charcoal pit Obama tries to connect with ordinary Americans – through junk food

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-23
charcoal pit Obama tries to connect with ordinary Americans – through junk food
This post has been corrected.Obama spent more than $300 in Austin, not in Denver.Has food -Especially junk food.Has played the same role as President Obama in any other presidential administration's messaging?Obama has long complained about being surrounded by the president and has recently developed a habit of fleeing the White House and skipping towns by walking down the street, meet with ordinary Americans who write to him or have some sort of connection with the issues he plans to discuss.What do almost all of these trips have in common?Food or drink.Nothing special.The latest adventure was on Thursday, when Obama ate a burger and fries in a charcoal pit in derwilmington.He wrote Obama an article last year about her struggles as a single mother.Why is the charcoal pit?"Biden told me the burger was delicious," Obama said ."Of course, Biden is from Delaware.Obama's trip to Washington aims to link him to ordinary Americans and their struggles.Obama and the White House's choice of restaurants and restaurants is another reflection of Obama's attempt to strengthen his populist sincerity on the road.In recent weeks, Obama went to Starbucks to have tea, had pizza with Denver's small business owners and others, spent over $300 on a barbecue in Austin, and on a big night in the Colorado government, sip beer while filming the pool.John hikenroper (D) came to chipotel with his working parents.Obama has a deep love for burgersrun, so of course he has some on the road.In Minneapolis, he brought a working mother to a place where cheese was served in a hamburger, because it was not good enough to put cheese on it, in a construction project in Washington, four workers were transported to a cabin.Biden joined four of Obama's and Shake Shack's staff.Biden shook it, but can he share it with Obama?"I and Joe, we have been sharing the handshake," Obama said ." He raised the meaning of a good working relationship to a new level.Obama also used his first food service job to remind people that he was an ordinary person.He recently mentioned to the audience that his first job was to fish ice cream in a bar.Robins in HonoluluSince then, Obama has been photographed eating ice cream many times and has brought first lady Michelle Obama to a cradle --Robins first date"I gave her the best ice cream.Robins had to offer and our table doubled on the side of the road.I kissed her and tasted like chocolate ."Still, Obama clearly no longer likes ice cream because he eats too much while working at Baskin --Robbins.Frederick Douglas OPI, professor of history at Babson College, who studies food in political and social movements, said that food plays a strong role for politicians, obama's recent meal is a way to try to reconnect with ordinary people."Why not try to go to the place where you eat, from raw beer to Mexican food, to identify with ordinary people?"I'm like you, I'm going to Chipotle," Opie said .".It is clear that Obama has not been in trouble for a long time.He called the chain "Chipotles" and made a rude move to the fast food, reaching over the sneeze guard and pointing out what he wanted in the burrito bowl.Earlier this month, Obama was also criticized for cracks in the White House pie.He said (we estimate all the burgers) also sent his cholesterol soaring.While food has always been at the center of the campaign (thinking candidates are clumsy in eating State Fair Food on sticks and mandatory stopping at diners in New Hampshire to eat pies) its presence in the White House is mainly confined to the president's private residence, or lost its way in the pomp and environment of the state banquet.Food is often a joke or an interesting fact-Bill Clinton likes McDonald's burgers and waist circumference, Ronald Reagan likes jelly beans, Richard Nixon likes meatloaf, John F.Kennedy's favorite fish soup.But in this era of celebrity chefs, there seems to be endless choices for cooking shows, fanatics about all organic food, and the rise of social media, food has played a huge role in Obama's White House.The way the White House treats food is public and private, especially recently.When Obama picked up the cow bris on the way and beat the microbrew, the president and the first lady cultivated a culture of healthy and healthy eating inside the White House.The staff formed the exercise team, and Obama's coach served the White House staff.You can eat fresh fruit.Obama even said his favorite food was broccoli.Known for advocating healthy eating and exercising, Michelle Obama launched the "let's act" initiative to fight childhood obesity and grow vegetables in the White House vegetable garden."According to their leadership, the culture here has changed dramatically in terms of direct and indirect," Sam Kass, michelle Obama's executive director of the action plan and senior White House policy advisor on Nutrition told our colleague Juliet eppelin on April."I think we really live in such an environment.I think this is a shift in the kitchen."While Obama uses his public meals to interact with ordinary people, recent reports suggest that when Obama doesn't eat with his family like he does at 6: 30 a night, he stayed up late into the night for steak, pasta and wine fun Italians dine in Rome with small groups, giving him intellectual excitement.Obama reportedly invited celebrities including u2's Bono, investor Warren Buffett and actor Samuel L.Jackson and fashion editorin-Chief Anna Wintour goes to the White House for dinner.It was not the last time he had dinner with Wintour.Obama had a lot of expensive meals on the road.-At the fundraising event, you can get plates up to $32,000, just like dinner at the New York townhouse in Wintour.
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