Culinary expert serves up a feast of barbecue dos and don'ts - what's the best charcoal grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
Culinary expert serves up a feast of barbecue dos and don\'ts  -  what\'s the best charcoal grill
As temperatures continue to rise in the mainland this week, the barbecue season officially began.Cook teacher and writer Claire Tansey stops on the north side of the Northwest Studio to advise on how to navigate your inner BBQ master.Tansey, author of the recipe "simple", said she firstThe most important thing isThe rule is not the most fascinating: Clean your grill."The taste is better," said Tansey ."."It won't be as good as last week's grilled shrimp skewers, and it also makes the barbecue work more efficiently."It is not possible to gently scratch with a brush that rarely replaces the grill.Tansey recommended solid deep cleaning at the beginning of the season, the other halfway through.Charcoal or gas?When it comes to choosing your heat source, Tansey says you won't go wrong anyway, depending on your preference."The gas BBQ is perfect for those quick and easy weekend dinners," says Tansey .".But she also touted the benefits of charcoal roasting."If it's the weekend, I have time --Maybe a drink with one hand.I like to use charcoal.It really brings so much flavor.Tansey also recommends using real charcoal on cheap coal balls."The coal balls are mostly fake, there are a lot of chemicals in it, and I think the taste of the chemicals is inevitably transferred to the food, "tasain protein, the dominant steak maker, said the cooking teacher said that the meat was placed on a hot grill, allowing the sides to sit for a minute and a half, and the meat turned brown.After that, it should be transferred to indirect heating with the lid closed, and it will continue to cook for 4 to 10 minutes depending on your preference.The flame should never rise from the grill, says Tansey."When the flame began to rise through the grill, it began to wrap the food..."It will sing and it will turn black, not only will it taste bad but it will also be bad for your health," Tansey warned .".What does not belong on the grill is known for grilling to enhance the flavor of the ingredients on the grill, but there are some things that are not recommended: fruit."I don't think eating a barbecue really improves the fruit."It's inevitable that no matter how clean your grill is, it will end up tasting like last week's salmon, which is not very good," says Tansey .".However, there are exceptions to each rule.She admitted eating grilled pineapple occasionally."It gets good, caramel and Brown," says Tansey ." Let her sample budsto lead her to a new recipe."A little vanilla ice cream and a little lemon juice is actually a really nice dessert.
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