Dare to eat 'Fugu' - Times of India - high quality charcoal bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-03
Dare to eat \'Fugu\' - Times of India  -  high quality charcoal bbq grill
There are no two ways.The most good-The biggest Japanese restaurant has finally opened in Mumbai.(More information on food, services and prices ).It is also the only restaurant that supplies deadly, toxic, well-known, expensive (only 20 restaurants are available in the United States and the EU has banned them ).What exactly is Fugu?Please look at the photos, do you see a pale white piece on the chef's plate?Sorry!Man, that's exactly what this deadly fish looks like when it comes to fish fillets and when it's ready to eat, but fugu (Porpoise) carries the deadly porpoise toxin that kills people.Only licensed chefs can clear and serve the poison.After two years of rigorous training (only 30 per cent passed the training.This does not mean that another 70 people died of fugu poisoning), although one of the Iron Chefs died of fugu poisoning.Chef Kato Toshikazi was licensed and I ate the deadly fugu and survived to tell the story...Good news and bad news.Good news: this is the world famous Four Seasons hotel chain.The bad news is: it was placed in an officebuilding-It looks very similar in crowded places.The good news: to make up for the location, the hotel looks like it was in war, in other words, it looks great inside.The sniffing dog at the door is accompanied by a charming and enthusiastic security guard (which is good news), but valet parking is a mandatory Rs 90 (you can decide whether this is good news or bad news ).Whenever I travel, I enjoy the absolute assurance of the style, luxury, comfort and service of the Four Seasons Hotel.My heart is always singing, but my wallet is stung.Four Seasons three (three) is a large restaurant on the wrong floor, offering three dishes (without prizes ).The lower class is Chinese and Indian, and the upper class is Japanese.A dramatic staircase connects two people, a glass bottle and a martini Cup (cleverly balanced ).) I only review Japanese today.Great space and light on highWooden dining room with ceiling.Short comprehensive lunch and dinner menu (also Omakase ).Sit next to three counters (Robatayaki, teppanyaki, sushi) or tables.You have to ask for Robatayaki (charcoal grilled with minimal marinade and sauce) in the flavor o (Rs 1100), which is the perfect balance of texture and taste and melts firmly.The chicken is delicious, and the deer meat.But how can you eat the grill and there is no beef on the menu?Fresh, perfectly sliced, with a variety of sashimi (including fugu, which, by the way, tastes mild) (sashimi platter Rs 900 ).Sushi (Rs 1,400) is freshly harvested in Tsukiji with perfect ingredients.Nigiri sushi (unless you ask for maki rolls) (I like to pick up the sushi with my fingers and it's the right thing to do.To the master Kato ).His specialty (crispy sushi (Rs 450) tuna, wrapped with rice, sesame seeds and cream, and vegetable sushi (Rs 250) wrapped with hummus is okayish.Another day, we tried vegetables and non-vegetables.Box VFM lunch (Rs 700 ).The taste and taste are very rich (soup, sashimi, grilled meat rack, cold dishes, hairy beans, fish cake ).) Chawanmushi (Rs 250) egg milk frozen was great at dinner and the desserts changed every day.Worth a try.Sake and wine are also good options.Finally, remember that it may become expensive because the portion size is not large.Good service but slow.The atmosphere of temptation.However, do not look for contemporary or gorgeous adaptations of Japanese food.Only when you die.High-hard fanThe quality of traditional Japanese cuisine.
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