cooking fails and funny kitchen tales from star readers - burner table top portable grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-28
cooking fails and funny kitchen tales from star readers  -  burner table top portable grill
For every dish on Instagram, there is some better food in the trash.
Last year, after studying the star's annual cookie calendar, I spent more than a week trying to make macarons, a delicate ghee
French dessert. I over-
Beat my first batch and got granular protein.
The second beat resulted in crispy pancakes.
The oven fan blew off another batch of fragile tops and then completely missed the table when tapping the pipe shortcake tray on the table to remove the bubbles.
Needless to say, they never went to Instagram.
But hey, no one is perfect, at least I got a good story from my attempt.
With this in mind, the star asked readers to share their tragic story about the failure of home cooking.
The best is the worst.
When I was a teenager, I was very interested in cooking and loved making food for my family.
One night I made a big Chinese dinner with my new pot: sweet and sour chicken, stir
Fried dishes and rice.
I set the table in the restaurant and called everyone to the table.
When I turned on the light above the table, the light bulb burned out.
I didn't think about anything. grab a new light bulb and stand in the chair to replace it.
When I unscrew the old bulb, it slips from my hand and breaks at the edge of one of the plates.
Glass is in the food.
My hungry mom and sister came to the restaurant and saw me pouring all our stuff out in tears --
Steam dinner in the garbage.
I think we had a Kraft dinner that night.
It's been more than 30 years since then, but when I think about it, I'm still emotional. —
William Andrews, 51, liked to shake it about 30 years ago. I am preparing dinner for my big family.
As usual, we ended up with homemade desserts
Graham cookie pie that everyone likes.
I was a little worried when the kids were running around and I needed to finish the pie so I could get cold before dinner.
I grabbed Graham cookies. I think this is probably the case)
Beat the pie.
The dinner was very successful. I cut the pie for everyone.
Our beloved aunt Maymo was the first to start eating.
Then the rest of the family began to eat and made strange faces.
Everyone except aunt Maymo asked me what kind of pie I made.
I tasted the pie and immediately knew it was bad.
At this point, Aunt Maymo had finished her slice and said nothing.
Instead of using Graham cookies, I grabbed the chicken scones and used it as the crust of the pie.
My kids still laugh at it and how Aunt Maymo ate the whole thing without saying anything. —
Donna Ward, 66, torento thank you for your face, she just sent you a "60-
I tried a second microwave biscuit a while ago.
No photos: cookies explode all over the microwave ceiling.
It didn't stop me from trying you (microwave)
Perfect recipe for mug cake. —
Corey Pollock, 30, often made a special cheesecake on his son's birthday.
Five, eight.
Cream cheese, 7 eggs, light cream, sugar, salt, lemon, etc.
And lemon shortbread and cherry liqueur-laced topping.
Although it is generous, it is expensive to make.
Not only did my son like it, but he also boasted to his friends about his mom's baking ability and asked for it on his 21st birthday.
After dinner, he sat there with his friends, and I served this wonderful mixture.
Each of them put a fork in their mouth, which in turn looked confused, then disgusted, and less elegant, and took out the cake from their mouth.
My husband is shopping at the grocery store and putting salt in a sugar can.
I 've been on a diet and haven't tasted it before putting it in the oven.
Since then, this is the theme of every birthday, and mom has given a huge laugh for it.
It's his 61 th birthday next week. I'm going to do it again.
No salt. —
Gwen Williams, 82, 1963, I left Quebec City and went to Sost, Germany, to serve as my husband's new bride in the Canadian Army as a member of NATO forces.
My new home is a small apartment for a shared German family with not much kitchen equipment. I had a two-
Portable top and steel burner
Designed a frame "glass box" for a stove sitting on a small wooden table with a burner ".
Anyway, I received the recipe for Fannie Mae farmers I trust as a wedding gift.
I made a beautiful apple pie and proudly gave it to my husband.
He took a bite and looked confused but quickly wiped it clean.
"Wow," he panted, "it was a slippery pie.
How did you do it?
It's hard for me to put it on a fork.
To my surprise, I realized that I had read the wrong recipe.
Instead of adding vegetable shortening, lard or butter, I added all three ingredients.
These years have passed and I am still teased by the slippery pies. —
Susan Gao, 72, and my friends take turns making dinner for each other every month.
I like sushi so I want to give it a try.
I don't think I need a short one (grain)
It turns out that avocado is not mature enough.
A friend of mine commented: "It looks like a body thrown in a tarp . ".
"Rice looks like a mag worm.
Luckily, my friends. checked me.
I learned this from it and I sorted it out the next week. . . mostly. —
Danny Bernard, 30 years old (and glass)
When we fired a bunch of food last year, there was a glass explosion in my friend's kitchen.
The bowl was filled with glaze and sat on the counter in the kitchen next to my sour cream lemon cake donuts and my sour cherry fried batter, all waiting outside in the fryer.
We heard a loud noise and when we went to investigate we saw glass shards everywhere: the counter was everywhere and the next counter was everywhere.
We threw all the donuts, batter and other glaze.
Glaze sitting alone in the air at room temperature-
So we don't know why it exploded at random.
No one was hurt, but we were very, very sad. —
Edythe Yee, 46, is a 22-year-old boy. year-
When my husband and I moved into our first apartment, the old newlyweds with limited kitchen skills --
Small stove with two furnaces
We are going to my parents' cottage on the weekend and I would like to bring a coffee cake with me.
My husband works at the airport and I'm picking him up after he gets off work, 30-to 45-minute round-trip.
To make the most of the time, I decided to put the cake in the oven while traveling.
I haven't used the oven before and don't know how it works.
There are two dials without labels, so, I thought about it, both of which are turned on in order to cover all the bases.
I went to the airport after eating the cake.
The smoke billowed as we drove into the driveway, and our landlord waved his arms and screamed to let me open the door.
We ran to the oven and took out a spare tire that looked flat.
Obviously, I cooked it at the same time.
The bottom half of the cake was very good, so I cut the top half and took the rest to the cabin.
No one is smarter. —
Chris Moran, 64, knows best of all! Then another. Bam! Bam!
I counted it. “Hide! ” my mom said.
A few minutes later she grabbed a baseball bat and "follow me" we ventured into the kitchen.
When I was 8 years old, I knew that when you cook eggs and all the water evaporates, they explode and sound like a gun.
Mom put the bat down and we spent the night scraping eggs from the ceiling, the floor, the cabinets and the stove.
My mother is notorious for her kitchen failure.
The place where the pizza is delivered knows her voice and order with memory.
A few years before her death, she left me a precious gift: a recipe for Betty Crocker that says: Merry Christmas!
Since you have no one to refer to in terms of cooking, I think you will use this! xoxo Mom. —
Nicole Willett, 38, lives in oakwillowf and wants to impress my parents with my cooking skills, and I invite them for dinner.
My father has been criticizing me, so I think I will shine this evening.
I worked hard all day to make six different sauces.
From mild to spicy
Beef Hot Pot (It was in my 70 s. .
My father turned angrily to my mother and asked, "What?
Do I have to cook by myself?
He has no impression of dessert. I think he will like it.
This is the chocolate pudding I made from scratch. he likes chocolate.
I was eager to overcome his retreat on the main course and served his dessert to my father.
With a big smile, he put his spoon into the place where he would treat him.
He made a face more quickly.
But before he could say anything, my mother made him silent and said, "Oh, sol . . . . . . Pat worked very hard to make dinner for us.
He was different from his usual self. he acquiesced and drove the spoon into the bowl.
I think it makes sense.
I tasted the first bite of the pudding, put down the spoon and said with a face of grimace, "I can't eat this!
"I replace sugar with salt in the recipe.
I looked at my father's empty bowl and felt embarrassed, loving and surprised. —
Patricia Goldblatt, 69, Turin @ the star.
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