Correspondent's Choice: Eating as the Natives Do All Over the World - portable charcoal grill stand

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Correspondent\'s Choice: Eating as the Natives Do All Over the World  -  portable charcoal grill stand
ATHENSFEB.1973 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.Please send a report of such issues to archid_feedback @ nytimes.com.Gerofinikas.The idea surrounding the ancient palm trees named for it is my favorite restaurant in Athens.Every work is a place for masterpieces.The Turkish Greeks who run Gerofinikas really believe in the expert preparation of the perfect ingredients, the kitchen, hosted by chef George, is open for customer inspection.However, a warning: seeing the steaming pot, the trivia known as mezes, and the overwhelming syrupy Oriental dessert can ruin the most determined diet.Gerinikas offers an eggplant salad lunch from champagne and smoked salmon dinner to $5, pilaf all Pasha and Lamb (whatever form you choose), all washed with local white wineThere are also the best varieties of fresh fish and shellfish in town, and its skewer swordfish is famous.Gerofinikas is not a place for Greeks to keep tourists secret, but it is also popular with permanent foreign residents in Athens, as its delicacy contrasts sharply with the stylized vulgarity of other tourist attractions.Many foreigners, both residents and tourists, like to order the miniature flag of their country's tables.The decoration of the advertisement gerinikas can improve the scene, especially the decoration on the streetA wet tunnel of 30 yards in length, not much whitewash and deodorant can eliminate the strong smell of age.But inside the hotel, the atmosphere is warm and hospitable, and the lighting is in sharp contrast to most Greek restaurants.Reservations are highly recommended as the lunch time for this place is 4: 30 to 6.M.And dinner from 7: 30 to midnight.Advertising is located at 10 Pindirou Street, a few yards from the Constitutional Square in central Athens.The phone number is 622-719.The average meal fee for wine and tips is about $6 per person.Mario S.Dana.In this capital city of Yugoslavia, a group of exquisite restaurants can be found in the ancient bohemian district of Skadarlija, where car traffic has been restored and closed.Everyone has a pre-war Serbian vibe, but Ima Dana is best for diners who like delicious food, candlelight, flowers, polite young waiters who speak English, and the ballad sings softly enough, can talk in a normal voice.Ima Dana is in a single-story building that used to be home to drama director Milorad Gavrill.The restaurant has an old ceramic stove, hanging lights and portraits of famous Serbian people. The decoration is mainly blue and yellow.None of the staff is older than 30, which is one of the reasons why Ima Dana is popular with young intellectuals.Although the restaurant opened three years ago, it has won 15 gold medals in the competition.Diners usually start with appetizers placed on the table on the trolley.The best of them is the sweet pepper stuffed with eggs, white cheese and Serbian beans.The main courses include international and Serbian dishes, with a focus on barbecue meals.The most popular is the Skadarlija style steak, which is actually veal with grilled cheese on it.Ratko Uljarevic, director of Ima Dana, is particularly proud of Bosanski Lonac (Bosnian pot), a stew that has been cooked in a sealed container for several hours.Must order at least half a day in advance.Ima Dana is at Skadarska 38 and the phone number is 334-422.The average bill for the two diners is $10 to $12, including a 10 cent service charge, and the main course is a bottle of wine, salad and coffee.Ima Dana is open until midnight from lunch time.Raymond H.Zum Schwabenwirt of Anderson Bolin Kotler.At a time when more Western Berliners seem to patronize pharmacies, pizzeria and places that serve Greek, Turkish or Chinese food, an old-fashioned German restaurant has become almost rare.But such an organization was founded in 1924 by Kottler.This is one of the oldest restaurants in the city and one of the few truly German dishes that are featured.The food advertised for Kottler's is proudly cooked and served, and the menu almost always includes some kind of game --Venison, wild boar, and even for those who like venison, ibex, comes in by air from the Austrian app.My own favorite is not the wild taste, but aubraten, which is a delicious pot roast offered by Kottler with potato dumplings and apple sauce.Another of my favorites is spritzle, handmade noodles, which it eats itself as a dish and salad, or as an accompaniment to the main course, such as the juicy roast veal leg of the cream sauce.This restaurant is still the original site of the first floor of the apartment built before the First World War.I.The decoration here is quaint and the atmosphere is quiet.There are 110 French and German red wine and white wine on the wine list.Zum Schwabenwirt of Kottler is located at Motzstrasse 30, 30 Berlin.The telephone number is 24 38 93.Prices for a snack range from $2 to $5 or more, excluding wine, solbratton and sprintler veal are all around $4.The restaurant is open from noon to midnight.While the rest of the world is trying to learn how to make burgers to meet the needs of American tourists, visitors spend time and money trying to find authentic local food.Accompanying articles by New York Times reporters and other writers should make it easier for tourists to find authentic flavors and atmosphere in restaurants in various cities, large and small, all over the world.It should be noted that, like some food, the offer should be half-believed.The prices of restaurants are on the unfortunate trend of rising at any time, and the recent depreciation of the dollar has made it almost inevitable for many places to rise further.The articles were edited and edited by Lee Foster, assistant travel editor of The Times.Brussels.The Brussels cuisine is based on steak, Qingkou and gold fried potatoes crafted by one restaurant after another.The Ogenblik, in the heart of the San Ilot dining area, offers excellent food that is more challenging and affordable.Because the ogenbrick Hotel is a very beautiful hotel, its tables and windows are marble, attracting locals and other Belgians, but there are very few tourists.Reservations are not accepted and there is often a wait.The menu is hand-written and oil-printed in two colors every day: the purple color of the permanent dish and the green color of different specialties.The first lessonCheese souffle, anchovy, casserole snail, etc.Always.During the main course, steak dishes appear every day, including an excellent steak Roquefort.Heart of the specialty single fish-Fish in cream mushroom sauce, or orange sole, or Ogenblik sole, and finally cream sauce with herbs.There is also meat like lamb leg in the special dish.With fish, the Mozer wine from Luxembourg is fantastic.Ogenblik is located at 7 Prince Gallery (facing ruling Street ).The phone number is 116151.The meal cost is about $6 to $8 per person.The restaurant is open every day but from 11: 30 a.m. to Sunday.M.to 2:30 P.M.and 6 P.M.to 12:30 A.M.Advertising paul KemezisBUCHARESTBueuiestl.People in the West don't think the Romanian food is very special, and bugureti is the best in the capital.It used to be the Capsa restaurant, which was frequented by pre-war society. its pirik walls, dark wood products and chandeliers remind people of their 90 s.Caviar is black and genuine, unlike the seemingly toxic orange stuff that is disguised as Manchu caviar elsewhere in town.The Bucuresti serves salmead chevreuil, or a typical Balkan stew in singles, how much and pepper.For dessert, it makes its own hazelnut ice cream, serving oranges cut into thin slices of sugar.The bugureti Hotel is located in Calea villiei 36.The phone number is 134482.Meals cost up to $10 per person.The restaurant is open from noon to 5.M.and from 8 P.M.to 12:30 A.M.The Apostle James firons.If you can put up with chili sauce, Hungarian food is hard to go wrong.The real problem is to avoid using the violinist of the Gypsy.No music, Bavarian-style restaurant, founded 70 years ago, the current manager still remembers when the Hungarian nobles used to come to the kitchen for dinneryou guessed —Chili sauce with potatoes and onions.Nice sausage, 5 beers, first class strudel.The apostle is at 4 Keio Street.The phone number is 381191.The price of a meal is as high as $6 or $7.The restaurant is open from 10: 00.M.to midnight.Another option is Hatarcsarda, a fine country restaurant on the Danube, about 15 miles from the center of Budapest.Simple table for two rooms and garden.The manager will encourage you to come up with something you like, come up with your own ideas, and make a pleasant meal.Cut pork chops to try: Put in milk beforehand and cook with hot lard and salt, pepper, pepper and onion.Hatarcsarda is on Highway 10 to Visegrad.The phone number is 143660.The price of a meal is as high as $5.This place is open from 8 in the morning.M.to midnight.James farnbu iresaco from ColoradoIn the oldest lot of Buenos oldest, along cobbled alleys and colonial buildings collectively referred to as San Telmo, the city's most interesting, colorful and easily overlookedOne of them is charico, Colorado.Its atmosphere is reminiscent of the history of Argentina in its 80 s, led by the great Cadillo and the abusive President Juan Manuel de Ross.The name of "Chaleco Colorado" (red vest) is taken from the clothing pattern influenced by Rose followers.The decoration of the restaurant includes banners, paintings and other items.Advertisements are usually Argentine dishes, including dishes such as locro (stewed with corn ears), carbonada criolla (meat, vegetables and fruit stew, polio con cebolla de verdeo al jerez (chicken with scallions and sherry sauce) and of course the finest beef.The entertainment program is also first-class, featuring 19th-century Argentine melancholy music, tangos and humorous folk songs created by Ross followers.The customers are almost completely Argentinian, and the rapport and response between them and the singer adds to the warm atmosphere.Located at 267 Cochabamba, Colorado hotel Chaleco is just a stone's throw away from the old port area.Make a reservation at 88-3912.Only dinner is served from 8 in the evening.M.to 2 A.M.But the best time to arrive is around 10.M.The price is between $5 and $7, including a bottle from the well-stocked cellar.President Jonathan Candel calacasCaracas, known by many as the "South American suburb of Miami Beach", is a fast-earning city --At least for rich people.Many people in the Venezuelan capital do so.In fact, Caracas has dozens of top restaurants offering European or North American specialties.Anyone looking for Venezuelan dishes in these restaurants is likely to find them as they did in New York.The fact is that the Venezuelan and members of the large foreign community in Caracas do not eat pabellon in public.A typical dish of Venezuelan fried meat, rice and black beans, usually served with an arepa, a hot, dry corn muffin, closely linked to poverty and the difficult times before the oil boom began 30 years ago.When a Venezuelan goes out for a meal, he goes to a restaurant like Hector in sabanagland's stylish east-end barrio.The decor at Hector is solid middle class, without Tony's 65 or Aventino's daunting black elegance, only to name two good restaurants in the city.The gracious French boss, Don Hector, wears the Nehru coat he usually wears, and he speaks French-English specialties in Spanish, English and natural French.Including his famous onion pie or seafood mousse.The main course features a rabbit or venison in a fine wine sauce, a hearty roast beef, trout or lemon sole, or a small beef liver, to name just a few.The bread is French or Italian.No arepas here.Thanks to the massive dollar inflow of Venezuelan oil exports, wine and spirits are of high quality.Hector's room is quiet and dark at lunch time so that it does not distract businessmen and politicians who are busy with trading.In the evening, a musician for a walk or two plays pop music.Caracas is an expensive city.Most of the food is imported and the price reflects that.Lunch at the herkto restaurant is by no means divided by local standards, for $10 to $12 per person, including a cock tail or two.Dinner is the third time, and Hector's address is only Avenida Casanova (there is no street number for the building in Caracas ).The phone number is 71 70 30.H.J.Maidenbergcuernavacalas M ã nanitas.If you want to eat Mexican food in a lovely setting, come to Cuernavaca and try the ramanita.Cuernavaca is located only 47 miles south of Mexico City, but it is about 3,000 feet lower than Mexico City and subtropical.A good road connects the two, and the good thing about driving is to keep you away from the terrible smoke of Mexico City.Las manajas will be crowded during the weekend, but during this week you can sit in the lush gardens surrounded by many friendly white and green peacocks, fireThe birds will stroll around your table, and when you drink, you can feed them with peanuts provided by the management.By the way, if you like rum, this is one of the best places to order wine in Mexico.Las ma ananitas is not a "pure" Mexican restaurant;it offers U.S.It's not a steak or other dish from Mexico.But they are fine.However, if you, like me, love the carefully prepared Mexican food, the spicy pork adobo in a red sauce made of several cold and cold is notable.Chef Manuel Kunto, who has been with Las manneritas since the opening of American Robert Claus 17 years ago, saw this.Taste of appetizersI would recommend pickled fish with sour orange juice, which is the raw material of the local cod sierra marinated with lime juice, or hot eel seasoned with garlic paste.But in all the dishes, prepared by La marianitas, it is a truly amazing chili rellenos.Don't miss them.One last thing about Las Mafianitas.When you order a drink at a small table near the walking bird, tell the waiter what you think you want to eat.If you want to have two drinks, just say that your meal is ready when you are ready.Then the waiter will call you to the balcony and overlook the garden.By the way, try the Black Bottom pie for dessert.Believe it or not, this is a professional house.The ramanita is in Ricardo Linares, 107.The phone number is 2-46 46.The price of a la carte main course is mostly between $3 and $4.The restaurant serves lunch and dinner.Richard severoflores‐bolognaristorante Nerina.There are dozens of good restaurants in Florence, but the restaurants listed in the guide have recently declined in quality and service, and regular restaurants are usually more wine-friendly than food.Whenever I visit Florence and can manage it, I travel by car or train to Bologna, the capital of Italian cuisine for an hour, where people still like food, and if visitors like it, too.Nerina's name is Rina (Nerina) della Libera, a 54-year-old Vicenza native, who opened 15 years ago in a square near Maggiore square in Bologna.The restaurant is decorated in the Alpine style that Italians call rural style, and most customers look serious.Advertising is natural for Bologna, and pasta dishes dominate Nerina's products.There is a great item which is a big plate with pasta specialties in the restaurant.Mrs.Della Libera says all of her pasta is homemade and she never eats canned vegetables and people tend to believe in her.After the pasta, I am usually not very interested in the meat dishes, but not very interested in the Turkey of Nerina;The sausage on the dining cart and the cuts of all kinds of meat are always tempting.The wine to drink in Bologna is brilliant sparkling crimson ramblusco, a product of poor travel in the nearby Modena region, and sanglofese and AI from romanneTwice recently, I got the most senior Lionbrusco at Nerina restaurant.The Ristorante Nerina Hotel is located at 6 Galileo square in Bologna.The phone number is 23-21-56.Nerina's is open every day except Tuesday noon to 3: 30.M.and to 11 P.M.There is a $5 tour menu.The price of the order should be $7.50 to $9.Olivier of Provence.In a city rich in restaurants, I often choose the restaurant Olivier de Provence.French chef Albert Guenter's lamb chops and other specials recall the sunny, fragrant countryside of southern France, where olive trees inspired the restaurant's name.Its location is also a unique restaurant.Located in the heart of suburban Carouge.While Carouge is only a 10-minute drive from the center of Geneva, it retains its personality from the time it lived under the flag of the Kingdom of Sardinia.The low ceilings, tastefully decorated dining rooms and the attentive care of efficient staff provide an atmosphere that aligns with local cuisine at the Olivier de Provence.The restaurant is located at 13 jacques-dalphin Street, Carouge.A completely satisfying three-course Taro dinner, a bottle of Braun in 1970, was excellent, although it was one of the more expensive products on the impressive wine list, recently, of the Americans who are anaemic today, there are about 24.S.Includes coffee and a $15 service charge per vent.Book phone 420450.Except for Sunday, lunch and dinner are served daily when the establishment is closed, and only dinner is served on Monday.Jade Garden Hong Kong.Two minutes walk from the busy Kowloon ferry terminal to the Jade Garden on the fourth floor of Star Tower. Among the many Chinese restaurants in this British colony, this has become my favorite restaurant, although it specializes in Cantonese cuisine in southern China, I have always preferred food in the north, I have lived in the Midwest for many years.However, in Hong Kong, Yuyuan provides the best Cantonese cuisine for the colony at a moderate price than in other parts of China, because Cantonese cuisine accounts for an absolute majority of 4 million people in Hong Kong, they need food they are used to and can find professional chefs to make it.The authenticity and high quality of Jade Garden cuisine is in part because the vast majority of its customers are Chinese, not tourists, and its supporters are responsible people in the colonies, who are full of the cost operators of their customers.In addition, its chef, including an expert, prepared exquisite non-Cantonese dishes such as Peking duck and beggar chicken in Hangzhou, as well as a chef, in front of the live and television audience so far, I have not yet taken part in the Great Trek of good chefs, bad chefs and indifferent chefs to Africa, the exodus from South America and the United States has ruined many of my favorite Hong Kong restaurants.Yuyuan easy to quote-Almost right next door to the bou tiques at Ocean Pier and the lobby and shops at the Peninsula and Hong Kong hotels.The decor of the restaurant is a rather pleasant ersatz Chinese, and the four can enjoy lunch for about $15, but not a tip.In a private room overlooking one of the most beautiful ports in the world, the party dinner for 10 people is about $100.If food and specialties such as shark fin soup, beggar chicken and whole steamed garoupa are omitted, family favorites such as duck with taro, shrimp casserole and various barbecuesThe Jade Garden starts at 11: 30 a.m. and opens seven days a week.M.to 11:30 P.M.Dishes can be selected on the spot from the English menu and the order for waiters who speak or learn English.Reservations can be made by calling Kowloon 661326, however, anyone planning a party would like to visit in person in advance to discuss the choice of dishes and the order of service with amiable managers and polite chefs.After work, real gourmets go to the kitchen to check, talk to the chef and watch them cook.Peggy DurdinLONDONRules.London is the best restaurant not really English town.However, the rules are worth a visit due to its atmosphere and long history.It was founded in 1798 by Thomas lure, located in the center of Covent Gardens, and many stories about it have grown up.For example, the small door leading to the landing of the narrow steps is said to have been built for Edward VII so that he can arrive without being noticed by Lily Landry.The waiter also talked about Dickens, Thackeray, galesworthy, H.G.Well, Bernard Shaw and Kathy.Although this is not the best restaurant in London, the food is in line with the rules.European restaurant-Greece, France and Italy-It's really my favorite, but the rules are my favorite place for tourists who want an English atmosphere --Not only because it is located in Covent Garden, but also because of its overall atmosphere.I would recommend smoked salmon as an appetizer and then one of a few dishes on the big menu --Maybe you can add hares and red currant jelly, or pheasant, or roast beef and Yorkshire pudding during this season.And daily specials.For dessert, if you want all English, you can pour fresh apple pie and blackcurrant pie on it.Or, if you want to relax your stiff upper lip by then, try Suster.The rules are at 35 Maiden Lane, near the Royal Opera House.The phone number is 01-836-53 14.The price of appetizers ranges from $1 to $2 for avocado and shrimp.40 lobster cocktails;Smoked salmon appetizer for $2.The main course is about $2.70, $3.Yorkshire Pudding roast beef for $25, $6.50 pieces of a whole pheasantMeals are served from noon to 3 in the evening.M.And 11: 20 to 6M.(10:15 P.M.on Saturdays).Mentor Alvin ShusterMADRIDLa.From a culinary point of view, the best thing Madrid can offer is seafood, and La Trainera is probably the best of all the good fish restaurants in the Spanish capital.Maybe too pretentious.First, eat on a polished wooden table without a tablecloth, which causes noise in the place.Another noise factor is the full room for lunch and dinner, not only at the table, but also at the long bar where people can have a drink and taste the shrimp, cock and other delicacies.Fishing nets, anchors, paddles and wooden beams make La Trainera feel like a modest fishing hotel on some shores.The secret of the restaurant is freshness.Fish, king crab, lobster, oysters, shrimp and crayfish are flown daily from the Atlantic coast and Mediterranean Sea.As La Trainera's customers are large, these perishable foods will never rot for long enough to stay around.This restaurant also has a big business in door-to-door delivery.Advertisentla 89 Trainera is a pepper.The phone number is 226 11-81.The meals for the two range from $15 to $30 (king crab and lobster are expensive ).The normal business hours of the Madrid restaurant are from 1: 30 to 3: 30.M.and 9:30 P.M.Arrive at guinigal in Mexico at about midnight.As in Mexico City and New York, it's hard to find good Mexican restaurants.The restaurant owners here tend to belittle their own dishes, in part because they think the dishes are too spicy to suit foreign tastes, part of the reason is that some newly wealthy Mexicans seem to want to replace themselves with so-called "international" restaurants that often offer fake meals.Also, contrary to what he might do in Paris or Rome, visitors should not look for small cafes or family-run restaurants in Mexico;Small remote areas are the main source of amoeba diarrhea and typhoid fever.My favorite restaurant in Mexico City, La Pergola, is not Mexican but Italian.I was introduced to me by Mexican friends who thought it was really good and they were right. The owner is Tavano, a family from the Abruzzi district in central Italy, praising God, and this festival has given Rome so many good restaurants since the export of chefs, a tradition of Abruzzi.Homemade pasta of La Pergola, especially pasta, comparable to authentic Roman noodles (I should point out that it grew up on homemade pasta and took a lot of time in Italy)My favorite dish in La Pergola is the fettucine specialty called paglia e fieno ciociara.This is homemade pasta, hot and always served al dente with countless tender chicken in the red sauce.Good pizza too.La Pergola is located in the stylish Zona Rosa (pink area) in Mexico City, just around the corner of Londres and Genova.The phone number is 5-11-30-49.A hearty dinner, including a drink in advance, costs about $8.Note: Before ordering Italian or French wine, ask how much it costs.Mexicans have imposed a terrible tax on imported wines in order to protect their wine industry.There is no difference in Mexican wine, but a white wine, St. Thomas chenning Blanc, which can be used as a table wine starting from November.If you insist on having champagne while dining anywhere in Mexico, be prepared to pay $35 to $50 a bottle.Don't say you were not warned.La Pergola is open from I P.M.to 1 A.M.every day.Mrs. Michelle, Richard Severo, Monterey ChatesIn France, the little girl named Michelin is easily referred to as just Michelle for a character in a popular nursery rhyme, as is Michelin del Bugai, she gave a childhood nickname to the most delightful restaurant in Montreal.Mrs.Delbuguet learned to cook in a restaurant run by her parents in the French Riviera, she and her husband Rene had a lot of France in brick townhouses and turned into a place to eat seven years agoThey still live in the apartment above the restaurant.Delbuguet regularly oversees food and cooking, and her husband is a commercial photographer who oversees everything else.He kept the three small restaurants in pleasant darkness and decorated their painted walls with his own photos.There are a few old pottery pieces on the rough pine beams, here is a brass lantern with a bunch of garlic cloves, wooden floors and simulated stained glass windows, completed the service and the menu was great too, although short, it is interesting to cover a wide range of French provincial cuisine, usually including daily specials that reflect the lady'sDelbuquet's early morning shopping tour in the city.Chez la Mere Michelle's food includes an incredible light lobster souffle in the Shell, beef filet steak and the last delicate onion pie.Dinner for two people, including wine, could easily cost more than $30, but it would be a good amount.Because it's in Torah.Michelle is very small, its owner does not, like many others in Montreal, succumb to the regrettable temptation to squeeze the tables together, and booking is essential.It's just that Michelle is on 1209 people Street.The phone number is 934-0473.The price of a la carte main course ranges from $3.80 to $6.80.The restaurant is open from noon to 2.M.5:30 to 10:30M.Monday to Friday.Dinner is open from 5: 30 to 10: 30 on Saturday.M.And it's closed on Sunday.William BordersMUNICHSt.Georg Weinhaus.In Munich, where it is easy to overeat or drink too much beer, it is St to go to a pleasant place at night.Georg Weinhaus is a hotel specializing in simple and delicious dishes and excellent German wines.The St.Georg Weinhaus, a family place founded 22 years ago by Franz Hurnmert, a native of the borgenhausen district of Munich, took the name of the restaurant from the parish churchGeorge.His 82-year-old mother, Martina, is one of three regular chefs, and her hearty soup and ribs recipes dominate the menu.She is the oldest working chef in Munich and still has brown hair when she was young.Her lentils soup and grilled bacon were a meal in itself.There are five arched basements, decorated in the Upper Bavarian style, with a huge beam of a farmhouse with a history of years.There are 220 seats in this place.Bar and dance music on the left, candlelight table on the right, and soft traditional music.Mr. hemmut, formerly a wine salesman, has over 60 wines in the Rhine, Mozer, Baden and Franconia regions.The St.George winhaus was a bit off the beaten path at Regent's square, but it was quickly reached by the 55-way bus from the city center.Plenty of parking nearby.Open from 7 p.M.to 3 A.M.Moderate price-The price of a simple dish or a large glass of wine is one dollar or less.Reservations should be made by calling 478318.David in Binder, place in at Alcatraz.As the city of Naples is deteriorating and the tourism business is increasing, once-famous restaurants tend to get sloppy.During my recent visits, I found that the pizza in New York was better than that in Naples, its birthplace.Seafood, especially light dishes, used to be a spare dish for Neapolitan dishes, which should be avoided today due to serious marine pollution near the city.The famous gullies Bay is still one of the greatest attractions in the world, and one of the places worth visiting is Le Arcate.The place, founded 18 years ago by Aldo Izzo, sits on a hill overlooking the bay and the crowded city.It has a huge terrace decorated with flowers.Pasta is recommended, especially pasta with four types of cheese.Different cheeses are finely ground and mixed.White Capri wine with your catering.During a recent visit, the wine of the Red House was found unsatisfactory.The advertising address is Via Aniello Falcone 249.The phone number is 683380.The restaurant is open from 1 to 3 every day except Tuesday.M.From 10: 30 to 6M.The price of a hearty lunch or dinner is between $7.50 and $10.Paul Hofmann.OTTAWAL'Opéra.I like to take guests from other places to this restaurant because it is actually in the well-designed national arts center, providing the Canadian capital with the biggest cultural promotion since 100.In addition, it overlooks the Rideau Canal, has boats in summer, and skaters in winter.Most importantly, it strives to overcome the most painful defects of the city.A different restaurant.Three years later, L'Oreal's goal was not fully achieved.The quality of food and service is uneven and unpredictable, but both are very good.At L'Oreal, one can explore the limits of overpriced steakhouse cuisine (the pillar of the Ottawa restaurant) without any risk.I usually choose from fish and seafood products, especially when I am sure one or more are fresh and come from the local area.According to manager James pound, at least one is fresh and local when the season is right.Recently, I enjoyed filling trout Kamouraska, a work by French chef Yannick Vincent of Oprah.The fresh whole Quebec trout is filled with a mushy white wine filling that admirably complements the juicy, flaky fish.I was told that my trout were crispy glazed carrots and butter asparagus, which were imported from France.Both vegetables are canned, but in the winter of Canada it is difficult to complain about canned vegetables.L'opéra compensates the various wine lists provided by Ontario's imaginative Liquor Control Board.It also has a well-stocked pastry carriage.Croquembouche, a small golden puff filled with cream, piled up into a cone and topped with a crispy caramel syrup, 75 cents.L'Oreal, located at the National Arts Center at Federation Square (996-5051), opens for lunch from noon to 2: 30.M.From Monday to Friday, eat from 6 to 10 in the evening.M.Monday to SaturdayOn the night of performing in the theater, light shows are provided from 10: 00 in the evening.M.to midnight.A big lunch costs $3 to $16, and a big dinner costs $5 to $7.50.Dishes may be as high as $8.The menu for dinner is all a la carte (for example, snail Chablisienne is $2.15).Jay WalzPARISAllard and Le Vivarois.Of course, Paris is a movable feast.If I only had 36 hours there, I would have called at least two weeks ago (must) to book, and in the eyes of many connoisseurs, dine in two small places, each of which is the best of its kind.For the old bistro, the taste here is fantastic, with solid burguns' food, and the best pojole and burguns', I will relive Arad near the holy SquareMichelle in the Latin Quarter.I will have the customer Andre Arad pick the wine according to my wallet and recommend plat du jour, but I will tend to fish and beurre blanc from Fernande Allard, next is the radish duck (if the radish is in season) or the lentils guinea hen, or, or....Allard at 41 st StreetArt of redesign.The phone number is 4848-23.People can eat for $10 to $15, including service fees and a modest glass of wine, until inflation causes prices to rise again.You can spend more money even now.Apart from Sunday, Allard opens for lunch and dinner every day.It closed on some holidays and July 20-9.1.For the best fine food in Paris, I will go to the 16 th district and the vivalos restaurant, where the gender characters are opposite: I will let Mrs. pejoro go, one of the most knowledgeable mattes d'hotel in Paris, choose wine and I will have her husband-a shy and smart chef-choose food.This has changed with marketing and his own genius, but he is known for his duck meat and veal kidneys.Modern decor.Hotel Vivarois is located at 192 Hugo Avenue, Victoria.Phone number is 504-04-31.One person can eat, service charge and moderate wine for about $15 to $20 per person-At least now.bargain.Le Vivarois is open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, open for lunch only on Sunday and close all day on Monday.It also closed during some holidays from July 14.8.John L.Janeiroché HessRIO DE janeiroché is probably the most authentic place to eat around Rio is the noisy chulakaris or steakhouse, but for a relaxing night with colonial charm, challé is a restaurant specializing in Brazilian cuisine in the Bahia region, which produces the best dishes in the country.My personal preference is for exotic seafood mixes such as coconut milk baked crab meat egg souffle, palm heart tropical salad, asparagus and shrimp, Baian fish sauce, the most important thing is the very delicate watapa, a creamy fish and shrimp dish, served with corn porridge made of rice flour and coconut milk.Foreign tourists may be overjoyed because they know that chalé does not serve the most popular food in Brazil, fifada, or stewed black beans.However, there are delicious meat dishes here.Everything should be washed off with white wine from South Rio Grande or white wine from Batida, a sugar cane brandy mixed with lemon, coconut, cashews, passion fruitChalé, built in 1884, is a beautiful colonial residence, formerly an antique shop and still decorated with antiques and paintings by local artists.The waitress is Bahian, wearing the so-called "exquisite slave costume "--It's Mini in reality.Jodiamar, known as "Black John", played a guitar and sold Bahian classics and the latest sambas.Located in Botafogo district, the Charley Hotel is a quiet place in town, and Rua da Matriz, 54, is located.The phone number is 246-4856.The average meal fee, including aperitif, wine, main course and dessert, is about $7.50.Open at 7 every night.M.to 1, A.M.or later.Brazilians usually wander between the ages of 10 and 11, probably due to the possibility of meeting tour groups before.The El Nino phenomenon in Marvin HaweROMERistorante.This is always a crowded place.Only two L-shaped roomsWhen food is not esoteric or confidential conversation is the main purpose of a meal, I like to eat near the Plaza of Spain best.The table is very close and people will inevitably get interesting clips from other customers' conversations, mainly in Italian.Nino is good for lunch and dinner, especially after 9 in the evening.M.When models from nearby high fashion companies come in and greedily enjoy their high-protein diet.There are many other beautiful girls.Advertising Nino's major is big rentalWasted steak on charcoal grillAll the meat is selected and brought to Rome from Tuscany, where the best cattle in Italy are raised.The salad is never soft in limp, and a variety of appetizers are displayed near the entrance.For Rome, Nino's glass bottle wine is very special.The Red House is actually good, though not biased, Chianti.The owner is 32-year-old Anna guannaqi, the daughter of the late giochino guannaqi, who founded the restaurant.Her first cousin, 45-year-old Francesco gualiach, is a foreman and chef.Dining Borgognona Nino is the implementation of the passage.Phone number is 679-56-76.Open every day except at 12: 30 to 3 on Sunday.M.From 7: 30 to 11M.The price of the steak is $3.30 a pound.It's a good idea to order two steaks.A full lunch or dinner with wine and appetizers, or pasta, dessert and espresso for about $7 per person.Orchard Road parking in Singapore.It's actually a parking lot during the day.But starting at six.M.It has become a lively open-air gathering place where foreigners can eat outside like Asians without worrying about being admitted to the hospital in two hours.Restaurants in Southeast Asia are for rich people and tourists;Everyone else goes to the street stall.Usually a trolley for a person or a family is actually a portable restaurant.The customer ordered a bowl of soup, a plate of fried noodles or other local spices.The raw fish, chicken, vegetables and other raw materials of the vendors are hung on the open-air hooks.Bosses, usually old men in underwear and shorts, fan their charcoal fires, heat-release oil, or cook pots in their dens.Foreigners usually escape at a glance.There are good reasons.Health facilities are unknown in most Southeast Asian countries, with flies and garbage everywhere.This is not the case at Orchard Road parking.Singapore is the cleanest city in Asia.Cigarette butts thrown on the street can be fined $165.The health department is very strict. people say there are more golf balls in Singapore than flies.The parking lot is spotless and fly-free. it is the best place to really eat Asian cuisine.On the street.Set up about 40 different booths every nightMainly Chinese, some Malay and some Indians.No menu.You simply walk to the middle of them, spit out interesting dishes and ask for some.You can then stand by the booth and watch the chef prepare your choice or sit at a simple picnic-like table waiting for it to come.There are dozens of dishes to choose fromSate (meat skewer), fried noodles, spicy fried squid, rice, curry, all kinds of egg rolls, as well as things like fish lip soup or fried pork mouth for adventure.Advertising no price list.The price of each dish is usually between 25 and 50 cents, and if you order from five or six different stalls, everyone will come and pick it up when you are ready to leave.Very close to Orchard Road parking.Main hotel.It has no more specific address than "crossing the road from a refrigerated supermarket. It is open at about 7 every night.M.to 1 A.M.You will only find parked cars during the day.James P.On the beach in Watson Bay.Come to this famous seafood restaurant and the beach is part of the fun.Take a car or bus to Watson Bay, 7 miles from downtown Sydney, and cross the luxurious "Eastern Suburbs" to admire the breathtaking sea view one by one.The best part is the view of the restaurant itself, overlooking the city's towering skyline from the port.Doyle at Watson Bay "has been in the same place since 1885," as the logo on the old frame building said.Australia's strong influence has completely overwhelmed the tourists at hand, usually including some celebrities in the town.I prefer the Doyle restaurant in Watson Bay, not the sister restaurant near Rose Bay, because the famous green mouth dish in the wine is a dish and the menu is listed as the Portuguese Green mouth.The other favorites are Queensland mud crabs, jewfish and John Dory, which are unique to the coastal waters of New South Wales.All the fish, only grilled or fried, are caught on the day you eat.Several young waitresses represent the fifth generation of the Doyle family in the seafood industry.Doyle is at ine Parade 11 Mar in Watson Bay.Is the phone number 937?The place is open from noon to afternoon.M.5:30 to 9:30M.Every day except ChristmasThe price of most main courses ranges from $3 to $5: There is no bar, but customers can bring their own wine or order by the waiter at the next hotel, which is also Doyle's property.Exclusive to Robert TrumbullTEL AVIVZion and Zion.Zion restaurant and its affiliated restaurant are located in the dilapidated Yemen area and are known as Zion exclusive restaurant.Zion opens at 8 in the morning to serve hungry laborers after a hard night at the busy fruit and vegetable market.(Zion is exclusive, more exclusive, not open until noon.At midnight, Zion was packed with people after the movie who spilled in three small rooms and spilled over the table on the sidewalk.During the day, office staff, Labor, outsiders from other parts of Israel and foreign tourists changed one in the restaurant, the other, to share its Oriental bean soup, spicy dipping sauce and barbecueThere is no decoration here, but the atmosphere here is sincere, the food is fresh, the portions are abundant, the service is very friendly very quickly, and the delicious food can be bought for $2.It is also strict with Jewish food.Behind Zion, away from the hustle and bustle, is the exclusive of Zion, providing more time and money for diners.The fare and environment are also certified here.But on another levelUniformed waiters serve the popular shashlik and kebab in a more gorgeous style, with diners sitting at fake copper tables.Cut meat that is out of reach of the previous producer and staff.The specials are an incredible mix designed by manager Marla Hart, who prepares about hundreds of dishes a day.Most of them are mysterious, and for an interesting experience, customers are advised to order their own food with a hard scalp.The main course with spices can be carrots, pears, garlic, radishes or artichokes.It could be an adventure and a great meal.The code and code are exclusive on 28 Peduyim Street.Phone numbers are 58714 and 57324.Dining costs range from $2 to $4 in Zion and $6 to $9 exclusive in Zion.Zion opens from 8 in the morning.M.Until after midnight.Closed on Friday afternoon and not reopened until Saturday night.Zion is open exclusively from noon to 3: 30.M.and 6:30 P.M.to midnight;Closed all day on Friday and not open again until Saturday night.The ad moshe BrilliantA version of this file was printed on page 7 of the New York edition on February 25, 1973, with the title: Reporter's choice: eating around the world like a local.
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