chef amanda ford’s kitchen is the centre of her home - stainless steel 6 burner built-in bbq

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chef amanda ford’s kitchen is the centre of her home  -  stainless steel 6 burner built-in bbq
Don't go to her kitchen if you can't stand the heat.
Catering/chef Amanda Ford is a very sexy person who may be Nagra Lawson in Canada.
Someone bought this woman her own TV show.
Ford operates city girl dining for one year
Old company specializing in organic, local and ethical dishes for parties, events, corporate functions and door-to-door delivery.
"They are healthy --
She said: "rounded up based on local ingredients . "
"This is the local food from ethical raised animals.
She runs a catering business outside her house. storey, five-
Bedroom in North York
Ford, who was originally in the financial industry and worked as an investment banker for 17 years, has been keen on cooking.
In 2005, she attended the French Culinary Institute in New York and then opened the fat cat bar. in 2008, she sold the bar to a partner.
"Food is the fastest growing industry in Canada," she said . "
Ford consulted Chris McDonald, owner/chef of Cava and Xococava in catering, events and product development.
She is developing the city girl catering product line including barbecue sauce (
At www.
City Girl dining. ca)
And her own soy product line.
Her office is a study on the main floor of her home, which is 4,200-square-foot house.
"This is the openness of the space I really like," she said . " She estimated the House was built 40 years ago.
She chose the location because she had friends here and it was the center of the work.
Ford moved in three years ago and is completing a major renovation.
The furniture on the main floor is still being relocated.
The plastic-wrapped mirror rests against the wall of the hall, waiting to be installed in the dining room.
There are chairs in the living room; the dining-
The table in the room is Cherry, bought from friends in Hong Kong, and the seats are eight;
The family room has furniture from Roche Bobois.
Diffusion of black boxes-and-
The front hallway is lined with white photos of Jane coakin's gallery.
"I'm transitioning to a classic modern work like the Ames chair," Ford said . ".
"This is a style I want.
The photographer posed for Ford on a large staircase at the front door, and the old Hollywood screamed.
"Now I'm going to turn the curtains into my clothes," she quipped . " She cites Carol Burnett's classic Scarlett O'Hara parody sketch.
Suddenly, the sound of the dog's barking floated from another world.
She ordered, "release the Hound," her two dogs, Pacho (a 4-year-
Old Corton, tourreal)and Javier (a 9-month-
King Charles Knights Hound/poodle Combo)
Photo op destined to crash.
Ford's favorite room is the kitchen without hesitation.
"This is my dream kitchen . "
"It's very practical, but it fits my aesthetics, classic and modern.
It looks very clean.
I work with a kitchen designer, Rachel Finer.
She took my concepts and made them beautiful.
There is no clutter.
At the counter, a lone mortar and pepe lined up with a small, delicate white bowl with dry ingredients. Gro-
Lites on the kitchen ceiling have fresh herbs throughout the year. A built-
In the wine rack, the temperature is controlled and a clever storage unit is installed above the counter.
"The top is stainless steel and the bottom is cherry wood," she explained . ".
"This is custom made, very deep, very big.
Everything is basically a feat of engineering.
There's a kitchen-
"I have the pot for the hotel," Ford said . ".
"The restaurant is all stainless steel.
The splash on the countertop and back is quartz.
"I want quartz because it's heat resistant," she said . ".
"The counter is higher than normal because I am 5 feet 10 inch.
I would like a surface like quartz and stainless steel as I can roll out pastry on it.
All the lines are simple and not formed as it gets very dirty.
"Cooking is not a hobby," Ford stressed . "You think?
Ford designed a hair dryer box that had nothing to do with styling hair.
"It has become a position.
"There is only one unit to dry the surface of the meat," Ford explained . ".
"I also smoked a lot of fish.
You soak it in salt water, rinse it and make it wet enough that it can be formed with a film when it dries. ”(
The film is a skin or protein coating on the surface of meat, fish or poultry that helps smoke better attach to the surface during smoking.
If there is no film, you can eat dried smoked salmon. )
"I used to do it with small fans.
I came up with this idea (of the blower)
Go to a company and say I want three.
Double-sided commercial grade fan with enough space for two and a half
A bed sheet pan with lamb legs or large, round, bulky things.
"I use it every day. I love it;
It takes 10 minutes here.
I used to fish for an hour.
"You can also dry your underwear at a critical moment.
The kitchen is like a science lab.
Ford also has a hot-dip Circulator, a device that puts water into a container to keep the water temperature uniform.
It's called sous-vide (
French is "under vacuum ")
, A cooking method in which the food is sealed in a water bath bag for a long timelike 72 hours —
At a much lower temperature than the temperature usually used for cooking.
"In France, I trained a lot according to the classic bravery, but I changed that," she explained . ".
"Immersive circular cooking has changed my life.
If you want a crispy chicken, it will eventually overcook.
Immersive cooking, even if it is soft.
The ribs were cooked for 52 hours and fell off the bones.
They are tender but you can still pick them up and eat them --
Great when I deliver meals to people in the office.
"Her stove is not in the expected state --of-the art Wolf.
"This is a GE Monogram because each burner is 18,000 BTU, the most powerful residential collection in the country and the largest residential Collection," she said . ".
"I can buy two big pots in the hotel.
Six chickens. No problem.
She also brought a vacuum package: "It vacuum seals the plate for delivery . " She explained.
"I can go with every piece (kitchen)
Ford said.
The dining girl prepared a Christmas Eve dinner for 85 people, and Ford hosted a family dinner for 17 people on Christmas Day.
"I like to take care of people," she said . ".
"I like to feed them.
I will be free if they don't pay me.
Ford offered farewell tidbits for her guests
A portion of chicken breast, boiled in a round soak, seasoned with truffle oil.
It is wet, tender and phenomenon.
Wet chicken breast!
When will this happen?
We are also very passionate about the hot dip circulator.
The dog is attracted into the kitchen by the stainless steel openingzero fridge.
"The dogs got the end of everything --
Fish, beef tenderloin, Lamb. . . ” Ford laughs. Woof, woof.
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