duterte accuses u.s. of building 'permanent' arsenal in philippines - 6 burner bbq built in

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-26
duterte accuses u.s. of building \'permanent\' arsenal in philippines  -  6 burner bbq built in
MANILA (Reuters)-
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday accused the United States of establishing a permanent Arsenal in the Philippines, endangering regional stability and threatening to respond by abolishing a security treaty between the two countries.
Duterte made no secret of his contempt for the United States. S.
Troops in the Philippines say Washington will bring weapons into the country's three provinces for permanent storage, saying it is a dangerous violation of the defense agreement between the two countries.
"They are unloading in the Philippines now. . .
I am delivering a notice to the US armed forces.
"Don't do this, I don't allow it," Duterte said at a television news conference . ".
"Provisions for visiting troops (Agreement)
No permanent facilities are allowed.
Warehouses of any other name are warehouses.
This is a permanent building for storing weapons.
He added: "I don't even know if there is a nuclear tip (missile)
Now they are unloading.
"His comments came after the Pentagon approved the construction of warehouses, military camps and runways this year under the 2014 Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA)
Between two long-time alliesIf U. S.
Duterte said that the Philippines has established a Arsenal and he will consider reviewing the treaty, "because it is an executive order that may eventually be abolished.
"EDCA allows increased rotation deployment in the USS.
Ships, aircraft and troops from five bases in the Philippines, as well as equipment storage for humanitarian and maritime security operations.
Duterte has repeatedly threatened to tear up security agreements with the United States, while also guaranteeing compliance. Before he was elected, the relationship between one of Washington's most important Asian alliances was chaotic.
He also accused the United States of putting pressure on the Philippines last year to enforce a ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague that invalidated most of Beijing's claims in the South China Sea.
Duterte, on the contrary, tried to establish friendly relations with China and ensure that China's investment was not against China.
What's amazing is-
In the face of Manila's foreign policy, he placed the arbitration ruling in a secondary position.
He said Washington is putting regional stability at risk and that its actions could put the Philippines in "extreme danger" because of the gesture between the United States and China ".
"You are urging us. . . egging us (on)
The question of enforcement of an arbitration judgment, "he said, referring to the United States.
"China's missiles are aimed at the US expedition," he said . " He refers to China's naval patrols.
"A warehouse will serve as a supply line.
Duterte said he sent a "urgent" message to China asking China to help provide accurate information
Philippine troops can fight Islamic State missiles
Associated militants in the South.
In due course, the court will discuss with China the ruling on the South China Sea issue, he said.
"I made a commitment to President Xi Jinping, and I solemnly promise that we will discuss this arbitration award during my term of office.
"I really don't know when, but we'll talk about it," he said . ".
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