Driving A Buick Regal TourX To Play Oregon Trail In Real Life - camping grill

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Driving A Buick Regal TourX To Play Oregon Trail In Real Life  -  camping grill
-Denver, ColoradoWalk entered any primary school computer lab in his early 90 s, and I can almost guarantee that you can get on any of the dozen Apple IIe computersThe game gives players a family to cross the West on the road of the same name.Along the way, you have to cross the river, manage the supply, deal with the disease, and look for food.There has never been such an interesting immigrant as it is now.Buick recently used a touchstone for a generation of nostalgia for similar travel on the new Regal wagon.The journey of more than 1,200 miles shows that it has become easier to travel on the Oregon trail since the 19 th century-not to worry about dying from diarrhea is particularly good."The idea of running the Oregon Trail in Regal TourXs is really inspired by the customers we expect it to attract-people in their 30 s define themselves by taking risks and values in addition to luxury property, unforgettable experience "Buick spokesman Stuart Fowle told Motor1.com.Buick asked me to take a guest on the trip and I decided to take my 63-year-old dad.This adventure marks our first vacation together in more than a decade-although it still works technically for me.My father's love of watching a car is one of the main reasons why I write about a car to make a living, so I feel like I brought him together to give him a little return.After flying to Denver, we picked up the wagon and immediately set off for Cheyenne, Wyoming, the first stop of our journey.At the beginning, I was a little anxious.I'm not sure what it would be like to travel with my dad so far, and I'm not sure how we would behave in the game --The subject challenges Buick hinted at before we left-like turning over the river and first aid.After the 90-Driving north for a few minutes to get to the Terry buffalo ranch just outside of Cheyenne, we started our first competition-lashaning.It turns out to be a lot harder than John Wayne looking at the steering with a rope.The coach, including the professional roper, gave us the ropes we had ready.Nevertheless, the complex Rolling of wrists and throws is a difficult movement.I found sporadic success in catching our goal-a plastic steering head attached to the Hay bundle.Despite a lot of hard work, my father had no such luck.After that, we experienced the first video.game-The challenge inspired by the shopping prescribed journey.Dad and I picked the first aid kit, the camping rack and some antidote in case we got sick on the road.The cargo area of TourX measures a spacious 32.7 cubic feet with the rear seat facing up and easily swallowed our bag and all of this food.When the day was over, we went to the suburbs of Cheyenne.needed rest.The next morning we woke up with a layer of icing on our wagon-good things --The wheel drive is standard.The next drive started our adventure from more than 400 miles of snowIn parts of Wyoming, go to the shore of Bear Lake in Utah.This is the most diverse landscape we see on our travels.Completing so many miles in one day allows me to appreciate the achievements of settlers following the original Oregon Trail;The tough terrain and the full load of vans mean these people can't walk much faster than they can.However, there is no such problem with TourX.The wagon’s 2.0-4-liter turboThe cylinder pumps 250 horsepower, 295-The torque foot is much better than the cattle team pulling the Van (and there is no feces mess ).Then we camped out in the eye of the amazing Bear Lake, and the next morning, when the sun was still low, we set off again.Our destination is west of Boise, Idaho.Unfortunately, the central part of Idaho is flat and it's very boring to drive.Thankfully, our TourX offers two levels of optional driver confidence pack that offers things like lane-Maintain auxiliary and adaptive cruise control.While we still need to focus on this path, these aids are a welcome safety net.On the highway, it is very convenient to take a slower vehicle and even do not need to touch the cruise control as TourX will slow down automatically.As twilight approached, we finally arrived in Boise to meet another challenge-this time a CPR in a dummy.However, the result is the opposite of lassoing.My dad was trained in life.Saved exercise and finished soon.I'm not that skilled, and when I brought the dummy back to life, a real victim died long ago.On our last day, we traveled another 400 miles from Boise to Oregon, just outside Portland.Leave the flat terrain of central Idaho, first bring rolling hills and then take us into the Columbia Valley.The terrain reminds me of my short time as a college student living in the Austrian Alps.The mountains on the road are towering, lush fields, and animals are grazing.In the end, it turned into a more typical scenario in the Pacific Northwest, with blurry rain and moss covered on the highway's central divider.Oregon City brings our final challenge-kayaking for two.However, the idea after boating about half a mile in the rain didn't sit very well with my dad.Instead, we chose to take a motor boat with the coach and his dog.After seeing how tired some of our fellow travelers were later, we decided we made the right decision.This marks the first time I have completed the Oregon Trail in game and real life.As a child, disease or danger will always take me and my digital relatives before we reach the finish line.My father and I sat in front of the black man and finished what I never did.and-Green screen in grade sixLearn more about Buick Regal Transit: according to the MyBuick smartphone app we used to monitor cars on the road, my dad and I averaged 71 miles per hour and more than 1,200 miles per gallonmile trip.This actually exceeds the official EPA rating of 21-mile cities and 29-mile highways.The performance of Buick Regal TourX is full of enthusiasm and there is no denying that in terms of comfort, convenience and quiet, it has made a huge improvement over the covered vans of those settlers.In addition, it is more high-tech than the entire computer lab of the Apple II computer, and there is no need to worry about losing these five computers.25-Inch floppy disk.Photo: Buick/Chris BruceCom 2018 Buick engine Turbo 2.0-I4 output t250 hp/295-Foot transfer 8-Automatic speed drive type-708 pounds fuel economy 21 city/29 highway/24 combined seat capacity 5 Cargo Volume 32.7 / 73.SaleNow reserve price $29,070 5 cubic feet
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