Competition fires up at Porkapalooza BBQ Festival - gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-29
Competition fires up at Porkapalooza BBQ Festival  -  gas grill
At the 4 th annual PorkapaloozaBBQ festival this weekend, a light rain has just joined the craze.All barbecues and meat food are celebrated at the competition and food festival.The festival was held in landlandsand on 11 and June 10, with food trucks, beer gardens, cooking demonstrations, live entertainment and a large selection of smoked and scorched delicacies.Barbecue teams from all over Canada gather at the festival scene and have the chance to win a $16,000 game bonus.The team pulled a whole.On Saturday night, they tend to smoke to prepare for the main game on Sunday.This is not a typical backyard barbecue party."It's not throwing meat on a hot gas grill.There's a lot of art, "said Marc Bosworth, President of Porkapalooza."This is a mixture of spices, put it on, cook at the right temperature, and cook at the right temperature.It will cook on firewood...This is a great place for barbecues.Smoke from it.
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