charcoal pit Renowned chef brings Caribbean food to Regina's Rosemont

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-24
charcoal pit Renowned chef brings Caribbean food to Regina\'s Rosemont
Where did Jerome Mason get the fuel before leaving Regina for Calgary?On Thursday for lunch, you can often find him at Dave Hall's Caribbean Buffet.The restaurant is hidden behind the Olst center in the Rosemont neighborhood of Regina.The buffet includes jerk chicken, grilled spareribs, sweet coconut curry shrimp and a variety of other spicy specialties."In the Caribbean, in Jamaica, we cook on a live charcoal pit," chef David Hall said .".The oven replaced the oven in Canada.The secret of housewives, he says, is Scottish chili peppers.The riders had their fun at the buffet, which made him a fan, including many fans of rough car organizations."The players like beef tail, Curry goats, jerk chicken and jerk pork," Hall said .".Hall, who grew up in Jamaica, is one of ten children with working mothers.As one of the bosses, he had to study in the kitchen."I have been cooking since I was 13."I got my first restaurant job by 17," he said .".His work on the cruise ship promoted his culinary education.Followed by experience working with awardsEdmonton chef including Emmanuel David.Hall himself won the gold medal in 2006.Hall moved to Regina in 2009 and he is very grateful to regulars in Rosemont."I got love from them.I got a lot of business, a lot of support."The Caribbean buffet is served every Thursday from 11: 30 to 1: 30 in the center of Orr.
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