discover your metal best - the grill rust

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-28
discover your metal best  -  the grill rust
My backyard is cool, calm and chic.
In the shade of a swaying maple tree, a patio made of smooth aluminum and teak is located.
The grill sparkled like a new Cadillac.
Gardening tools sparkled in the sun, while potted plants, so healthy, are almost vulgar, neatly arranged in stylish matching pots.
Then I woke up from drifting down on my old metal chair, which was coated with sad peeling paint and large scaly rust.
In the eyes of some peopleme-
Covered garden tools with rust and porch railings in urgent need of exfoliating and painting.
Considering that they have been used outdoors for at least decades, wear and tear is inevitable.
Rust occurs when oxygen is in contact with certain metals and forms a new compound called oxide.
As Neil Young suggested, it never sleeps.
The huge dollar figure between my dreams and reality is not in the family budget, so I resigned.
Fortunately, there are several products that can repair aging metal furniture, tools, pots and barbecues.
The first task is to release and remove rust, paint debris and dirt.
To remove rust from the tool, try using the rust eraser on the Lee Valley tool (leevalley. com). These three-by-two-
There is grinding material in the Inch block, which can clean up tools, decorative pieces and even blackened camp cookware in a wet or dry way.
They have coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand. Cost is $5. 50 each or $14.
95 is a group.
Li Gu also sells Evapo-Rust, a water-
Rust remover that can be reused many times and does not cause damage to plastics, rubber and most paints. A 32-
$9 an ounce. 95, and one-
The gallon can costs $27. 50.
Another useful tool to remove rust is Dremel 10. 8-volt lithium-
Ion cordless rotary tool.
It is light weight, easy to use and has accessories for almost every family trivia imaginable.
Dremel sells a model that includes 40 accessories and chargers at a home improvement store for about $120.
While this may be expensive, keep in mind that this tool has a lot of uses for repairs, workmanship, and maintenance.
For more information, visit dremel. com.
Once the metal furniture is stripped, it can be restored with a metallic paint coating from manufacturers such as Tremclad, which can be applied to the metal surface without primer.
It is formulated to prevent moisture and rust from forming a seal.
Now, its decorative colors are very popular, with pistachios, grapes and beautiful soft yellow color.
The recommended retail price is $5.
29 a jar, a quick and easy way to clean up existing fixtures such as outdoor fixtures, or turn the metal headboard or garage for sale items such as old carts, interesting garden art.
For more information, go to rustoleum. com.
If it looks tired is a barbecue, think twice before you drag it to the side of the road and save for a new barbecue. Rust-
Hair felt is a spray painting that can resist temperatures up to CUCC and prevent rust and corrosion.
It has almonds, black, silver and white and can be used for barbecues, wood burning stoves, radiators, engines and other metal items.
In the home shop, it is available for about $7 a can.
To refresh the surface treatment of wrought iron or other metal products, or add a new metal surface treatment for wood, wicker or ceramic sheet, from Krylon (krylon. com).
The paint is dry in about 10 minutes and has five shades, including warm brown metal tones that are now very popular.
It also comes with a hammer finish in black, brown and silver.
Krylon also has a new indoor/outdoor paint that can be used on a variety of materials, including metal, and has a rainbow-like color, including some new shades such as oranges, watermelon and crispy skin.
Krylon also made a line called Fusion for plastic, which has three "metal" finishes-shimmer, hammer and prism effects.
The price starts around $11-$6. ounce can.
The latest generation of Krylon spray has a new tip that rotates 360 degrees.
This means that the user can spray at any angle and in the hardto-
Easy access to attractions.
The new tip also spray paint with a fan instead of a cone pattern, which Krylon says covers more areas at a time, reducing running and dripping.
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