classic masterpiece in the bays - stainless steel 6 burner built-in bbq

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classic masterpiece in the bays  -  stainless steel 6 burner built-in bbq
This may be a six with life.
Because David and his partner, Claudia, must be as busy as bees.
"We can't sit on the beach and relax," David said . ".
"We call it 'active relaxing, 'and we always go to the jungle, hiking, and camping.
"There is no lawn to trim, but when we work in this House we have a weekend of hard work and the 'rule' to go camping next time '.
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The couple were born and bred on the north shore and they loved the mixed houses of the 1950 s/1970 s, typical of Brown Bay.
Five years ago, they found a house of suburban owners.
There are buildings in their 70 s, Ian burros, and offers a quote. The three-
The building, built in 1980, uses 2 squares.
The 1 m hexagon that fascinates engineer David, and cluddin thinks it's a mid-proof of her collection-
Century furniture, accessories, glassware.
Many of their weekend hiking trips to remote areas include Combs
In order to complete the house, the shop offers lamps and parts.
Cedar House is located near the top of the mountain above the brown Bay, surrounded by local shrubs --
Puriri tree, giant punga and nikau palms-
And a completely private Road (
Share lane access with neighbors).
The gaps in the bushes allow the sun to flood the house and deck throughout the year, and the views of the water and Rangitoto are not hindered.
From some of the windows, you can even see the Tower of the sky and the top of the Sentinel Apartments in Takapuna.
The beach used to walk dogs every day is only 600 from children's high school (
Chang Wan and Ranchito College)
At the bottom of the street.
The third floor is suitable for families in their teens: Children on the first floor, parents on the top floor, living room and the fourth bedroom in the middle.
Two of the six children are no longer at home.
There are two bedrooms on the entrance level, each leading to the deck through floor-to-ceiling windows.
A spacious laundry room and a wine cellar to store boots, backpacks and sports gear
And that strange bottle of wine.
The black tile floor and clear white paint make the blue steel spiral staircase-the symbol of the cave-pop.
David estimates 40-
It took hours to Polish and re-polish
Paint the steel before adding a new laminated board.
A wood burner on this floor (
With the help of new insulation and strange heaters upstairs)
Heat up the whole house.
David enjoyed the challenge of starting over.
Working in the bathroom on the first floor, both with a shower and a bathtub, as well as a separate toilet and dressing area --
The peak in the morning is very convenient.
Claudine found tiles with textured triangles to complement the wedge
The shape of the shower, along with a separate bathtub, sits on the window and looks at the bushes.
For the main suite on the top floor, David and Claudine retained the original curved shower and vanity, updated the fixtures and added-of course —
Hexagon tiles on the wall.
When the family bought the house, the kitchen had been renovated with dark carbon benches, white carpentry and mosaic splashes.
David and Claudine added several cabinets and newer appliances to stainless steel.
The walls are updated with white paint, but the original rimu floor on the main floor is still perfect.
Round and half
The round windows of the whole house are made of steel, like wooden French doors, and only need to be scraped and painted.
David and Claudia's favorite recognition of this era is the floor and charcoal carpets, which are arranged on half of the living room with sinking talk pits (
The other half is when the kids take over the pit, the parents live on TV).
Both it and the dining room have angled glass ceilings, each leading to the deck (
One is a morning coffee overlooking the sea and the other is on the dining and BBQ deck for a long summer night).
When they couldn't find the right vintage fixture, the couple bought four perspex Kartell designer shades to repeat the 1980 s color.
On the lower ground, under the deck, a hot tub and a path through the bush continue the spa-
Retreat atmosphere.
The main floor consists of a comfortable hexagonal bedroom with sea views, a spacious lobby in the desk and fitness area, within walking distancein closet.
Originally designed as the main entrance, the floor features a deck, sidewalks and stairs leading to roads and parking lots.
David has made plans and made them in advance
Meeting with the Council to restore the entrance and add a turnaround Park to the two cars so that the lower part of the site can be subdivided into 600 metres. The curve-
Garage with Roof, the ultimate garage for David (
There's one below.
House of human cave)
Will be the entrance to the new section. But the mid-
Addicts found themselves finding another place in their 1970 s in a desperate need for their love in the century, so it's also true to sell this cave gem for the next project.
They want more "active relaxation" on their horizon, as well as more collections.
4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 * parking spaces, 12 Carlisle Road, Braun Bay.
• 1096sq m land 145sq m house. • Price: CV $1. 395 million.
Auction: One o'clock P. M (
Unless sold in advance).
Check: Sat/Sun 2-4pm.
• School: Brown Bay Primary School, Changwan College.
Contact details: Steve Lawrence, 021 563 476 or Caroline Lawrence 021 039 5329, Barfoot & Thompson, barfoot. co.
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