‘EU has already collapsed’– Beppe Grillo to RT - the best gas bbq grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-28
‘EU has already collapsed’– Beppe Grillo to RT  -  the best gas bbq grills
In an exclusive interview with RT, comedian Grillo shared his views on current events in Europe and what could happen in the future, adding that the sooner Italy leaves the euro area, the better.
RT: What does the public think about the current severe measures in Europe, Grillo: the public's mood is generally quite negative, all of these confusing words, such as "spreading ", "fiscal compact" and "main parameters ".
These parameters form a cage in which our tax system operates.
It turns out that both our political process and our financial system are in this trap, and there is no hope of getting better if we cannot get out of it.
This economic model is totally wrong, not only in Italy, but not good for Europe and the world as a whole.
Growth, employment and re-growth . . . . . . 50% jobs will be reduced in the next decade.
The first to lose jobs will be the poorest part of the middle class replaced by technology and robots, and the network will become more complex.
We are moving towards changes that leaders have not yet expected.
Austerity also means something good.
Austerity means the economy's key goal is to save money.
But the problem is that our economy doesn't put savings first.
We are forced to sell our country at the risk of family values.
We were forced to sell it.
Our metal production plants, fashion houses, wineries-all of our core assets are now on the production line.
Milan is home to a large international food industry fair, but its sponsors are McDonald's, Novartis and Coca-Cola. Cola.
We are in a good position. down world.
We need to stand up again to understand it.
If we can't understand it, we can easily be the prey of others.
Do you think the radical left coalition has won in the changing politics of Europe?
Or it will do so in the near future: I believe it depends on what kind of compromise will be found.
This is of great significance to the Greek people.
But even today, we can see the consequences of this decision for this global disease --
Germany, exports and deflation in the global market . . . . . . They say export is our solution, only export.
But if we continue to export, someone will have to import it.
But the domestic market is now experiencing a crisis.
In our country, the euro is weakening due to falling oil prices, and we are actually trying to get around some exports.
But our domestic market is dead.
On average, two businesses fail every hour.
When it comes to our national debt, the situation in our country is happening in the case of Greece.
The job market is shrinking.
The famous work method is nothing more than a trick.
It stays the same working hours.
The only difference is that now they hire three people to do a job.
However, if the working hours remain the same, this will not increase the output at all.
These are fake jobs.
Moreover, the threat of wage cuts has now become a reality.
This means that people will spend less and the situation will only get worse.
It is clear that everything that enters the tight spiral must stop.
What Greece's best Prime Minister Alex Tsipras wants to negotiate with Europe: as I said, it depends on what kind of compromise he manages to reach.
He said he could negotiate through a debt restructuring.
But debt is a very vague term;
It depends to a large extent on who it has to give back.
[30%] our debt belongs to banks in Germany and France, not to banks like Japan.
Japan's national debt is ten times that of us.
But in their hands. That’s great.
The Central Bank of Japan printed out the money and put it into the Japanese economy, so there was no unemployed person in Japan.
Even though their debt is ten times as high as ours, the unemployment rate is still as high as 0%.
But they are in their own hands, and we are in the hands of banks in Germany and France.
They are trying to get their money back through the European Central Bank, which provides funds to our banks so that they can repay the debts of the German and French banks.
This vicious circle needs to be broken.
If Tsipras can do that, he will do something extraordinary.
We will admire him for life.
How do you estimate the impact of your party on the European political arena and the European political arena? I'm just a comedian.
I do not hold political positions in my country.
I'm the founder of this movement.
We need to build democracy from the bottom up,
We want to turn this pyramid over.
Many people ran for office and were elected.
Political positions are about elections, not appointments.
We will not point out anyone.
This has changed the way people think about politics and the way people think about the whole world.
I'm expressing this idea.
I make these concepts easier to understand.
I'm not an economist.
I will answer your question.
But an expert would never agree with what I said.
But I am an actor and some of the objections in the comedy are ignored.
Perhaps more than those who have graduated from Oxford and other universities, one would prefer to have a comedian to deal with economic problems that have not made accurate predictions.
Has the five-star Movement changed everything in Europe? It completely changed the concept of politics.
The five-star Movement caused a crisis in all parties.
The process began in Italy and expanded to Spain, France and Germany.
Grassroots initiatives and leadership-free campaigns launched from below are rapidly emerging across Europe.
Their program was drafted by online voting.
We vote through global networks.
Every decision made by our members is shared and agreed with other campaign participants who have nothing to do with Parliament.
People contribute by voting online to participate in the campaign.
We came out of the Internet.
The party was founded in 2009 and has lived and acted for six years now.
During this time, we have completely ignited the political panorama. We are feared.
I'm afraid of you.
We are the main opponents of all those in power in Italy, but may also be opponents of the whole of Europe, because if MatteoRenzi goes bankrupt and the European system of multinational banks and financial institutions collapses, the entire European system will collapse. The system.
He's the system, so if he goes down, the system crashes.
We will take him down.
Is the collapse of the EU possible? I think this crash has happened.
The EU is a useless organization.
If this is a real alliance, what does the word "alliance" actually mean-the community, there will be no such situation as we have seen in Greece.
Its share of GDP across Europe is only 2%.
Other European countries can save Greece effortlessly.
The EU is therefore neither an alliance nor a community of nations.
It cannot be defined.
But the basic idea of the EU is reasonable.
I support the idea of a common Europe.
Our differences help us communicate and find common ground.
The Italians are very different from the Germans, the French, the Austrian and the Dutch.
This is good, because these differences have an impact on culture.
But the common currency is something completely different.
There was originally a common currency, not just a single currency.
This is Britain's vision for the EU.
That's why I support a unified Europe, but oppose a single common currency euro that represents a completely different economy.
Do you think Italy needs to leave the euro zone? We are preparing a referendum.
In order for people to express their opinions by voting, a referendum is needed.
Especially given that they did not get the opportunity when Italy entered the euro zone.
So I think it's fair to ask the Italians now if they want to be one of them.
Personally, I hope that the sooner we leave the euro area, restore our monetary sovereignty, and withdraw a national bank that can release money, financial independence, and ultimately digest independence.
Our food industry serves French supermarkets, while in Italy we eat French food.
I can't go on like this anymore.
It is not possible to facilitate the arrangement of placing our high quality products in a secondary position.
I feel sick and tired of it.
Is the Italian people ready to give up the euro and return to the lira? Yes, lira. Rather, a lira.
Not lirawe 20 years ago.
But let's call this new currency lira with lira.
1 euro against 1 euro.
For me, going out of the eurozone mainly means launching a currency that I call lire, which is not the lire we had 20 years ago, but let's keep the same lire.
When we turn to the new lira, its value will automatically drop by 20-30 percent.
It will be an animal shock.
What happens next, we will have to pay more for the goods.
But we don't sell goods. we do processing goods.
We buy oil, we buy soy and grain processing.
We refine the oil to produce the gasoline, bringing its added value to 30%, which will not have a significant impact on the final gasoline price-5-
Up to 10 cents per liter.
We will receive 30% of our export benefits.
I think we will be the biggest economy in Europe because we are absolutely ahead in industrial production.
Our external debt will also be reduced by 30% and our credit will be reduced.
When you start thinking about the option to go out, they do their best to scare you.
They started shouting, "Oh, what's the disaster ".
This is their problem, their disaster, not our disaster, it has nothing to do with intelligent, diligent people.
For those who make money at home, abuse the financial system, accept capitalism, it's a disaster, they don't work for the real economy, they don't belong to the real economy.
Yes, considering that financial transactions seem to exceed the global GDP of 10-15 percent.
Take the German central bank as an example.
If you check its balance, you will find $70 trillion in derivatives, hedge funds, financial products, etc.
You want them to invest in the real economy-something like small factories!
But please note that Germany is also very difficult.
We should take this issue very carefully.
It seems to me that the question is largely up to you, my friends, how do you translate this interview, which parts will you choose to play the role, what your audience will eventually get from what I'm talking about here.
This is the real problem.
We do not have more facts, reliable real facts.
We know nothing about the situation in Afghanistan and the situation in Iran.
We don't know anything about what Putin said, because everything is translated to us by some American or Israeli language service.
We can't know the truth.
So we must first imagine what this truth is like and then look for it, even if we have to sacrifice something.
I appeal to you
Look for information. Look at me.
Dig into the truth and don't trust journalists who label me as rightist, aleftist, gay, racist or something.
They call me all sorts of names.
In fact, I am an ordinary person, a comedian, with a career of 40 years. Who has found his place in this world, who one day wakes up and is determined to dedicate a little of his experience, wisdom and money to a cause of common interest.
This is what makes people afraid.
Look, I don't think we need to wait until everyone is ready to do it.
Also, what that means-whether everyone is ready or not, people are not ready to let the situation go on, which is for sure.
This is the truth.
We are no longer prepared to keep these things going, such as losing our country, our culture, the arts, hospitals, schools, water, gas and electricity.
This is the problem. we are destroying the future of our grandchildren.
So I think we need to discuss it, think about it, and come up with it. Weneed to try.
Would you say Italy is dealing with immigrants from non-Italy?
The European Parliament: this is a problem because we are left out and can only deal with it ourselves.
There is currently no control system for the upcoming passenger flow-now anyone can enter our country.
Control should occur at boarding point, not boarding point.
We have about 10-
It is totally wrong that our country now has 120,000 foreign citizens whose whereabouts are unknown.
In other countries such as Australia or the United States, it is not easy to enter the country and disappear inside.
It's been happening here.
We have no effective solution.
Two on the left.
Wing and right side
To show their position, political parties are using the issue.
They have no real position on economic issues.
But they knocked themselves down on immigration. The right-
Winger said we should kick everyone out of this country.
The winger said we should keep them. what we really should do is reach a compromise.
We should start by amending the Dublin regulations.
We want to do this.
We hope to have a unified policy on this issue in Europe, and we have 17 delegates in the EU Parliament who have expertise in this area.
You said recently that Italy is on the verge of being bloodless.
What do you mean by that bg: it's already happening.
I mean, it's not a coupe that we're used to, it can hit TV channels or block roads.
This is a wise coup.
It's all about causing division in Parliament, infiltrating the government, and then appointing a strong leader to take full control.
Italians are very sensitive to such leaders.
The Senate is gone, the Parliament has not passed the law, only the decree has been enacted, and the former president has signed all the decrees. Anti-
The corrupt laws are passed only to win support in the election, after which they will pass an amendment that changes a paragraph in one of the clauses and completely changes the nature and objectives of the law.
It was a nightmare.
We see politicians arrested every day.
This happens every day.
The problem now is that this country is not sorridge, which is why corruption has become so obvious.
Corruption has always been a problem.
But there are more arrests just because you can't hide it like you used.
I'm from Genoa. In the 1970-
In their 80 s, the port of Genoa was busy receiving ships and goods from all over the world.
Prostitutes, gangsters and customs officials took five percentage points of goods for themselves.
But as long as the port is profitablemaking, no-
Someone cares about this.
Once its income has fallen, everyone is suddenly aware of the rampant corruption, prostitution and drug trafficking there.
The same is true today-when you have a big contract related to the construction of roads and shopping centers, money will be stolen.
But today we are not so rich that only a few people can escape the scam, even though these criminal acts began more than 20 years ago-since the "clean hands" operation.
It's not something new, it's the amount of corruption --
Today's related crimes show that the country is in a terrible state.
What happened in Greece today will happen in Italy tomorrow.
"The default will come sooner or later," you said . ".
So, if it happens, when might it happen: I don't know.
The Black Swan is something you can't predict in advance.
The Iranian scholar, Nasim Taleb, has put forward the concept that every economy, math, or any academic theory will face factors that you cannot predict.
What happened today is largely driven by this unknown factor, but we can't really understand it.
The economy is sluggish, shops and shopping centers are closed, and towns are dying.
The number of these black swans is growing every day.
We did not see them.
Our budget deficit is permanent.
Officially, we have 10-
15 billion, which means that our government, like any good housekeeper, spends less than the income. But we have 70-
We have to pay off 75 billion of our debt and interest rates, which means we have a deficit of about 60 billion per year.
We can't go on like this anymore.
Ecuador, for example, told the United States that its debt was immoral and that Ecuador would not pay it back.
We can do the same. This debtis im-mo-ral.
In fact, this is not the debt of Italy or Greece.
This is the debt accumulated by corrupt transactions, arms sales, and the debt of Siemens or international alert companies to sell submarines to Greece.
There are no deals like this, and people don't know anything about it.
Now, they keep telling us, "you should be blamed, you don't have the means to get in and you don't pay taxes.
But I want to know what's going on with my taxes.
If I don't get the services that the government has to offer, why should I pay them?
Only the police force supported the violence.
No state will praise your hard work.
Our government is different. I want to change it.
First, we need reform.
The country must be ruled by people rather than political parties.
Then we need to reform the media so that people can get criticism.
Today, people cannot think on their own, which is why democracy does not work.
Now let's discuss the default values.
The default is what happens now.
The default is fear, letting you live in fear, thinking that you should be blamed and living in a state of crisis.
You try to save money on everything and you don't trust anyone or anything.
Politicians say trust must be restored.
Trust is a wealth.
But you can only trust those who deserve it.
There are no such people in Italy.
We need to start from scratch.
Create the culture of Italy and Europe.
We know who we are and what we will do in the future.
We have to think about it now.
We must consider the type of energy we need, the goods we will produce, and so on.
We have to start right away or we will be ruled by stupid idiots who will drag us off the cliff.
We have embarked on this downward path.
I use this tough language because we are not going up, we are going down.
This is the status of the European nation, the world, the galaxy and all the existing galaxies in politics and economy.
The statements, opinions and opinions expressed in this column are only the author's statements, opinions and opinions, and do not necessarily represent RT's statements, opinions and opinions.
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