couple using charcoal grill for heat die of poisoning - charcoal grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-25
couple using charcoal grill for heat die of poisoning  -  charcoal grill
Earlier on Thursday, a couple used a charcoal grill to heat their apartment and died of carbon monoxide poisoning, authorities said.
Agripino Ajquejay, 43, and his wife, Ermelinda Lopez, 51, were found dead at home in 14900 block of Vanowen Street before 7 in the morning. m.
Detective killing said.
Al Aldez of the Los Angeles Police Department.
The victim was 19 by Ajquejay-year-
The old son of Mauricio
Police say Ajquejay, a recent immigrant from Guatemala, died on a phone.
"The husband has enough awareness at some point to try to make a phone call," Aldez said . " Death is accidental, he added.
The tragedy is not uncommon, officials say, especially in cold weather where a grill is used for heating or cooking.
US spokesman Ken Giles says carbon monoxide smoke from charcoal grills and hibachis is used indoors, killing about 30 people a year and 300 entering the emergency roomS.
Consumer Product Safety Committee
"Never use charcoal in the interior, in the House, in the vehicle and in the tent," says Giles . ".
Carbon monoxide is a smelly, colorless, toxic gas produced by burning fuel.
Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include dizziness, weakness, nausea, confusion and disorientation.
Even if no deadly smoke is found, victims are often defeated.
"The couple basically slept dead," said the city fire chief . ". Steve Ruda.
Jackie and Lopez-
According to neighbors, devout Jehovah's Witnesses-
Stayed in their small apartment for about two months.
Sylvia Valencia, 48, a resident of the apartment building, said: "She doesn't know how her children are doing . ".
"She really wanted to bring them here.
Another neighbor, Lydia Akif, said Lopez regularly came to see Akif six weeks after her baby was born.
"I think she has been attracted to children since all her children have grown up," Aceves said . ".
"She will come and play with the kids and tell him how beautiful he is. . . .
She misses her baby, I think.
The neighbor called Ajquejay a construction worker who was helpful, honest and quiet.
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