don't go for the burn: the fine art of the barbecue - charcoal grill

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don\'t go for the burn: the fine art of the barbecue  -  charcoal grill
With the first warm bank holiday of the year, men of man will have an impulse, especially if he happens to be British.
He forgot the failures of previous years, and once again started a dangerous campaign aimed at arousing the envy of men and the praise of women.
A young man likes barbecue in spring. Everyone has
Sales of barbecues and related products have reportedly surged.
Tesco is expected to sell millions of bags of charcoal over the next two days.
250,000 chicken wings, drums and thighs each; 3.
5 million sausages;
12 million bottles and cans of beer;
And 600,000 barrels of ice cream.
Homebase reports that barbecue demand has increased since the same period last year, while John Lewis's sales have increased by 90 in the past week.
White Rose expects sales of its barbecue products to grow by 25 percentage points last Easter.
Homebase is expected to sell enough gas this week to "fuel the 300,000 BBQ ".
But men are particularly vulnerable. (
In a recent B & Q survey, more than a couple said the man in the house was responsible for the barbecue. )
Even if they have never produced anything more demanding than boiled eggs in the kitchen, most men consider themselves nudist for outdoor cooking.
This is probably the last remnant of the Hunter.
Collection instinct
With the arrival of warm weather, this cave manin-a-
Pinny was conquered by an original instinct and wanted to go to the butcher's shop to buy sausages and burgers.
So the rolling cloud of hydrocarbons
The scent of smoke rises in the backyard of the whole land.
Soon after the flame is extinguished, the consequences of this culinary arrogance will be presented to those guests who are ready for Bloody Mary or beer.
These burnt offerings were wrapped in a shabby bun, both literally and figuratively enjoyed with relish.
Barbecue is an indulgence.
Fresh air and alcohol stimulate our appetite and we consume a lot more than indoors.
According to a nutrition study conducted last year, the average calories in a barbecue restaurant exceeded 3,000 calories.
For women, this is the recommended intake for a day and a half.
Our BBQ is often greasy, meaty and greedy, but there is no reason for that.
The main rules for charcoal grilling are: Don't rush.
Contrary to public opinion, it is not fast food.
You don't just wait for the flame to disappear before cooking.
Only when the charcoal is completely gray Gray will you apply the meat to the grill.
Also, the meat is not necessarily hamburgers, sausages and (ugh! )chicken legs.
Barbecue spectacle limited to these wells-
The tried favorites let the guest plan to quit the celebration early so he can enjoy something more delicious at home.
We should get some tips from the beduine people who don't eat anything but BBQ and can also eat some lamb.
Lamb chops or spareribs marinated with olive oil and lemon are the best of all barbecues.
If you are lucky enough to live near a Turkish supermarket where there are still traditional slaughter techniques, the butcher will even split the standard spareribs into two parts to produce the perfect finger food.
You might as well buy all kinds of mutton skewers (
Much better than suspicious burgers or Russian dishesPacked sausage)
You have a kidney while you're there.
In his barbecue book "Food in fire", Charles campien even has a good recipe for chicken liver that you can get frozen in the supermarket.
Marinate a dozen plump liver in the port with two chopped garlic cloves 12-18 hours.
Peel off the leaves from 12 rosemary branches, leave a cluster of leaves at the end, and string the liver on the branches.
Put on a piece of tin paper and cook on the barbecue for 6 minutes, often turning over and over.
Brush with melted butter, season and serve.
They should be pink when you bite them.
But there is no law that says it should be meat.
Grilled sardines are the default snacks for the Portuguese.
When the oil of the fish is squeezed by lemon, there is very little better outdoor food.
You can also order scallops, prawns, and big hali fish steak with deep pockets.
If you happen to have a perforated cooking container, you can even make shellfish when you grill.
The smell of smoke is never better than this.
Clambake is the biggest festival feast on the coast of the United States.
Here, the light dishes are cheaper, easier to buy, and the work is just as good.
Brush with oil and lemon, cook until the skin is sour and dark, and the vegetables are transformed by the senses in the barbecue.
Zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, onions and onions
The cooked potatoes taste the same as the ordinary protein.
But what kind of grill are you using?
When any of the two fairly skilled barbecue shops meet, it's just a matter of a moment when they either sincerely agree or stand in front of each other's throat.
There is a big difference in this way of cooking: charcoal or gas.
When I started the barbecue, I used a Japanese grill called hiachi.
This is just a hot charcoal tray that allows wooden
Can be set in the treatment grill above different levels of heat.
Although it is prone to rapid corrosion, it is also good for simple barbecues (
Especially when I forgot to bring it indoors in winter)
This prompted the acquisition of a new hibachi each year.
Later, I changed one with a porcelain pot made in Illinois --
The Webb-based company dominates the barbecue market like a smoky behemoth.
This is also very good.
Even better, it can be used for baking and direct grilling.
So why did I switch to gas again, a way of cooking that I sincerely urge anyone who takes the barbecue seriously?
The answer is simple: time.
With a gas barbecue, outdoor cooking has become a fast food once --a-year show-
That's what Offs thinks.
Last night, when part of our Yorkshire coast, while the rest of the country was bathed in the sun, we were plagued by a cold sea annoyance or fog, and I baked crab cakes and tomatoesinstant supper.
It is as delicious as spontaneous.
But the heat of this can is regarded as a curse by the avid barbecue lovers.
"God, no," says Tom Parker Bowles, a food writer . ". "How can you?
The barbecue is to get fantastic smoke from charcoal.
You don't smell like smoke without charcoal.
Others disagree.
Charles Campine says the only thing you miss is the long wait to use the gas, when the charcoal is on fire first and then heated to the gray ash phase.
At this stage, there is no smoke rising in the charcoal, so there is no smoke smell.
The smell of smoke comes from fat dropped from the meat on the coal or from the oil marinade dripping from fish or vegetables.
Gas is not only fast, but also adjustable.
If you cook a big meal on a charcoal grill, you may need to replenish the fuel at some stage, waiting for the fuel to turn white.
You just have to turn a knob.
This is especially useful in a country with unpredictable weather.
Changes in ambient temperature, whether due to weather changes or night falls, will have a huge impact on cooking time.
Food cooked in a trice in the middle
On a cool night, the day can test people's patience to the limit.
Patience, coupled with a little experience and some adventurous shopping, is the key to the success of the barbecue.
But one more thing to remember.
Men are not born with talent in barbecue.
Like other cooking branches, you need to learn how to cook.
At our house, at outdoor parties, it's usually my wife waving spatula and pliers.
Except crab cakes, of course.
I can do this.
Ten barbecue grills.
If using charcoal, wait for it to turn gray before starting cooking. 2.
Before cooking, soak the food in olive oil and lemon juice with ribs, fish and vegetables. 3. Do not over-season.
We often use too much salt when barbecuing. 4.
Don't overcook, especially meat.
If the juice is clear when you push the skewers into cooked meat, it's over. 5.
Spray lemon juice on the food as a delicious lubricant when cooking.
Plastic bottles of lemon juice are the cheapest. 6.
Follow the recipe from a barbecue cooking expert: Turkish, Iberian, North African. 7.
Invest in a decent BBQ instead of buying an endless range of disposable pallets. 8.
Remember, cooking meat during a barbecue is not a must. 9.
With a gas BBQ, you won't have to limit outdoor cooking to a very high range.
Temperature days and holidays. 10.
Don't drink too much.
The chef does not need to marinate with the food.
Ultimate Gourmet barbecue?
You can guarantee the "wow" factor when you grill the lobster.
The Russian salad is a bit out of date and used to look always made with frozen mixed vegetables but not needed.
You can use any seasonal vegetables at hand in this recipe.
Lobster weighing about 500.
600g vegetable oil or corn oil per grain for applying sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 lemon serving Russian salad 2
3 thick spear of asparagus, cut into 1 cm pieces after trimming
14 mung beans, cut into 1 cm slices and 2 carrots after trimming, peeled and cut pieces
6 cm cucumber, cut pieces, dig out 2 scallions from seeds, cut 6 large radishes, wash and cut pieces5 medium-
New potatoes of the size, cooked with skin, peeled and cut6tbsp good-
Quality mayonnaise1tbsp chopped chives1tbsp chopped parsleyIf you are using live lobsters, fast through the mid-line portrait with a large knife, kill them before boiling
2-boiled lobster
3 minutes, then the water is cooled.
Cook the asparagus, beans and carrots in boiling water for a minute, then drain and cool.
Mix and season with other ingredients.
With a heavy knife, cut the lobster in half from the center and hit a few claws on the back of the knife.
Brush each side for 5 minutes with oil, seasoning and grill.
Place the lemon and salad on a plate or eat it separately.
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