cyprus bbq goes friendly to earth and heart - bbq skewers stainless steel

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-26
cyprus bbq goes friendly to earth and heart  -  bbq skewers stainless steel
NICOSIA (Reuters Life! )-
Cyprus equivalent to national sportsthe barbeque —
In the form of "ecology", it presents a healthier and ecological turning point. souvla”.
Souvla, which means Greek barbecue, is probably the best barbecue in Cyprus
Casual bars that enjoy watching football, drinking coffee and smoking.
It's easy to understand why it's so difficult to resist the temptation to take a bite on charcoal
Cooked meat or fish-
On the island of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, the tempting smell of barbecue meat has drifted through the air most of the time.
The taste and taste are good, but experts say it is not healthy either.
Doctors have accused barbecue meat of being the cause of most heart attacks in Cyprus, and it is widely believed that residues mixed with coal smoke and fat drops are carcinogenic. Now, a new-
This sharp-tooth device can solve all these problems. The eco-souvla.
Its inventor, 54-year-
Kyriacos Parmatzis, an old mechanical engineer, said his equipment is environment-friendly and easy in the heart.
"The meat is softer and healthier and there is no carbon dioxide on it," he said . ".
His reasoning is simple, in the case that the charcoal used in the barbecue does not discharge the smoke, the carbon dioxide will not be emitted in the atmosphere, and the meat will not be smoked --
Discharged from carcinogenic smoke
"There is no fuel to ignite the charcoal, and the only smoke emitted is when you first light the charcoal," he said . ".
Parmatzis began working on the idea in 2004 and took 3 years to get it running.
A small amount of coal is placed in a rectangular metal basket and installed in a stainless steel installation, which is called "Fuku" in the Cypriot dialect ".
Then light it with a flashlight and cover it.
When coal shines, it's time to put the skewers or fish skewers in the right place.
"The idea is a bet," Parmatzis said . ".
"A guy from the capital (Nicosia)
I said, I bet you can't do suvara without smoke, so I took the challenge.
"Cooking time is cut by half, so it takes an average of 45 minutes for your chicken or pork, about an hour for lamb, and 10 to 15 minutes for fish.
At the same time, the consumption of charcoal is the smallest, which is 2.
5 kg of coal can cook 10 kg of meat.
The biggest device can cook 48 kg of meat in a small bag of charcoal.
The annual sales of new equipment with registered patents averaged £ 40 and £ 90% for hotels.
At the international level, most of the sales come from the UK and Germany, where there are a large number of Cypriot and Greek communities.
The road to success is not without shortcomings.
"He is making souvla every day to test the equipment and I will complain that we had souvla the day before," his wife Stella said . ".
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