Chat transcript: Chef Bobby Flay discusses great grilling - what's the best charcoal grill

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Chat transcript: Chef Bobby Flay discusses great grilling  -  what\'s the best charcoal grill
Posted online at 2: 37 on May 26, 1999m.EDT (1837 GMT) (CNN )--Here is the edit record of a chat with barbecue expert Bobby Fry on Tuesday, May 25, 1999.Chef/owner of two Manhattan restaurants, author of the new book "Boy Meets Grill" Flay spoke to us on the phone in Los Angeles.Chat Host: Welcome, Bobby.Chat Host: Bobby, why do you think barbecue is so popular in the United States?It seems that people are caught by it.Everyone likes barbecues, especially men.It reminds people of their childhood and a great party.Chat Host: please let us know your new book.Bobby Fry: my new book "Boy Meets Grill" is a celebration of the delicacy and skill of grill.Chat Host: Bobby, how did you start the barbecue?This seems to be your specialty.Bobby Fry: I used a lot of bold flavors to enhance the daily use of the BBQ.Also, they are really easy to recipe.When I was 4 years old, I started roasting lobster and corn, and of course the burger on the grill.But barbecue is just my hobby.My two restaurants in New York, Mesa Grill and BOLO, are professional, Southwest and Spanish.The BBQ is just a small part of it, but I love it!Chat participants: What is your favorite barbecue meat?I remember, you prefer the gas grill to charcoal.Is this true? If so, why?I'm not extreme.In fact, I like these two, but for different reasons.Chat Host: Is there a difference in taste?Bobby Fry: I understand the culture of charcoal and the taste it offers.But since we have the technology of the gas grill, I think we should use it.Turn a few nobs and press a few buttons and you get high and even hot.It's great.Chat participants: What would you do with too hot grill?Bobby Fry: You have to know the hot and cold spots of your grill.For the gas grill, just turn the heat down.For the charcoal grill, transfer the food from the hot spot to a cooler place.Chat participants: What is your favorite barbecue meat?I like a lot of different meat.I like rib eyes for steak.I like lamb chops.The pork tenderloin on the grill is great.Chat participants: Bobby, I would like to know what you think is best to marinate the chicken before the barbecue.I like to marinate the chicken with chili and citrus juice or fresh garlic, basil and lemon juice.Chat participants: What are you looking for in the store?Did you buy barbecue sauce?Do you like it?Bobby Fry: my favorite barbecue sauce is spicy, smoked, and a hint of sweetness.In fact, I have a bottled barbecue sauce called Mesa barbecue sauce here. we sell it through the restaurant.Chat moderator: Recently, I saw many barbecue accessories in the store.What do you think is most necessary to do?What is a waste of money?Bobby Fry: in terms of accessories, you need a small pliers, a good metal spatula and a high-quality grill brush to clean the grill.Chat participants: had the opportunity to travel to Spain a few years ago and fell in love with Spanish snacks.Do you like it?Bobby Flay: Yes!I love oven-Roast mushrooms with goat cheese and chili oil.Fresh shrimp with garlic and fresh hundred miles.Chat participants: how do you prevent pork from getting too dry?Marinade is really good for pork chops.Although people tend to overcook pork.Chat participants: How long will the chicken be marinated before the roast chicken?At least six hours, or overnight.How long should you cook pork?-Pork chops say--On the grill so they don't dry?I hate this problem!You see, it depends entirely on how thick the pork is and how hot the grill is!Chat participants: Bobby, there are two formats for your TV show.One is the guest and the other is the grill duel.Do you like one format more than others?Bobby Fry: I like my new show "fire on a grill" best.Chat participants: it's safe to eat pork, so it's barely pink?Pork should be medium cooked.Then you won't have a security problem. Bobby, a local barbecue shop makes a marinade with a seasoned milk mixture, and just before the grill is baked, they use butter to foam the steak and bake it.Have you heard of this?I often hear about the milk marinade for pork.It helps to make it tender.Something with butter on it tastes good!Chat participants: Why are you so interested in the grill compared to traditional cooking methods?I like all kinds of cooking methods.But the weather is getting warmer and warmer. we want to be outside.This is a perfect barbecue season.Chat participants: How often do you cook at your restaurant?It looks like you must be busy with other things.I am almost always in my restaurant.I shoot four or five games a day, so we shoot in the block.After they finished eating, I went to the restaurant.Chat participants: Bobby, how many years will it take to be a chef?Bobby Fry: I have been cooking for 17 years and I think it will take a lifetime to be a chef!Chat participants: What is the best way to eat chicken breast?We recently made your goat cheese stuffed chicken and the stuffing on the grill is hard to lose.Bobby Fry: try to tie it up with a butcher's twist.Chat participants: Is there any additional predictability in a barbecue-centric performance?Have you ever shown a place where charcoal will not shine?Bobby Fry: I use a gas grill on the show!Chat participants: Are you married, Bobby?Any kids ?I have a 3-year-old daughter ...I'm not married either.Chat Host: does she cook for you?Bobby Flay: Yes!She likes lobster and grilled corn.Chat Host: Grilled fish seems to be getting more and more popular.However, it seems easy to overcook or just lose it in the grill of the grill.What are the good tips for grilled fish?Bobby Fry: start with tuna, sailfish, or sharks because they are very dense and rich in meat quality and don't stick that much.Chat Host: One thing that scares you when you grill?What is the biggest mistake?Bobby Fry: Don't worry about it when you put something on the grill!The most common mistake is that people continue to touch the food with pliers or spatula to see if it sticks together.When it sticks!Chat participants: Will you wrap it on tin paper when baking corn?If so, did you add any seasoning to the corn?Bobby Fry: you can wrap it in tin paper, but you don't have.After cooking, I always make a seasoning butter and put it on the corn.Chat Host: Recently there have been some health issues regarding the barbecue, which can produce harmful compounds.What do you think?Bobby Fry: I'm not a health authority.Chat participants: how do you recommend cooking a whole trout, Bobby?Olive oil, black pepper, fresh herbs--maybe tarragon.Roast trout in the hot part of the grill for 5 to 7 minutes.Chat participants: How many recipes are in your book?Bobby Fry: over 125.Chat Host: How long will it take you to put everything together?Thirty years!Remember, I have been having a barbecue since I was four years old.Chat participants: Do you have any questions about selling books to publishers?This is my third book, so I have a record.In fact, the publisher came to me on this issue.Chat participants: I noticed that you have a lot of Asian influences in the BBQ.What do you think is the next trend of fusion cuisine?Actually, I don't like "fusion" food.I like many different influences but one at a time.Over the next few years, look for plenty of Indian spices.Chat participants: what flavor of butter does corn use?Chili butter, basil butter, lemon butter...The sky is the limit.Chat participants: What are the best vegetables for BBQ, do you like skewers?Peppers, pumpkins and asparagus are made very well on the grill.Cook them completely first and then cut them off.Chat Host: Why do you like the gas grill?Is there any difference in taste?Bobby Fry: I don't like one better than the other.I think there are pros and cons for both.Charcoal has more flavor but is more difficult to use.The gas grill is easier but less tasty.So it depends on your priority.Chat Host: You mentioned it briefly in the book "cooking in the Fireplace.Got my attention!Is this common?Bobby Fry: It's common in cities!Chat participants: any suggestions for people who are interested in entering the restaurant business?Bobby Fry: you should work in a restaurant for a month before you enter the restaurant industry to see if this is what you want.Time is hard and details are endless.On the positive side, it can be very helpful creativity in the economic and social aspects!Chat participants: it is said that the spareribs are more suitable for barbecue, but how will you cook the spareribs on the grill?Precooking?Bobby Fry: you can cook the ribs and finish it on the grill.Or you can cook them from start to finish with very low heat.Chat Host: for those who have just started the barbecue, what are the main spices, condiments, sauces you recommend to buy?Bobby Fry: you should carry white pepper, black pepper, chili powder, various oils and vinegar with you as well as rich fresh herbs.Chat participants: it is said that your cooking skills have been recognized since the age of 17.As a chef, what do you think is your biggest skill?There are many different aspects as a chef.You need to be an excellent chef, an excellent manager and administrator, and an employee of a customer and staff.Hopefully I did a good job in all of this.Chat Host: your recipe for risotto is on the grill.Doing all the cooking in one place is a tempting idea.How easy is it to use your grill as a stove top?Bobby Fry: It's very easy to put a pot on the grill.Simply imagine it as a burner on a stove.Chat participants: Is there a taste difference between white pepper and black pepper?White pepper is not as strong as black pepper.Make more dense meat with black pepper.Chat participants: What is the best way to cook a London roast on a grill and what is the best marinade?Bobby Fry: an AsianThe best marinade for the London roast is ginger, garlic, soy sauce, fresh lime juice and honey.Chat Host: where we can see you, do you have any special appearances?CNN Entertainment today!Chat Host: How are the newly released books sold?Bobby Fry: Excellent.Only a week later in the store, this is the third print!Chat Host: Bobby, are you not at the Food & Grapes Hotel in Aspen in June?Bobby Flay: Yes!I want to talk a lot about barbecue.Chat Host: where can I buy this book?On a book tour?Chat Host: Thank you Bobby for joining us from Los Angeles today.
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