charcoal vs. gas grill: which is better for the environment? - the best charcoal bbq

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
charcoal vs. gas grill: which is better for the environment?  -  the best charcoal bbq
Now the summer is in full swing, and many of us are cooking with fire outside.
The barbecue season has arrived, followed by the decision on how to do the barbecue in the green way possible.
Step 1: Choose the most eco-friendly fuel.
Basically two-(hot)
Dog Game during barbecue hardware: Gas paircharcoal.
There are some electric grills on the market, but they are hard to buy, and as we can see below, they are less efficient than other competitors.
But that didn't make the decision clear.
The most basic question is: charcoal is dirtier but can come from renewable resources;
The carbon footprint of the gas is small, but it comes from non-
Renewable fossil fuels
Most charcoal is a trendy blend of sawdust, corn starch, and lighter liquids;
When it is burned, it produces 105 times more carbon monoxide than burning propane and a large number of harmful volatile organic compounds.
But the "real" charcoal, also known as the "big piece of charcoal", is carbon neutral to burn without a nasty additive.
So let's take a closer look at the numbers.
When it comes to carbon emissions, gas-
The power Grill won by an overwhelming margin.
Tristam West, a researcher at the Energy Department's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, compared the carbon production of gas, charcoal and electric grills at 35,000 Btu per hour, a typical industry baseline.
According to West's calculations, natural gas production is 5.
Carbon dioxide emissions per hour are 6 pounds and charcoal is 11 pounds.
As mentioned above, the 15 pounds Btu electric grill produces up to 35,000 carbon dioxide per hour, so the electric grill is not the best option from a carbon perspective.
After all this, the bottom line is: come on.
Pieces of charcoal are becoming more and more popular, but often come from thousands of miles away (
Even multiple continents)
This negates some of its carbon benefits;
Before getting gas from local sources, the efficiency of the gas will win.
Stay tuned for more tips on green BBQ and happy BBQ!
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