commercial outdoor barbecue grill How to Clean a Flat Commercial Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-30
commercial outdoor barbecue grill How to Clean a Flat Commercial Grill
Keeping a clean flat baking rack helps to eliminate bacteria and prevent the smell of grease transfer on the grill.This is a good hygiene habit, and it is convenient to clean the flatbed grill after each use.Some professional commercial grills have specific cleaning requirements or equipment for their products.
Therefore, it is important to read the instructions before cleaning the flatbed grill.Some grills need to be hot when cleaning, while others need to be hot.Use the manufacturer's instructions as a guide to replace any cleaning items as needed.
According to the manufacturer's suggestion.Heating helps to soften or remove the hardened residue on the grill..Heavy duty stainless steel grille scraper with triangular design.
This allows you to reach the corner of the flat grill.Wear warm, fire-proof kitchen gloves to prevent burning and have an apron to protect your clothes..Spray the grill with a grill cleaner or use soap and warm water.
Clean the surface by scrubbing the grill with circular motion.Use a heat-The grill scraper scraped the residue into the grease trap.Clean the surface of the grill with full wipeA dedicated cloth for the removal of any remaining residue.
Prevent rust on the grill.
Dip the paper towel into some vegetable oil and apply it to the surface of the grill..Remove grease from the trap with paper towels.Empty it into a garbage bag instead of a sink;Animal fat and grease can clog your drainage system.
After emptying most of the fat, wash the tray with warm soapy water.When the grill is clean and dry, put it back in the grill.The commercial flat top grill is large and requires attention to safety when cleaning, such as wearing aprons and warm gloves.
As it can be convenient and help you save money, do your own cleaning solution.Bottle spray.Shake the bottle, combine the surface of the flatbed Grill and coat it with a layer.The acid in vinegar helps to break down the residue of the grill.
Leave the vinegar on the grill for about 5 minutes and scrub the surface.Juice as a skim;Add 1/2 cups of lemon juice and 2 cups of soda to the spray bottle
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