clean your grill, and other hot holiday tips from food network's alton brown - gas grill with cast iron grates

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clean your grill, and other hot holiday tips from food network\'s alton brown  -  gas grill with cast iron grates
If there is a barbecue tip to remember this Memorial Day weekend, it should be like this: the flame is not good.
"The Flame does nasty things to food," food historian and scientist Alton Brown told NPR's Scott Simon in the kick
Clips of the weekend edition of the "Taste of Summer" series. "[Flame]
Make soot, it makes deposits of all kinds of chemicals not very good for us.
The last thing you want to see when the food is on the grill is the real flame.
Brown said he promoted science on Food Network, Iron Chef America and Food Network star.
Brown is also a barbecue enthusiast.
"I had a barbecue because of it," he said . ")
There are seven grills at home.
So when you talk about Brown backyard cooking, make sure you know the difference between a barbecue and a barbecue.
According to Brown, the barbecue is "a meat product that is cooked slowly and exposed to a lot of smoke for a long time, usually part of a pig.
Brown also shares some other expert advice to make sure your barbecue this weekend is a "beautiful metamorphosis" of heat and smoke that won't turn your meal into a cover upFor All Eaters-
Clean up the grill
Don't be lazy and think that the remnants of your last cooking will bring some special condiments to your food.
A clean grill helps to pass the heat on to your food, Brown said. Meat.
Bring the meat to room temperature before the barbecue.
There is a "longer hot trip to do --
Brown says that when you place a steak or burger directly from the refrigerator on a grill, the "inside of the meat" is "ness ".
Remember: The longer the grill is, the more dry the meat is.
So take the meat out about an hour before the barbecue to minimize the cooking time and maximize the juicy. -
Add salt to the meat before the barbecue.
"This is considered blasphemy in many schools! " Brown admits.
But an hour before the grill, he sprinkled a lot of Jewish salt on his meat to help draw water.
A soluble protein that produces better spots and a "dark, golden, delicious coating ". "-
Dry the meat before the barbecue and lightly oil it.
Brown recommends making sure your meat is "dry" before cooking and there is almost no liquid on the surface.
The excess water has been insulated, extending the cooking time.
Brown warned, so don't marinate a piece of meat and put it on the grill immediately, but a thin layer of oil "helps to heat" and "lubricate the grill. "-
Keep things running.
Dance on the grill with your steak (
Pliers, of course).
Brown flipped and turned around to spin his average steak about four times.
"If it looks overcooked, I will move it over," Brown said . ".
"I always make sure that part of my grill is hotter and the other part is less hot.
"For the fish, EatersBrown maintains the skin of the fish, forming a barrier between the heat of the grill and the tender meat of the fish.
Like other meats, he also recommends taking the fish to room temperature and brushing his teeth with oil before grilling.
"Vegetables are much more tolerant for vegetarians," Brown said . "
"When they tender, they do it.
"Gas or charcoal?
"I have gas on weekends evenings and in a hurry, and I have charcoal when I really want to cook," Brown said . ".
Best fruit BBQ?
Peach is Brown's favorite.
He cut the fruit in half and gently brush the cut pulp with oil before baking.
He then poured them over and brushed them with a mixture of honey and bourbon, allowing them to "penetrate" before eating with ice cream ".
Brown also recommends grilled pineapple, immature bananas, papaya and mangoes.
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