choosing cookware - stainless steel cooking surface grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-05
choosing cookware  -  stainless steel cooking surface grill
Most people know that the quality of food can have an impact on their health.
But how many people know that the quality of the cooker is also important and will affect their health, which will definitely make a difference and I will explain briefly why.
The main reason is related to the composition of the material.
Pan bowl pans basin is divided into six categories: 1)Non-stick, 2)Aluminum, 3)Cast Iron , 4)Glass, 5)
Stainless steel and 6)Enamel-Coated.
Most of these categories are different. Non-
The stick cooker is very popular and widely used.
You can find high
End brands in department stores and the Internet all the way down to the dollar-store brands.
But no matter what brand you buy, you are threatening your health with chemical methods. Coated cookware.
It does break down at high temperatures and will release toxic gases and particles to your food and environment.
I don't think the heat of cooking every day is so high.
Your cooker can easily reach more than 400 degrees on the surface in less than five minutes. Non-
Stick Cookware is one of those "modern amenities" that are not available in the long runso-wonderful.
The aluminum cooker is also very popular as it is very light
The weight and it heats up quickly.
It can also be cheap.
Since aluminum is a soft metal that is prone to dents and scratches, there may be problems with aluminum cookers.
Aluminum does not belong to your body.
This is not some sort of "trace mineral" you should have "---it is toxic.
You may find the cooker marked "anodized aluminum.
"It's a bit better because it means that aluminum has been treated to make it harder, porous and scratch-resistant.
But this does not solve the problem of aluminum entering food 100%.
My best advice if you have an aluminum cooker or choose to buy it is to protect it and don't get it scratched or sunken.
It is said that the cast iron cooker is beneficial because the iron can be sucked into your food.
I'm not the kind of person that will push you to get iron in that form, but at least it might be harmless.
I used a cast iron frying pan and I recently bought a cast iron stove
Top bbq I like.
All of this is very good seasoning and most cast iron cookware have instructions on how to season.
Lodge is a brand whose cast iron series has matured.
My son used cast iron camping throughout his scout career and became the first choice to prepare dinner for his troops.
He features peach cobbler made of Dutch cast iron oven.
For some, the decline of cast iron may be the fact that it is very heavy.
Also, it needs special care and attention so that it doesn't sit in the water and it doesn't keep wet because after all it's iron and it rusts.
Next is the glass, I don't think there are many manufacturers making the glass pot bowl pans Basin-
Although I have seen some.
When we talk about baking pans, we mainly know about glass cookers.
I like them. I use them.
Now, we come to stainless steel, and there seems to be unlimited options for these and many decent brands.
As I grew up, my mother had the old Revere for the copper base.
The first thing you should know is that the stainless steel cooker has "ingredients ". " That's right!
Like food. sort of)!
It is a combination of a layered group of metals and/or sometimes metals.
For example, stainless steel can cook surfaces on the outside and inside, with a layer of aluminum and metal alloy in the middle.
I highly recommend that varieties that tend to be layered.
My favorite brand is allclay. That is a high-
But the quality is very good.
No matter what stainless steel cookware you invest in you still have to check the metal content, you must definitely take care of the pan bowl pans basin so that they are not scratched, it will also not expose other metals to your food.
We finally have enamel.
Some say coating cookware is the safest and best way to cook.
The most popular brand is enamel
Coated cast iron makes them very strong but heavy.
Again, you must pay attention to protecting the enamel as stated and make sure you use the correct appliance so that it is not scratched.
I will choose this cooker to prepare the dishes that have been cooked for a long time.
Who would not like a hearty stew cooked with beautiful enamel?
By the way, these types of Dutch coated ovens can also go from the top of the stove to the table, as they can also make fine dishes.
The best is the cooker that suits your purpose and you can enjoy the use without compromising your health and health
Be your family.
Be prepared for whatever you buy, be careful with it, clean it and handle your cooker as all utensils need proper maintenance and maintenance.
This is for you and your future cooking work!
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