do-it-yourself barbecue party - where can i buy a bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-02
do-it-yourself barbecue party  -  where can i buy a bbq grill
Few things in life are as enjoyable as having parties with friends and family, cooking food together and having a good time in a scenic setting.
New 'do' Penang-island Seaview CentralIt-
Your own barbecue promotion at the beach allows you to do this without the hassle of preparing or cleaning up.
Served throughout the day at Horizon cafe, ideal for any occasion, the price per adult is only RMB 50, and the price for children aged four to twelve is RMB 30.
You don't need a large group of people to enjoy the feast as there are only two adults for the minimum order.
However, pre-booking and payment of the deposit is required.
For groups of several people, a few hours notice is enough.
Large parties need to be booked at least one day in advance.
Diners can choose from two menus that offer similar food but taste slightly different.
All of this will be placed on the mini buffet counter near the table.
Each dining party has its own baking tray so everyone can have a barbecue together.
The purpose is leisure and interaction, but those who don't like cooking have the option to sit down and leave everything to the hotel chef.
Menu A is served with carjun beef slices, marinated lamb chops, chicken curry, filet with foil and large shrimp skewers.
Hot BBQ and black pepper sauce.
Diners can also enjoy creamy mushroom soup with rolls.
Other items include mixed vegetable salad, coleslaw, potato salad, fried rice in the east, potato corner and fresh fruit.
The Grill in Menu B is destined for Cajun beef slices, marinated lamb chops, marinated chicken chops, Nyonya Sambal fillets and giant chicken satay with prawns.
Hot BBQ and Ulan sauce.
Along with fried macmark and mini potatoes, salad, fruit and rolls.
Divide items according to the number of diners.
The menu is flexible, so if your diet is not allowed, just inform the staff and they will suggest a suitable replacement.
Both sets come with unlimited frozen fruit punch heads.
Those who like to bring their own wine and beer may do so, but there is a 10 yuan bottle opening fee.
People who celebrate their birthdays will receive a piece of free cake.
The beachside cafe offers delicious food with panoramic views of the Penang Strait and Andaman Sea, making it special for any occasion.
The waiter is trained to be attentive but will not disturb the guests, so the diners can fully enjoy the opportunity.
Easy and troublesome booking-free. Call 04-
8909300 and make reservations and inquiries with Alvin/Maylee/Megat.
Otherwise, go to www.
Penang hotel. com.
See mine for more information.
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