DIY Grill Hack: Build a Platform for Your Grill - foldable portable gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-05
DIY Grill Hack: Build a Platform for Your Grill  -  foldable portable gas grill
We live in a house built before a gas grill or any other consumer Grill appears, so we are the perfect candidate for our own outdoor love grill hack: a grill platform made of wood, you can build it yourself.Because our house was designed with a porch instead of a deck, our summer was outdoors --Ing is centered around our rattan stand where we have a great place to sit down and hang out ----But there is no place to place our grill except to sink into the lawn.So it makes sense for us to put the Grill near that area.To reach this level, the first part of this grill hack is to clean up some soil.To stay stable, we dug a little more and put a few inches of pea gravel as the basis.Next, we mounted the box.We adjusted it wide enough for one person to cook, and the grill, grill master and a small table or cooler were long enough ----4-feet x 8-feet.The two long films are 8-feet long.The two shorter ends are 44-inches.Cut 45-Inches are perfect for 4-Foot armor board.Cut them short and you can have 1/2-inch over-Hang on the deck in case the board or cut surgery is not accurate and give you a little room for maneuver.You know the box is "square" (all corners are 90-Degrees) when you pull the diagonal.When both tapes are measured--Hook at one end in the same way, read from the same edge of the blade at the other end---The same number is displayed.We put a beam in the middle. the box is square.That's93-inches long.Note: knock 1/8 if it doesn't fit-inch off.We built this grill hack with a mitchsaw, but the saw can do the job as well.Because math doesn't actually work, force it in.It just bends the box and may knock it out of the square.We then installed the square box and then the end deck plate.This is very suitable.Then---Although it weighs less than a ton.--We moved it in, carefully checked the level in both directions, and then started installing the deck board (note: We did the whole thing with western red cedar ).Measure regularly to make sure you stay 1/2-There are protruding parts of inches on both sides.As your grill is finished, it's time to heat up and bake me some burgers!Yeah and yummy.
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