Easy Vegetables on the Grill? Are You Sure? - what's the best charcoal grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
Easy Vegetables on the Grill? Are You Sure?  -  what\'s the best charcoal grill
Grill is one of the best cooking tools ever.The hot and delicious food served by the grill is always liked by everyone.Gas, charcoal, electricity.It's all good.You can make hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, pork, salmon, roast chicken, sausage, various kebabs, steaks, lamb chops, pork chops, chopped meat.And vegetables.Wait what?Yes...It is possible to cook vegetables on a grill.In fact, the grill can cook the vegetables well!This is the story.My wife is a vegetarian.I don't, but I have been playing.I like vegetables. I have no objection to them at all.In fact, some of them are really nice.But I also like BBQ, which is meat-centric (nothing wrong with that ).I 've seen a lot of BBQ recipes for all kinds of vegetables, but I want something simple.That's what we came up.Also, it should always be possible to roast vegetables, which is very easy, fast and good.So I hope to guideable you on:-The tools you needVegetable ingredients-Other ingredients-How to prepare vegetables-How to grill themBONUS -It's easy to roast corn and vegetables.I usually use: knifeA bowtools tool (clip, Flipper and washer) grill basket or surface grill, the most important tool you need is grill basket.You may have seen them at a local hardware store or at a local household goods store.They look like pieces of metal with 1/4 holes on the surface.I have seen two basic shapes, both of which are very good.A shape is more like a square iron pan or an actual basket, all around.The other shape (which I have) looks more like a flat surface --Like a cookie.The basket ensures that delicious food does not fall out while moving around.The flat surface gives you more cooking surfaces, making it easier for you to put the spatula under the food.Both of them work very well.As for the BBQ tool, I just flip the burger and flip the brats with the same tool.As far as the grill is concerned, charcoal, gas or electricity are all good.I use gas because it's easy to start and stop, but it still has flames.But for everyoneI also use a charcoal grill to smoke and have a big party, but this is another kind of instructable.This is the easy part.Choose what you think you want to barbecue.Some suggestions: Winter potatoes (a little longer than other vegetables), pepper, cherry or grape tomatoes (very fast cooking), mushrooms (I know, technically..But not meat.) Zucchinisquashegplantit is a good idea to buy vegetables and walk together.It's also a good idea to pick vegetables with similar consistency and cooking time (although you can fix this ).But I suggest you try what you have on hand and what you are interested in.The three combinations shown in this manual are :-Potatoes and asparagusPumpkin and zucchini-You will also need eggplant, sweet pepper and cherry tomatoes: olive oil (I love extra virgin olive oil with a more mild taste) spices (there are several good BBQ spice blends or make them yourself) A word on the spice mixture...You can buy a vegetable mixture (very good ).But don't be afraid to use a mixture of steaks, burgers, pork chops, etc...Also, you can make the mix yourself.I like salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne.My wife loves salt and fresh herbs in the garden.We even used a mixture of ranch dressing spices or seasoned popcorn salt.Basically, crazy adventure.It is very easy to prepare.Cut the selected vegetables into small pieces.0.The 75 "Chuck is correct.You can get an idea from the photo.It is important to have them all in the same size, so they cook at the same speed.Also, you don't want too much because it takes longer to cook all the way.Put them in a bowl.Pour them in olive oil.(About 2 tablespoons of oil per serving.Sprinkle some barbecue seasoning on it.(Enough to lightly coat the vegetables.) Evenly apply the stirring.That's it.You're ready for a barbecue.Prepare the grill in a normal way.Heat it up and clean it up with a grill washer.The benefit of this recipe is that you can cook vegetables at the same temperature as other foods.If you're just making vegetables then I'll try cooking at 350400 degrees Fahrenheit (180-200 degrees C).Let the grill basket be heated together with the rest of the grill.Once hot, pour the vegetable mixture over the grill.Be careful!Olive oil can be lit to send flames into the air.Slow down, be careful!Sprinkle the vegetable mixture around and try to make them only one deep.Let them cook and stir once in a while.Try to flip them so that one side is not overly anxiousbroiled.Continue until fully cooked, remove from the grill and enjoy!What is fully cooked?-If you have any questions, try one piece.They are vegetables and they won't hurt you if you eat them raw.-My goal is 10-15 minutes of potatoesI like to put it on first.-My goal is 5-It takes 10 minutes for almost everything else.-The asparagus is about 5 minutes, but it will also turn bright green when it is finished.-I'm paying attention to the slight Brownings, but I'm not going to let things burn too much.Corn is the perfect choice for a grill.But it's different from the cut and mix instructions I just wrote.My favorite (and simplest) corn on the grill is this: peel back the crust on the ear of the corn to make sure you don't remove the crust.Remove Silk.Don't smoke silk.My grandmother would appreciate my warning.) Fold the shell in place.Soak in the water for about 20 minutes.Location on the hot grill (about 350-400F or 180-200C).Turn every 5 minutes and watch the shell start to turn yellow and burn.Once the corn crust is brown (about 20-25 minutes), the corn is ready.Remove the shell carefully.The inside shell will still be wet and very, very hot.In fact, they have been steaming corn so hot!Favorite corn toppings *, enjoy!* This can include but is not limited :-Butter and saltCheeseOlive oil and chili powderGarlicSo, I hope this shows you an easy way to make vegetables quickly on a grill.Anyone can make a steak or burger on a grill, but people are always shocked when they get grilled vegetables.I don't know why, but I want to argue with who.Maybe it's because they're unusual.Maybe because they're so good.I dunno.It's fun to try and try new combinations!Thank you for reading my guidance!
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