Design and Construction of a Kerosene Fueled "Gasification" Grill - 3 burner gas grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-29
Design  and Construction of a Kerosene Fueled \
1st question is why?Why not!You can cook with kerosene, bake with it, bake with it, cool your food, freeze your food, heat your water, and even light up your home.So why not use a grill?Why is monthly ndquestion?Because I think it's better than a small gas grill.Every gas grill I make has hot and cold places.You have to move food around to get a grate full of food at the same time.Why is there a problem?Ever emptied the traditional gas grill among the chefs?Is there a spare tank?Most don't.No problem. just go to the store and change tanks.Oops!It was a holiday and everything was closed.With this "perfect gasification" Grill, just refill the gallon glassjug!Isn't propane better for the "gas" grill?Define better?It has faster lights.It burns cleaner but produces more water vapor and carbon dioxide.It could explode if released into the air.Kerosene "gasification" Grill is a bit difficult to ignite, it is a bit dirty to burn, and it will never explode if released into the atmosphere!Kerosene has been successfully used in stoves and stoves for centuries.So my crazy idea is to use multiple stove burners in a traditional gas grill.I would also like to reduce or eliminate the hot and cold spots that are prevalent in traditional gas grills.So I'm going to take advantage of my extensive experience with kerosene stoves to build a better grill than a gas grill of similar size.I know this order is very high.From the picture above, = gasification kerosene stove barbecue!Because I won'tI will not try to design my own gas grill body by inventing the wheel.Most 2 -The 3 burner gas grill is built at price rather than quality.Therefore, most burners are in 2-3 yrs.Most of these grills are in local recycling/transfer stations.Few people rebuild with new factory burners or after-sales stainless steel burners.So it doesn't take much searching to find a 2 year UniFrame GBC 1103 W, 2 27,000 Btu output burners in the recycling center, and a very good chassis.Peel it off to the bare chassis and start rebuilding.You have to start somewhere and for a kerosene grill it comes with a fuel tank holder and a fuel delivery pipeline.Remove the rotten burner and tub.Cut off the bottom of the tub and let the chimney pour the heat into the tub.I would cheat and use the exact spacing between the top of the chimney and the stove on the perfect stove, and transfer that size to the grill, which is not measured from the top of the chimney until now to the bottom thermal diffuser.The height from the top of the chimney to the hot plate should be the same as the top of the chimney of the perfect stove to the height of the cooking grate (2 in.).No sense re-Invented wheels here.Space inghas has been tested since 1906 and it works fine!Three spikes for burnersfor 24,000 Btu, we'll see if it really works!I bought three used perfect stoves and chimneys from Ebay.The Kerosenefeed tube is 3/8 black iron pipe.The spacing of the fixed burner shows a minimum distance of 6-3/8 ", the feed port, is the best.Provide enough space for the chimney.The goal here is to keep the burner as close as possible, even if heated in the middle of the cooking surface, and to distribute the heat to someone else's cooking surface using a custom stainless steel thermal diffuser.The perfect factory uses Straight, No.Connect the feed pipe to the tapered thread on the well.However, the range spacing of the factory feed pipe burner is too far for uniform heating.So you have to "own ".This un-Black Iron for Tapered threads is hard to find.I used a brass nipple and it always doesn'tHe drilled into the kerosene well.Tighten the thread using a large amount of Teflon tape.Make sure your Teflon tape is rated as a petrochemical product.The next step is 45 degrees elbow.These two pieces match the curved feed pipe of the factory.Perfect furnace company uses aluminum holes to put kerosene into the burner.The original and current production of the Schwartz stove used 1/4 of the scrap line32, in addition to the Schwartz factory, it is difficult to get the tap locally.I chose Allen for 1/4 as it fits the modern plastic seal (the vintage seal is soft lead ).) Is a modern 1/4-28 threads, so it is easy to get the tap.The lathe can drill the bolts vertically to match the size of the factory hole, 0.135 ", when it is on the lathe, reduce the Allen head to the original factory size of 0.303 "to install the feeding hole of the burner 0.307".Each burner is placed on the feed pipe with a bend hook under the feed pipe.Then, place a clip above the feed port and tighten it, creating a leak-free seal when the burner is pushed onto the nylon seal.Now the hole is inside the burner, ready to deliver kerosene to the wick.3 Original perfect Stove Company chimney with rings on top and bottom, 6-The inlet spacing is 3/8 "and hits each other.The Schwartz 1 rotating chimney currently produced would be better here.Next, put the glass fuel tank into the kerosene well and conduct a leak test on the burner.There should be no leakage if done right.And no!Probably know what I'm doing!The bathtub is in place and when the chimney is tilted back to light, check if it is appropriate.More permission is needed.Cut and re-check again.Three burners were then lit.I put the stainless steel thermal diffuser and cooking grate in place and throw it on the steak and some boneless pork chops.Even if there are no obvious hot spots or cold spots, the heat seems obvious.Obviously, the heavy duty stainless steel thermal diffuser I made of thin tin sheet is working.I also noticed that the burner leaked with the burner heating and the expansion of brass!Obviously that's why the burner was originally removed from the vintage stove and sold separately on Ebay!!Heat is well distributed from the edge to the edge according to the infrared image.Does the center burner seem to be cold on the upper side??It reads 50 degrees.Cooler than the surrounding area.However, actually cooking on it, I didn't notice the "cold" place at all??!I went to Bern, England.To Schwartz MfgThey're still doing pre-processing factories.Perfect stove and stove.This is a trip to Schwartz factory.Here is a video of the 331X furnace Wick made on the original pre-war machinery.I bought three new burners with Wick and three new 1-piece rotating chimneys.They are very new and bright.They won't leak!With a rotating chimney, I now have the correct spacing between the chimneys.This combustion shows the limitations of using an indoor burner.They don't like the breeze at all.So the solution is to wrap the frame of the grill with aluminum flashing and then paint it black to match the frame.This creates a Dead Air Space as a baffle for the breeze.The grill is now finished and after a chicken cooking I had to place a baking tray to capture the grease that was fogged and condensed on the top cover and then drop to the bottom of the tub to the ground.What we do and do.3X8000 btu burner = 24,000 btu, so it is a little less than the propane version of 27,000 btu, but since it has such a uniform heat, it seems to cook very fast.It only uses very little kerosene.(138,000 btu per gallon of kerosene and 93,000 btu per gallon of propane) pay attention to the fuel tank, the food is full before we start cooking, we cooked all the food with about a dollar of kerosene (the current price of local clear kerosene is $3 ).39/gal.No, there's nothing more delicious than kerosene!What seems to be the problem!:) This is the official TEP video of the gasification grill.Now, I don't want anyone to actually build another kerosene gasification grill other than TEP, but this can be done because it cooks better than other small propane gas grills, we ask for home cooking on the propane version we still have (but no longer use it ).
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