CNN Travel's 19 best places to visit in 2019 - what's the best charcoal grill

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CNN Travel\'s 19 best places to visit in 2019  -  what\'s the best charcoal grill
(CNN) —Whether you want to take a break on the Caribbean beach or hike through the world's most famous canyons, explore ancient ruins and eat delicious dishes, still want to offer you the right location for this year's historic sights CNN tour.In 2019, several of our 19 destinations were recovering after natural disasters hit their economies badly.You can do some good things while enjoying Hawaii, Kerala or Santa beach.Barts.Or you can mark the 50 th anniversary of mankind's first lunar walk and the 100 th anniversary of Grand Canyon National Park, which is the three centuries and most important of all in leichstown, the year of Ghana's return marks the arrival of enslaved Africans in North America in 400.Whether you want to relax, explore or learn-or all three --There is your destination on this list.Here they are arranged in alphabetical order: Christchurch, New Zealand-A magnitude 2011 earthquake leveled most of the city, killing 185 people.But it's not natural disasters that define a city.-This is the way they choose to recombine and rebuild.A few years later, Christchurch was rebuilt to respect the locals and be more attentive to the environment, creating a city full of hope and vitality.A vendor who sold out pop music.The container mall is now facing bricks.and-Followed by loyal locals.The colorful street art of hope and resilience has emerged throughout the city.Music performances are usually held in rotating places around the city, not in an opera house or concert hall, so that more people have a chance to attend.The elegant Canterbury earthquake National Memorial honors those who are lost while the transitional cathedral--As the name suggests, it is a temporary shelter made of cardboard for locals to travel after the earthquake ---Has become a permanent part of the city landscape.Don't miss: Kano, a Maoriowned and -Run a cooking school and cafe designed to heal people through food and Christchurch Art Gallery, the home base of the latterThe first responder to the earthquake is now the gorgeous center of a moving city.The temple of Abu simbei in ancient Egypt stands on the shore of Lake Nasser.Khaled desouki/AFP/Getty Images The Land of pharaoh has been welcoming visitors for so long, and it is a miracle that archaeologists have not yet found hieroglyphs depicting backpackers.Sadly, the country's tourism trade has been hit in recent times due to security issues and political unrest, and many tourists have been unable to travel.The December 28, 2018 attack near the Giza pyramid killed four people, indicating that serious security issues remain.While this may stop some people, others will continue to return to a country that seems to be taking a step back to mainstream tourist routes.What's the difference in 2019?Well, while the sand has settled down on abandoned classic monuments, the Egyptian antiquities have been brushing it gently elsewhere and have discovered a series of exciting discoveries, many of which are now foundIn the past year, mummies, Stephens, tombs, and new pyramid mysteries have all been discovered, as Egypt has proved over and over again that it still has more secrets to reveal.While security issues remain, thousands of visitors visit the Giza pyramids, the lion's face, and the Valley of Kings every year.Egypt's main Red Sea resort is also considered safe.Egypt is expected to have a major tourist event in the coming months, as the much-anticipated Egyptian Museum is expected to open in the 1920s s.Before that, there was a great chance to beat the crowd.Don't miss it: If you can find the person who let you in, the recently opened Mehu tomb is a spine --Sting at the age of 4,000.Nearby, the ancient Egyptian love for pyramid architecture begins with the ancient Sakara cemetery complex.Barry NeildFukuoka, Kamakura, Kitakyushu, is just one of the many places in Fukuoka to explore the old road.The fascinating history of Alamy.Incredible foodNatural beauty.If you haven't noticed the Japanese seaside city of Fukuoka yet, then it's time to re-adjust your Japanese travel plan.The capital of Fukuoka prefecture, one of the host cities for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, is the gateway to Kyushu.This is a perfect destination for those who want to go beyond the wellIn Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto and other famous tourist attractions, you can see a new corner of Japan.Highlights of the city and its surrounding areas include 17-day ruinsCentury Fukuoka Castle, beautiful Kyushu National Museum and great zai prefecture Tianfu shrine, has more than 6,000 plum blossoms in bloom every spring.When we talk about the theme of blooming, another famous destination is the westlas tunnel in Hechi FujiThe Garden of Kitakyushu is about an hour's drive from the city.Another well worth a day trip is liukawa, an hour's drive from Fukuoka and known for its picturesque canals.But we left the best things to the end: food.Located by the sea on the east coast of Japan, Fukuoka is a coveted destination for seafood lovers and is considered one of Japan's top food cities.Just go to the Changbin fish market.The commercial market floor is only open to the public once a month, but you can still visit restaurants that are open seven days a week.However, we do recommend saving space for a bowl of Bodo ramen noodles.This is a local specialty. it is an authentic tonkotsu ramen, which is favored by its delicious pork broth.Try the chain restaurant Ichiran across Japan, which originated in Hakata, Fukuoka.Don't miss out: The impressive Fukuoka Museum of Art will be reopened in March 2019 after a massive renovation began in 2016.It offers from, including Andy Warhol, Jean-Michelle basquiut and Mark ChagarMany of the slaves were held at Cape Town coast Castle in Kara capporgana before being deported.Poster countries for economic success and political stability in West Africa want to raise their tourism status by 2019, launching a campaign against African expats whose ancestors were victims of centuries of brutal slave trade.Since the first enslaved African arrived in North America, the country's year of return has passed in 400.This is a serious understanding of the evil suffered by past residents of Ghana and their descendants --And the power they face.The legacy of the slave trade is inevitable.Cape Town coast Castle is one of many historic coastal forts where slaves were held before being sent to the Americas and the Caribbean.The Obama couple visited this cruel and fascinating reminder in 2009 and Melania Trump in 2018.The relevant content inside El Mina Castle in Ghana is an unforgettable reminder that on this anniversary, its grim history also awaits the warmth of visitors to Ghana, the intoxicating embrace of the country is completely relaxed, and its identity is rushing towards a bright future.Accra, the capital, is a vibrant city with plenty of nightlife.For those who want to get rid of their ruthless excitement, Ghana's 335-The mile coastline has empty surf spots like Cape three, and many protected wildlife areas, including Mole National Park, are from wild elephants, Nolan wusogs, and spotted hyenas.Don't miss it: Tongo, a village in Mount tengzog, northeast Ghana, is home to whistling rocks --The dramatic arrangement of huge granite slabs makes a strange sound when the wind blows from the Sahara.The Grand Canyon is the National Park of America, which marks the history of 100.The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site that will mark a century in 2019.Don't mind if the Canyon actually has a history of five or 6 million years, giving or taking a few years, the rock at the bottom of the canyon dates back to about 2 billion years.Cultural relics with human beings can be traced back to ancient times nearly 12,000 years ago.The region has been occupied in India until today.It was first protected by the US government in 1893 and became the Grand Canyon National Park in February 26, 1919.2 million-Kerry Park is the most protected park by the U.S. government.The park is about 277 miles long, with miles deep from the edge to the river, attracting more than 6 million visitors for the first time in 2017.However, most people watch the Grand Canyon on the magnificent south rim, while some visit the northern rim during the season (closed in winter.Hiking at the bottom of the Canyon takes two days.Riding a mule is an easier choice.) It may take three days for hikers from rim to rimHowever, it may take two weeks or more for the raf child.Don't miss: reward advice: hike to the Bright Angel Trail in Indian gardens, even just halfway down the hillAward-winning photographer Pete McBride, author of the Grand Canyon: between the river and the edge.He said: "hiking even gives people an idea of the size of the place.But keep in mind that hiking is easy.It's harder to go hiking.Always bring water and electrolyte"The Halemaumau crater of the Kilauea volcano in the United States, the island of Hawaii, Cattia Haite, returned to the tourist attractions.C.Parcheta/U.S.A few months later, the island of Hawaii came back and welcomed tourists to the paradise.After the eruption of the Kilauea volcano in May 2018, the air quality was affected, houses were destroyed, tourism was affected, Hawaii Island (locals ask you not to call it the "big island ") get ready again to show off its magnificent views, stunning diverse views and relaxed island rhythms.Although two-During the eruption of the Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Volcano National Park closed more than 30, most of which reopened at the end of September, and the trails and attractions continued to attract tourists.The Volcano House in the park reopened in early November with top buildingsnotch star-Gaze with unparalleled volcanic landscape.While there are still some closures on the island and within the park, the number of new products is impressive, and even the most ambitious travelers are satisfied.The opening is the Binchotan Bar & Grill of Fairmont Orchid-Think about the local seafood and local produce and grill with binchotan or charcoal.For locally-Go to Ola Brew Co.Go to Kona golden pineapple cider or watermelon double IPA and enjoy the community atmosphere.Holiday lovers who are eager to enjoy an amazing sunset on the water may want to stay in the upcoming Mona Rani Auberge resort collection, while the seekers of boutique hotels want to find moreto-The Earth will not go wrong at the Kamuela Inn in Waimea, an area of the island known for its pasture history.Don't miss out: new volcano unveiling tour of Hawaiian forests and trailsExplore the changing road adventure of the Halemaumau crater.Stacey lastothe Hebrides of the Hebrides, Scotland, UKThe Callanish Standing Stones: a mystery dating back to the Hebrides 5,000 years ago.Martin Zwick/REDA & CO/UIG/Getty ImagesYou may have heard of Scotland's beautiful white sand dunes, turquoise waters, rugged mountains, crumbling castles ---But nothing can prepare you for seeing the Hebrides.The most famous attraction is Skye island, which is a must-see for many tourists.See the list, but smaller-Visiting Lewis and Harris on the far north end of Hebrides island is also worth a visit.The birthplace of Harris Tweed, a famous fabric woven, dyed and textile by islanders for centuries, is home to its own Stonehenge --A mystery of the style of kalanish station stone.Unlike Stonehenge, visitors can get close to the Boulder Group in kalanesh, which is believed to have been built about 5,000 years ago.For this and other wonders of Lewis and Harris, it is worth driving to urabol and 2 near the northern end of the Scottish continent.5-Explore the islands by ferry across the Atlantic for some time.Another option is a direct flight from Glasgow to the island's capital, stonway.Each Hebrides island has its own unique atmosphere, but they are all based on similar small islandsCommunity spirit.Located at the southernmost tip of Hebrides island, Isley Island is known for its whisky distillery and incredible beaches, offering real island life.Driving around, visitors may encounter cattle more easily than people, but any meeting with islanders can trigger "Islay wave "---A friendly thank you from a driver.Don't miss it: In Isley, head to the atmospheric Lake finagan, the late medieval gathering place for the island Lord, the former ruler of the Hebrides.Ferry provider Caledonian MacBride (CalMac) offers cheap travel between each Hebridean island, but flying to Barra Island is worth the experience of one of the world's most picturesque aircraft landing down to an amazing sandy beach.The narrow streets of Francis StreetJaffa, IsraelJaffa are packed with jewels, carvings, antique dealers, candlemakers and painters.Noamarmonn/PixabayTel Tel Aviv-For the convenience of airports and Google Maps, Yafo is often gathered together, but 4,000-year-Old Yafo (often spelled Jaffa in English) is as different as Tel Aviv and Brooklyn and Manhattan.Jaffa's art sister Jaffa has traditionally been home to narrow streets packed with Jewelers, sculptors, antique dealers, candle holders, painters and more to show and sell their workThe three boutique hotels opened in 2018 are also reasons for more than a day in Jaffa ---Jaffa, Setai, and deliriko.How to spend the perfect day there?Eat hummus and pita at the Jam ShopAbu Hassan's public dining table was packed with people, followed by sweets from the ablefi bakery.Experience the world's first deafNaragat blind theater company (there is a cafe next door, all baristas are deaf and you can learn the sign language sign of Israel for words like "coffee"), don't forget to take bananasScented soap and orangesFlower perfume is chaired by Zielinski and Rosen.Don't miss it: Jaffa is home to the first whisky winery in Israel, called milk honey.Before you ask-Yes, it's Jewish.Lilit malkush Kerala, Kerala, India is an idyllic place to live on a yacht.This area of India has everything: sunshine, ocean, beach, food, yachts, culture and wildlife.Spectacular natural landscape-Think of palm trees and vast waters-Lend the nickname "God's Own Country" to the region."The severe floods of the summer of 2018 caused serious damage in this southwest state, but many of its top tourist destinations escaped unscathed.Tourists may land at Kochi International Airport. Kochi International Airport is powered entirely by solar panels.The ancient port city, once occupied by the Portuguese, Kochi is a multicultural center offering a great deal of activities and visits.This is a great place to appreciate the traditional Kathakali dance, this storytelling form of dance is known for its colorful and sophisticated costumes and masks from Kerala.Kerala retreat: visit India at an easy pace. Kerala is also great for the beach, especially in the south of the state.Postcard-The perfect Kovalam is a hot spot for surfing while Varkala is a great place to relax.There is a reason why remote areas of Kerala are famous: the link connecting the villages of the area and the best waterways explored through kettuvallam ---Traditional wooden boat house.Anywhere from one afternoon to the week is worth spending on the many rental yachts offered, enjoying the scenery and sound along the way.Other popular tours include visiting Munnar in the tea garden and Periyar National Park in the wildlife sanctuary.Don't miss: Food--From monnal's spice shop to the coconuts that can be seen everywhere in Kerala, it is used to make one of the signature dishes of the state: Kerala curry shrimp.Francis StreetLiechtenstein marked his tricentenary on 2019.The Prisma world sixth small country of Dukas/UIG/Getty image has a lot of packages in its territory.The small duchy, located between Austria and Switzerland, covers an area of only 160 square kilometers (62 square miles ).However, the castle, the museum and the spectacular hiking and biking trails have all attracted the mountain, the bank giant of Uber.Rich international clientsIn the time of the Duchy in 300, most of the world's tourists did not notice Leighton, but the 2019 th and third centuries made the country ---37,000 residents-In the spotlightCeremonies, exhibitions and celebrations are planned throughout the year to mark the 300 anniversary of the establishment of leichton as a duchy.In May, the Richmond Trail will make its debut.The 75-kilometer (47-Mile) trail connects the existing path network across all 11 cities.A new app --Complete augmented reality-Will help tourists navigate the route.Hikers looking for excitement outside postcardsThe perfect scenery can be in the soaring 90-Hike near malben.The capital of Richmond, waduz, has many museums, including fine arts, cultural relics, stamps and so on.In the treasure chest of the duchy there are valuables belonging to Prince Leighton.Don't miss it: the country's most precious treasure may be its performance --Stop the Alpine setting and complete the fairytale stone castle with strategic habitat, such as the Gutenberg Castle of Balze.PeruLima Marnie HunterLima is three of the 50 best restaurants in the world.On 2019, pvdberg/PixabayAthletes and racing adventurers will play their best in Peru.The Pan American Games and the Parapan American Games will be held in Lima from July 26.In August 11, nearly 7,000 competitors will compete for dominance in 39 sports.Before these athletes arrive, 2019 athletes will start in full.January 6 2019 Dakar rally throttle-17.The Dakar Rally starts and ends in Lima and is an 11-Day odyssey involving more than 300 participating vehicles--From motorcycle to truck-Along a distance of 5,000Kilometers of PeruAll these efforts should be rewarded with delicious food and Lima is ready to feed you.Peru has won the world's leading food destination award for seven consecutive years, and Lima has three of the world's 50 Best Restaurants: Central restaurant, maido and astlide & Gast ón.Piya Leon is a lot behind her husband, chef Vigilio Martinez --In 2018, Kjolle was opened in the fashionable Barranco district of Lima.Don't miss out: Mercado 28 is a new US food market in the Miraflores district.There are many restaurants on the market offering snacks, Amazon cuisine, pickled fish with sour orange juice, cocktails, etc.The skyline of Lower Manhattan and a World Trade Center in New York City.Gary Hershorn/Corbis/Getty ImagesLike all the great cities in the world, New York is fading and flowing in a state of constant change and progress, but it is always a destination worth visitingSo why now?On June 2019, New York will host the world's largest gay, bisexual and transgender celebration of "World Pride" while commemorating the 50 th anniversary of the stone wall riots.The riots took place at a gay bar in the iconic Greenwich Village-It is now part of the federal-recognized National Monument, where gay and transgender people in the community are opposed to police raids.This event marks an important moment for the United States to progress and recognize the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, half of whichThe Mark of the century reminds us that New York will always be home to those in need ---As long as you don't try to squeeze into the subway before others get off the bus.In addition to the special celebrations, there is a reason why New York's classics are classic. A plate of seafood from Jackson Pollock at the Metropolitan Museum to the oyster bar on the 42 th Street is the architectural wonder of the central station.Don't miss out: the recently improved New York City ferry system connects the districts in a new, easy way-Best Choice for surfers from downtown Manhattan-The Rockaway Beach is friendly.Regardless of the weather, the time to eat pizza is always right.American cemetery in Mandy, France, near Omaha Beach in colerville-sur-Normandy on the northern coast of France has a long history.About 1,000 years ago, a conqueror named William set sail from here and began to tame England.But in 2019, our focus will be on D-Day.In June 6, 1944, the process of world history changed as the World War II English Channel crossing launched the allied forces to liberate France from Nazi rule.There are more than 20 cemeteries in Normandy to commemorate the victims of the Allied and Axis wars.American cemetery in colervillesur-Mer is on the cliff overlooking Omaha Beach and can be seen at the opening and closing ceremonies of "Save Private Ryan", which is a touching experience.Visit the Beach museum in Utah, where you can see an original B-The 26 bomber is one of a few you can visit to learn more about dangerous efforts.Beautiful museum of decoration in the village of aromanche-les-Class is another option.Bayeux is a perfect staging site for the westtor Normandy tour.Although it is known for depicting the Bayo tapestry invaded by 1066 Norman people, it is also your D-Day tour.Don't miss it: the place where the Seine Meets the English Channel is Honfleur, a picturesque port and other attractions that attract the attention of the Impressionist painter Claude Monet.Insiders suggest renting a car and really seeing everything Normandy has to offer.Forrest BrownOaxaca of Forrest ooaxaca is the site of the UNESCO site of Monte Alban, a large formerArchaeological complex of ColombiaThe Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket/Getty ImagesOaxaca in central Mexico may not be as concerned as Mexico City or Turen, but it does not need to work hard to impress visitors, whether it's food, art, ruins or mezcal.This Mexican city with its colorful colonial architecture and openingThe ingredients sold in the air market seem limitless to make Moore, the city's reputation, a sight worth seeing.Speaking of Moore, a sauce made of chocolate and ground chili, generously added to many Mexican specialties: Oaxaca itself is a gourmet destination.Diners who want to splurge on a meal should check out Casa Oaxaca, which has duck tacos and smoked octopus, as well as a small menu dedicated to vegetarian dishes.Casual diners (and others) should try other regional products in Oaxaca: tlayuda.A large tortilla filled with beans, pork fat and cheese that can be found in restaurants and food markets in town, such as Mercado 20 de Noviembre.After wandering the picturesque streets for a day or two, ask a driver or join a tour group to get out of the city center and explore the site of Mitra or the UNESCO World Heritage site of the city, Monte AlburnConstruction site in Colombia.Don't miss out: the bed and breakfast scene in Oaxaca is one of the most fascinating parts of visiting Oaxaca.The Cabrera family has three B & B in the area and they all highly recommend the twoBreakfast and nice room: Home of bagabilias, Migros and Seto.It is worth noting that Casa de Siete Balcones, an 18th-century building that retains many Baroque details with a bed and breakfast in it.Stacey LastoeOmanOman boasts spectacular sand dunes, mountains and some of the greenest terrain on the Arabian Peninsula.Eric lafanger/art in all of us/Colby/Getty Images, in Oman on the Arabian Peninsula, the golden dunes under the panoramic sky, the epic mountains and the dolphins and turtles filled with everything.This place named "Empty Quarter" is the largest desert in the world and you can venture into your own Arab Lawrence adventure tour with your guide.Resort hotels and camps such as camels are available in Shakia Sandsracing, sand-Skiing and 4WD dunesbashing.The Hajar mountains can be explored on horseback or on foot, with stunning views of the steep canyon, or combined with a visit to the ancient city of Nizwa, which has forts and legendary open-air markets.The Las al Kinz turtle sanctuary is a beach where green turtles nest and dolphins --Business opportunities can be found on Oman's rich coastline, including port capital Muscat.Oman: 9 reasons to visit this amazing desert destination the Kempinski Hotel Muscat waterfront is the latest 5 in OmanDiamond Star Hotel-Inspired by the water lily, it has a striking geometric facade and a calm and beautiful lobby.The best time to visit is from October to April to avoid the hot summer months.The newly expanded Muscat International Airport is $1.8 billion passenger station, ready to meet the influx of the smaller touristsDiscover the destination of the Middle East.Visit Bulgaria's hidden treasure Plovdiv for 10 reasons not to miss: the Sultan Qaboos mosque in musican is a spectacular example of Islamic architecture.Its prayer hall is filled with magnificent 70 metresby-60 m Persian carpet, made by 600 women in 4-year period.Stroll through the streets of Maureen o''hareplovdiv, Bulgaria's second largest city, from the Roman amphitheater to the colorful buildings.The second one-PlovdivBulgaria's largest city is preparing to consolidate its position as one of the two cultural capitals of Europe in the 2019 s as a broken circle of European cities.(The other is a Rock City in Matera, Italy.Plovdiv is known for its Roman ruins and is also a place where the Greeks and Ottoman once set foot.Its east-meet-The location of the West means that there will be a variety of cultural influences in about 600 kilometers.year-Old jomaya mosque and Ottoman-Delft Barnia-The 16th-century bathhouse now houses exhibits of Modern Art.During the summer months, the cobblestone streets of plofg turned into a bustling festival center.On June and July, the public opera festival is in full swing, and visitors can watch the performance at the incredible Roman amphitheater in the city.In Kapana district, a hipster who has been translated as a "trap", Kapana Fest offers cultural entertainment in the summer and fall.Wandering Kapana, you will find nearby craft shops and plenty of places to soak up bohemian, laid the night clubback vibe.Don't miss: Roman ruins--From the stadium commissioned by Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd th century AD to the ruins of the Roman Forum that used to be the administrative center of the Proff div.The highlight of the Roman ruins is the ancient theater of the city, which was restored in the medium termIn the 20 th century, it is the best place to watch one or two performances.Francesca StreetBartz, most holy of western India, France.Barts hotels and villas are open.On September 2017, Hurricane Irma struck parts of the Caribbean and southern United States, leaving her with unprecedented destruction and arduous reconstruction tasks.Islands such as Barbuda, Yukos, totola and St.Martin suffered a great deal of harm.In the past few decades, France has been an outpost for billionaires and celebrities, and has been a frequent presence.The official name of St. Barthélemy was also damaged.But it is approaching a full recovery.According to the Caribbean Hotels and Tourism Association, most hotels and villas on the island are open, meaning guests can enjoy crystal blue waters and lush tropical greenery while discovering the worldFamous Regulars (walking along the white sand beach in bathing suits, quite a few ).Cheval Blanc--St.Barth island hotel, Le Sereno Hotel, manapani hotel and Christopher hotel have been redecoratedOpen, and major properties such as Le Guanahani and Eden Rock-St Barth plans to start overOpened at the end of 2019.The villa at Eden Rock is open.) In spring, St.Barts --Columbus was named after his brother Bartolomei.-A number of events were held, including the barrel Regatta and the St. les Vales on the weekend of March 21.Barth, a week-The April Regatta attracted more than 1,000 sailors and at least 80 ships.Don't miss: visit 2019 during Christmas and New Year's Eve.A series of bold names (possibly Leonardo DiCaprio, Barry Diller, Alan de jerness) link the beaches, restaurants and nightclubs to the glitz of their waiters, the invincible fleet, owned by international industrial leaders and Russian oligarchs, is floating in the distance.Locals say the best spot to watch the New Year's Eve fireworks show is above Cour Vendome or General Charles de Gaulle pier.Blake Fletcher Space Coast, Florida, Kennedy Space Center provides an opportunity to learn about NASA's Apollo mission.Germany is doing better than anywhere else. Are you ready to explore outer space?Although no one can promise you a trip to the moon.-At least not yet.-Space fans can still explore the heavenly sky on a trip to the Space Coast.The 50 th anniversary of humanity's first lunar landing will be July 20, 2019, and the Atlantic coastline in central Florida is ready to see where Neil Armstrong is, buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins quickly left the earth and entered the history book.At the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, learn about the historic Apollo mission from 1963 to 1972.Although the landing of Apollo 11 will be watched in 2019, you can also see the exhibits on the space shuttle project, the Hubble telescope and other projects.You can also fasten your seat belt in the shuttle launch simulator or take part in a status briefing for NASA's current mission.Fortunately, some early planners can celebrate the celebration of the Apollo Saturn 5 rocket on July 16.Don't miss it: enjoy a few nonspace outings.At the original San Sebastian Bay State Park, surfers will love the waves by the sea, while the calm lagoon of the Indian River attracts kayak enthusiasts.Hiking on the top of a tree near Melbourne allows you to play through Florida's wooded landscape.Berweidere Castle Forrest Brown Weimar is built for family gatherings.In the years of the two world wars and the Weimar Republic, Alamian was an exciting and precarious tightrope ---1918 to 1933 --In Germany, this is an era full of artistic energy and freedom of bold speech.One of the exciting times in the history of this country, Weimar--Small city with 65,000 people in turlingen--Not only is it the birthplace of the New Republic, but it is also home to the modernist art and design revolution, which is felt throughout the world.Bauhaus art school--Now Bauhaus University-Founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius, we are provided with artists such as Paul Kley and Vasily kangdingski.The centennial celebration will be held nationwide this year, and the opening ceremony of "Bauhaus January 16-24" will be held in Berlin on 100, but to see where it all started, go to Bauhaus in WeimarThe museum then takes to the streets and is immersed in the atmosphere.Culture is a heavyweight for this town.-At the end of the 18 th century, 19 th century was the birthplace of German classicism and the birthplace of German Classicism.Composer Franz Liszt and John Sebastian Bach also made music here.As you stroll through the town, you will stumble over a UNESCO World Heritage site, from the former home of GODE to the Belvedere Castle.Don't miss: Private House Walking Tour founded by students meet up at the private house Studio CafeShop at Bauhaus University.The story of Maureen O'Hare is by CNN's Katya Haite, Forrest Brown, Carla Kripps, Blake Fletcher, Marnie Hunter, and editor-in-chief Hetter.
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