in shooting --On a plane over Ukraine, some of President Obama's critics, journalists and experts are watching his fund --Leisure activities, whether to send the wrong message.The unidentified woman: he's here again.This time, President Obama will travel to the West Coast for three games.day fund-Travel is full of raisins.So what about the three major crises of Ukraine and Israel?Andrea Mitchell, host of the Andrea Mitchell report: because of politics, this is the optics of leadership.The golf course is not the best place.Bill O'Reilly, host of The O'Reilly Factor: Look, if an airline is hit by a missile in the sky.Woman: Yes.I think I will cancel my burger trip.Jonathan Carr, chief White House correspondent for ABC News: It's wrong to have the president continue his schedule, even before making his first statement on this, he's going to go in, you know, go to Delaware charcoal pit cheese burger and continue the campaign schedule?Campaign schedule including fundsWedding in New York?Is this a mistake in hindsight?Josh Earnest, White House press secretary: No.(End video clip) Kurtz: K.T.McFarlane, a constant criticism of President Obama, a lot of criticism about cheese burgers and fundsRaising and playing golf is not a metaphor for him not to be involved in the problem.Is that fair?McFarlane: Yes, you know, look, you're almost cursed if you do, and if you do, you're cursedEvery president does, if there is a crisis, do I cancel my activities and do I cancel my holiday?Am I going to cancel my fund?raising?But in this case, it reinforces the concept of a departure from the president of the United States.There was a crisis after the crisis.He made no statement to them.He is leading from behind, but he is not really leading.So, I think it just strengthens the feeling that he's not responsible.Francis: Look, I'm not an advocate for the Obama administration.-Oh, of course.Francis: anyway.But it's not fair.I mean, if you could get the president to respond to every crisis that happens every three or four days later, he would keep in the bunker in the Situation Room, keep on TV.He cannot -He can't be there.Listen, his .Kurtz: Fred, is there any assumption that if the president is going to fund --Or on a golf course where he's not working?FRANCIS: How --Kurtz: just with George W.Bush spent too much time on his company farm.But the president is not O.?Francis: in fact, he doesn't do the job anyway.He called a few times.There are staff to do the work.If you don't think there is no need for him to get an intelligence briefing every morning and during the day, he will get it.I'm not apologizing for him.I'm just saying, hey, look, his foreign policy is fragile and stuck at the best of times, but it's not fair to say he should stop what he's doing.Kurtz: Is this the victory of optics? The media think it's more important for the president to look engaged than anything else.Actually, because it's true.People want to see their president as president, right?They want to see him outside and give people information.And, you know, yesterday he went to the Congressional Country Club in Washington to play golf with ESPN, Tony Cohen Heather, and the interrupted host of Michael Wilburn.So, you hear enough, where do you say this person is, even though his staff is doing the job?He knows that optics is important.Kurtz: I think the president is almost fighting.He is covering his nose.Kurtz: The shaking class here.I think he should go to the border.I think this is an important photo.op.But at the same time, if he takes all these pictures, let's be frank --Ops, this does not mean that the problem of the border, Ukraine or the middle is resolved.Ashburn: No, but the media often do that.Francis: You know, we have little interest in Ukraine after this plane crash.We couldn't prove it came from the Russian side and we couldn't prove anything so he had to step back.He was not supported.What is his support for European economic sanctions?So he sort of --He's been squeezed here.You know?So what should he do, stand in front of the camera.Kurtz: but this is about it.McFarlane: No, no.You know, every admin I attend, there's only so much oxygen in the Oval Office.If you play golf outside, you won't drink.the -You're not engaged inside.He should have been on the phone when the situation in Ukraine happened.He should be on the phone.He did it.KURTZ: Hold on.Hold on.Hold on.So now you say, you know, he's not doing what he can or should?MCFARLAND: Yes.Kurtz: as president.That's fine.This is a fair criticism.Is this a fair criticism, it's hardly the first person to jump golf every time he plays golf?You know what I mean.I'm asking K.T.McFarlane: I think it's fair for you to accept criticism?Kurtz: You think-As someone who has worked in several governments, do you think we have done too much collectively?McFarlane: not at least.Not -We have never seen a crisis like this, one by one, one by one, a president who is out of touch.Not only because he is not there, but his government is not there at all.Ashburn: But politics is part of it.I think the fundIt raised the audience, right?You asked the Democrats to say, okay, fine, because we're going to make some progress in the mid-term elections, and then you asked the Republicans to say, hey, wait a minute, you put politics and raising money before our world crisis?What are you doing?Kurtz: Yes, of course, every president, including this president, will use the photo operating system when talking about work, you will go to the factory, I mean, this is a modern presidential term.K.T.Fred Francis McFarlane is very grateful to join us on Sunday.Before we rest, this postscript: one of the most disgusting moments of the Malaysian plane tragedy happened when Rupert in razier reported for Sky News, which was when Rupert Murdoch's empire appeared at the scene of the accident.Colin Blazel, Sky journalist: we shouldn't really do that.Kurtz: we should keep these pictures a little longer.He is turning over the things of the passengers who were shot from the sky.Can you imagine anything more degrading than flipping through their personal belongings, a person who died in a plane crash?The plane was shot down.Fraser later apologized in the Guardian article, which of course was a serious misjudgment.I admit it.And so did Sky.It was too late and I realized I was crossing the line.I was thinking out loud that we shouldn't have done that, and it was a mistake.Those who are determined to see what I have done as powerful examples of news bias have only selectively quoted instant apologies."Here, you know, it's a perfect phrase, news freak.At least he has the common sense of stopping himself and completely apologizing.Why is the media suddenly raving about Elizabeth Warren?But first of all, Fox's Lilan Witte reports on the challenges he faces in the Middle East.Kurtz: Now, in order for journalists to learn about the war between Israel and the Palestinians, Leland Witte of Fox joined me.He has been a journalist for four years in the Middle East.Welcome.When you report from Israel or Gaza, do you often receive complaints from both sides?Fox newscast leland vittert: I think you might do a good job if you keep getting complaints from both sides.I remember the old professor in my university once said to me that as long as the statistics of the complaint are similar, what you may do is right.Kurtz: Yes, but in my opinion, in this particular conflict, complaining is not just a mistake in some detail, but very loud, right?Witte: of course.You know, one thing in the Middle East is --Is this the old saying?Anyone has the right to express their opinions, not their own facts.Every -There, everyone has their own version of the facts and their own narrative.Obviously, as we can see, this war is performing as much on the battlefield as in the media and around the world.It is so important to fight for public opinion.It really drives fuel and anger.Kurtz: So, while you were there, try to get to the facts, and the Israelis said at some point in the past --Hamas launches rockets from civilian areas, hides them in schools, etc. how do you determine if this is true in order to increase civilian casualties?VITTERT: Well, many times you can determine it on the ground.You know, you're in that scene, you're going there.It is clear that it is becoming more and more dangerous to be able to do such stories within Gaza now.But one thing you have to be very careful about is that there is a fog of war in any of these situations because you are alone and you are on the ground.One thing you see.But the bigger picture is something you have to be careful about, in other words, don't lose scope, and don't ignore the bigger picture of what's going on.Because if you're in Gaza, you can't see what's happening on the other side of the border.If you're on the Israeli side of the border, you can't see what people in Gaza are going through.This is a difficult road to go.Kurtz: are we hearing from the Israeli leaders and some of their supporters in the media that the Palestinians deliberately displayed their bodies to get publicity points, a fair charge?VITTERT: there is no doubt that the battle between the two sides on the media is like on the battlefield.The allegations that Palestinians have very easy access to the media are true.They want to tell their story in the media.One of the real challenges facing journalists is how to look at this sentiment.I don't care which side others are on.When a child dies and their mother holds them in her arms and cries, you can't get help but are overwhelmed by emotions.The question is how to make sure that emotions don't affect your coverage.Kurtz: that's what I want to ask you.I mean, how do you deal with this as a journalist, as a person?I mean, there's a lot of pain when these wars break out, it's not a distant war, you're very close, Israel is a small country and the Gaza Strip is very small.What should you personally do with this?Witte: I think you have to take some time and sometimes take a step back in the evening and really thank you for any Providence you believe in, and in a way you have a safe place to go home.I realize a lot of people don't do that.One thing I think you have to keep in mind is that in the TV news, in the 90-Two or two pieces.You are looking for something that is absolutely right and absolutely wrong.In the Middle East, in many cases, it was really 3,000 to Gray in the time of war.It's hard to finish in two minutes.Because you are looking for an answer at the end.In a conflict story that has been going on for more than 2,000 years, most of the time, you can't just bow on it, that's it.Kurtz: So, Is it frustrating what you can't get?There's no time, or it's harder to deal with some nuances, like, yes, Israel bombed the building and unfortunately the family was killed, but, the Israelis did distribute leaflets or make phone calls, or at least warning people to evacuate?VITTERT: Right.Then you go further.But there are so many civilians in the building, and the reason for the overcrowding is because of poverty there.Because the blockade exists in poverty.You think about most of the issues you are dealing with today, the immigration debate, which has been going on for ten years and decades.This is a problem that has been going on for thousands of years.It is impossible to put all the history together.Kurtz: Obviously, you talked about the Palestinians who tried to take their positions out with TV cameras to show the pain that this conflict has caused to humanity.Are Israelis also hyped in the media?Was that your experience while you were there?Witte: Both sides have made this a public relations war.I mean, Prime Minister Netanyahu is doing the show every Sunday now, and it's no longer a secret.When the peace process is going on and you want him to be interviewed, he doesn't quite want to talk to you.So it's -both sides .Kurtz: but he used his availability.He speaks English perfectly.He is a very good spokesman for his country.You are saying that when he wants to score points in war and when Israel is subjected to a lot of international criticism, he selectively makes use of his availability.There are any politicians.Look at President Obama.Sometimes, when he has the information he wants to post, he will be interviewed, and sometimes he will not be interviewed when he does not talk about things.The Israelis are the same, and the Palestinians are the same.This is public relations.I think the difference between the Israelis is the Palestinians.If you go and talk to almost any Palestinian on the street, they will tell a very simple story.It's a bit subtle for the Israelis.Kurtz: Leland Witte, thank you very much for giving us the expertise you have gained in those years in the Middle East.I appreciate it.Next, Elizabeth Warren said she did not run for president, but it did not weaken her growing media coverage.Later, Jon Stewart watched my interview with John McCain.Let's say he doesn't like the Republicans who are called unfair.Kurtz: all Elizabeth Warren has to do is give a speech or show up at the meeting, the media --About how she was loved by the people on the left, like a former first lady.Host "CNN Newsroom" Carol Costello: as Hillary continues to dance around the issue, there is a growing call for another Democrat, Senator Elizabeth Warren, to join the campaign.Steve kornacki presiding over steve kornacki: abandoning Warren as the presidential icon, Senior Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts yesterday drew a large group of people with her iconic populist message.But one Democrat, Hillary Clinton, was apparently absent.Should she be worried about Elizabeth Warren?Woman: Yes.Jedediah bila, UnitedHost, outnumbered: Elizabeth Warren also has the appeal of an ordinary person who can go out and talk to people.Oh, great.I always thought she didn't have that D.C.Create edges.(End video clip) Kurtz: Join us now from New York, Mediaiate and Washington columnist Joe Concha, Jackie Kucinich, political correspondent for The Washington Post.Jackie, the reports say the left has an affair with Elizabeth Warren, but the media seem to be boiling over here.Why?Jackie kucinich, Washington Post: Well, she's doing something that the candidate is doing.She is running for the Democratic Party.So, she spoke at the web company and what she was doing was so shiny that we had to cover it up as someone who might make progress for the presidential campaign.Still, I 've seen this in a lot of recent reports, and I think, not that she challenged Hillary, but that she made progress, so if Hillary didn't run, she will wait there.So, there is a shift at this point.Not Warren vs Hillary, but Warren vs question mark.Kurtz: I think you were beaten at this joke.(LAUGHTER) Kurtz: Warren said over and over again that she told Boston about it ---There is no room for maneuver, I am not running.Then segment said, well, she said she didn't run, but how would she object to Hillary Clinton?Joe Concha in the Middle AgesCom TV columnist: Well, she probably won't do a good job if we look at the polls.Mrs.Clinton leads, with Joe Biden scoring 50 points in Iowa and 54 points in New Hampshire becoming her closest competitor.But, let's see what we're really talking about here and what the media have done these days?It clearly reports the facts.But it's all about information.Entertainment, as well.Hillary has no problem with the nomination, giving you two themes that make you risk averse and repeat.As we can see on the book tour, the price is not very good.This will not generate a lot of page views and will not sell a lot of newspapers.Now, what would happen if we had a Hillary without a challenge?We will have seven or eight people on the Republican side, and even one woman will fight it there.What is the media coverage of the Republican Party?Rhetorical question, Howie.This will be an overwhelming negative impact.So if you want just one example.Kurtz: it must be a rhetorical question because you just answered your question.Jackie.CONCHA: it's me, isn't it?Kurtz: there is a title on the slate, "Run, Elizabeth, run "."John Dixon said she would inject vitality into the base and trigger a wave of waves.But I think the media want to debate.Kuccini: I mean, only one campaign on the Democratic side, Hillary's march into Washington, and yes, it's going to get boring.Will repeat.But I do think that would feel that way if Hillary didn't run?This book tour.Kurtz: so, but we can all go crazy next year if she doesn't run.However, it seems to me that this is not just-I mean, when she said she didn't do it herself, the media was almost promoting her as a challenger.But if the media don't report-Some of the things Warren and Biden are doing, and we will be accused of preparing for Hillary too early.Kurtz: Yes.But the tone has been very positive.Joe Concha, I want to know how big this is because at least some journalists like her attacks on Wall Street and the 1% elite.This has resonated with those who might be a little bit behind the news industry.Kang Cha: say the credit of Diane Sawyer.Because she-Hillary Clinton has revealed her identity as a prominent member of the richest 1%.She's not like Barack Obama was portrayed as a loser in 2008.Howie, you know, about a month ago, Gallup conducted a very interesting survey and they asked what was the most positive thing about Hillary Clinton as president.The first answer is because we will have a female president.The last place is only 5%, because she is the most important choice.So if you take Hillary out of that equation, she won't run, you want a plan B, female president, tick a box and Elizabeth Warren can fill that gap.You know, a good example I 've seen is ABC news David Moore, and as of September, the future ABC rolling news anchor described Elizabeth Warren in an interview.This is the introduction of "women on the front line fighting to save the middle class."Ask again.Will they get that distinction, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz?I don't think so.Kurtz: Well, I have a few seconds, and what I'm hearing here is that it's actually more about Hillary and the fact that the media want some sort of competition to be covered, at least debate on freedom.It was all about Hillary before she made up her mind.(LAUGHTER) Kurtz: OK, for a non-Rhetorical question.Jackie Kucinich Joe Concha thank you very much for joining us.Thank you, Howie.Kurtz: in front of media coverage, is this just a rumor that David Gregory might have appeared in meet with the media?"But first, Jon Stewart called on McCain for what he said on the project.Did my problem cause some kind of blood feud?Kurtz: Well, my evil plot was successful.We finally got Jon Stewart to admit whether his attitude towards the Democratic Party was more moderate than that of the Republican Party.Don't tell me he's just a comedian.Jon Stewart is an important media commentator who uses humor to express his views.Anyway, how did Stewart deal with the questions I raised to John McCain on the show last Sunday.Jon stewart: Last Sunday, from immigrating to countries around the world, to fires, our country's leading news Light sought answers to today's most pressing questions.Kurtz: you were on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart fair?(LAUGHTER) Stewart: It's clear, Senator, that's an issue that we're all waiting.SEN.Arizona: No, but he--You know, it's okay.Stewart: Why, Senator, why?Why don't I matter?McCain: when he said it-He has the right to do so.After all, he's a late-night comedian.-It was absolutely wrong and he got away with it.AUDIENCE: No!STEWART: No?He's right.Those late-night comics do get away with their mistakes.Stuart: some of the consequences are heavy.But I bet, McCain, if we make a mistake,e-Wrong, you will be at the bottom.My absolute error record vs your absolute error recordoff.Kurtz: this is really an interesting thing.By the way, I did ask the senator a moment like this why he never apologized for his wrong judgment in supporting the war in IraqWeapons of mass destruction that exist.He blamed the case of Colin Powell, then secretary of state.The host of The Daily Show included my rather positive observation that he was not only a late-night comedian, but also an important social critic with a strong following among young people, but did you notice how he did something very smart there?He turned the debate into a conflict of credibility between him and McCain.But what about this problem?Stewart: Is Jon Stewart fair to Republicans?Kurtz: At this point, Jon Stewart evaded, evaded, and changed the topic.But if you want to go on Jon, I can do it anytime, just have your people call my people.CNN's Chris Como called for Russian experts on the plane today.Come down, what do Snoop Dogg and Bob Beckel have in common?Our video verdict for a while.(Business disruption) Kurtz: Now is the time for us to make a video verdict, and we can rate TV clips to see if they are good news and TV.Tina and Chris Como have been covering the wreckage of the Malaysian plane in Ukraine, and then invited a guest from "Russia Today.Ashburn: Peter Ravel, the Kremlin hostThe funded channel insisted there was no evidence that Russia was involved in the shooting.down.It's a little hot.Chris Como: Peter, calm down.Take a breath.Something bad has happened to us.There is no reason to compound it.Peter lavelle, Russian anchor today: ask me a smart question.Cuomo: I don't represent the United States.S.government.You're talking...Ask me a smart question.CUOMO: Here --I think I asked you a few questions.Your answer is, I don't know the intelligence of it, but the problem is obvious.I'll ask you again because I'm not a representative of the United States.S.Hello, like a representative of Russia.What I'm asking you is, why didn't Russia come forward?-Assassination of characters.Ravel: So, we went ~-France did that.That's what you did.Kurtz: Well, it's a good thing that Chris Como reveals that this guy is a propagandist.By the way, another anchor of "Russia Today" resigned ---ASHBURN: Quit.Kurtz: protest.Two of them.KURTZ: Yeah.He won't let Peter Lavelle make that ridiculous statement about Russia.Ashburn: Well, as much as I like Chris, he's kind of condescending and kind of character assassination when I say Peter, Peter what are you afraid.Assassination of characters?Ashburn: Okay, a little bit. come on.Kurtz: Are you saying that when he tells him to take a deep breath, when he tells him that he doesn't have that much wisdom, he goes too far?I think so.I think so.But I think TV is good.I like the way he asks questions.I think he's really at the heart of the matter, so I'm giving this clip an eight.Kurtz: Well, I think Chris Como is blocked by the satellite until it's hard to interrupt the spew or propaganda.I give you nine.Ashburn: OK. Now let's take a look at Snoopy.Yes, you're right.We don't often talk about Snoopy dogs here.When the rap star revealed that he had done something in the White House that he should not have done, it was not a huge shock.Kurtz: Well, when the "five" smelled that, Bob Becker unexpectedly admitted that.Unidentified male: Have you ever smoked in the White House?In the bathroom.Man: it's you.At the White House?In the bathroom.In the White House, but in the bathroom.I used it when I was second, you know, smoke a cigarette-Give the aroma.Bob Baker from Fox News: I can't-Because I just-Because I did this myself at the White House.Oh, my God.Are you breaking news, Bob?No, I'm serious.Unidentified male: There are a lot of drugs in the White House.This is my book.It said -I did.Yeah.Unidentified male: You take drugs at the White House.All right.Ashburn: poor Eric Bolin.All right.All right.I mean, what do you say about this?In fact, this is one of my criticisms of this.I want to hear more.I would like to hear more about Bob Becker and the addiction he talked about in his book.Kurtz: I agree with you on this.First of all, Bob Becker's honest and honest answer is good for him.A few years ago, he admitted that he had struggled with cocaine and alcohol addiction and suffered from it.But, you know, he's not-He doesn't have enough time and enough time to explain this, so all we get is, yes, I used to take drugs at the White House.ASHBURN: Right.So, I think TV would be better if he went to explain it all.I totally agree with you.I give you five points.Kurtz: I'll give you seven points.Your best tweet is still here.Internet plagiarism scandal.It's a lot of media now. David Gregory is not.To "meet with the media."Based on what?Tabloid gossip?Kurtz: Here are some of your top tweets.Whether the war report is fair to Israel and the Palestinians.Peace said: "The United StatesS.The media were predictably on the side of Israel.The sad reporter is not a reporter.Ignorance is happiness."Travis Baker," No."If fairness is the goal, then the truth will be told, not the propaganda of Hamas.Mainstream media-Steve sayshell, no.It's stupid that they have been trying to compare the number of deaths.Israel is trying to save all its lives. Hamas wants to take all its lives."Can you imagine how many Israelis will die without the Iron Dome," Glenn said ?"?Will the media show the death of Israelis?Ashburn: it will definitely show the death of the Israelis.I mean, this is the focus of fairness and balance in journalism.Kurtz: to show both sides in the war, but, of course, the number of deaths is very uneven in this conflict.Our media believe the media has failed.Buzz Feed fired Benny Johnson, his political editor, on Friday, for blatantly copying word for word in more than 40 articles.Now, critics say large aggregate sites like Buzz Feed borrow too much material from elsewhere, but that's different.And old-fashioned scam.Editor Ben Smith was quick to say that he was very embarrassed and apologized, which is the right thing to do.(Start video footage) unidentified male: NBC News from Washington, a "meet the media" with David Gregory ".Moderator David Gregory: Good Sunday morning.Kurtz: It's no secret that David Gregory, as the host of Meet with the media, lost 43% of the audience to take over Tim russet.But a gossip article in The New York Post, he paid six pounds, although the media, according to an anonymous source on NBC, said Gregory might lose his job in the mid-term, but he was considered a toast.terms.Perhaps, let Chuck Todd and the network deny the false rumor.It is reported that David Gregory of Huffington Post may be removed from meet with the media."The Daily Beast" is carried out in a "Dead Head talk" manner, adding that Joe Scarborough and Mica Brzezinski of MSNBC are actively fighting for Sunday's show, prompted Scarborough to deny any aggressive fishing on Twitter.All of this comes from tabloid gossip.That's how it works, though.You have agents behind the scenes, implant information on gossip sites, and then what bothers me is that everyone in the mainstream media is collecting information and acting as if it is a fact.Kurtz: Now, it may be true, but at the same time, all the other news agencies are playing with the project.Ashburn: a leak.Kurtz: In the end, if that's the case, NBC should either get rid of David Gregory --Do you want to do it, or give him a full ticket on the trust ticket.It's too cruel. it's too unusual.Of course.We agree on some issues.This is the version of "MediaBuzz "."I'm Howard Kurtz. look at my Facebook page and give us a compliment.We posted the original video there.We will answer your question.Or you can e-@ Foxnews email us.com.Next Sunday morning at 11 and 5 we are back here with the latest buzz.Copyright of content and programming 2014 Fox News Network Co., Ltd.All rights reserved.Copyright 2014 CQ-Roll Call, Inc.All materials herein are protected by US copyright law and may not be copied, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of CQ-Roll Call.You may not change or delete any trademark, copyright or other notice in a copy of the content.
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